A woman a lifetime of love

Most of the class desk-year-old military demarcation line was drawn, only my table, round face of a small boy, quietly pulled my flower dress, said: We have not crossed the table, you want to share how wide the more wide good?  I was thirteen years old sitting in the front row, mathematics is always the first male classmate handed me a stack of graph paper, the top filled with childish poetry, ah!You are the fresh chrysanthemum!Many word ah.He saw the panic out of the back of the classroom, my mind went blank.  Fifteen new English teacher smile bright, elegant and thin, such as jade tree, every time he passed in front of my desk, my heart like a deer hit, many times from the first English results.  Seventeen in the morning, there is a strange note in the desk writing: I listened to your speech last week.Today the willow month, I’ll meet you at the third tree outside the campus.I do not know where the third tree in, so do not go.  Nineteen years old so I did not taste the taste of youth, I have nothing right person to come.This Valentine’s Day, he folded one on Berlin Berlin branch on my bed on the roadside.  Twenty years old and a cold winter night, he sent a warm quilt.  When I was twenty-three received his one hundred and fifty third letter, I could not wait to marry him without hesitation.  Twenty-nine today is the sixth anniversary of the wedding anniversary, I forced Mr. wedding shoot.Two baby sons studio props knocked over, and I put hot pursuit behind wedding.  Make Dad smile, smile photographer Mr. stop tips, I can laugh at it?You is not seen me in such a way that the three mountains of oppression?Mr. refers to the tangle of our mother Sa, disappointing to say.  Thirty-one quiet life, the boy suddenly remembered that writing poetry, he well?He remembered me?Do everything possible to find out his phone, pull past.When his voice sounded chipper, chatting about their partner, and finally said: when the New Year with the kids to go with your dinner, okay?Overflowing with happy hearts, had calm.  Today is thirty-three 14th Anniversary love at first sight and Mr. Day, my dear, you know what day it is today?I ask Mr. infinite tenderness of hair, said to him,.  Today, oh, today is the birthday of Mr. Li client, you have to hurry to bring me a present.  University of the forty-three sons pull my hand walking down the street, a pair of young people coming towards disdain said: look, but also a younger man.My son and I phase, as the laughter.  Aged 51 big baby married, he brought the bride to see the hand, happiness and soulful.My heart is full of joy, but also a little sense of loss.  Six years old my husband and I sat in the sun on the balcony, watching his face as if handsome youth when young emerge, could not resist leaning on his shoulder.His shoulder was no longer robust and strong when there is no young, so thin I said to Mr. seventy: Old man, fortune-telling, come on, I go early than you.Alas, it is best that you go a little early, otherwise, who will take care of you too?  He said: stupid!  Seventy-five me on the bed, he sat on the bed nap in the afternoon sun shone from the window frames, and fell on his gray hair, shining gentle light.I woke him and said to him: Although you’ve written so many letters to me, never say a line, I really want to hear ah!As he was shy when young, hard laugh in my ear said softly: I love you, my wife!A muddy tears fall from my eyes closed, ravines across my eyes, pearly white pillow in pieces.    Peach blossoms fade Chunhong, too hastily!!