A wise man, and he fools

[Editor’s note] era is sin, everything happens for a series of causes and effects.We only just caught up with such an environment.It is helpless.Is engaged in life, we are also dominate role. Mr. Lu said, I weed my self-love, but I hate to do decorative grass ground.This “ground” refers to have a “weed” environment.  He pulls out a yellowed old book bookcase to see during convalescence home.Miscellaneous Works “rogue public servants”.It works early years of Chinese culture.Priority could not help but read Lu Xun’s article, is an indescribable preference.Today, even those who have had literary talent, in popular belief there is still no substitute for Mr., pen culture as decadent as Daoqiangjianji inspired nationals of that time straight people admire, those words still look modern brilliance, one reading kind of excited then feel feelings welled.  However, this is a misunderstanding cynical era.  In earlier years, “angry youth” is used to refer to a class of blindly blame society, government, national, or extremely patriotic crowd to twist, radical rhetoric expression of ideas.Nor lack of such young people in society today, and even some older had some social experience of people.Often posted it in the forum or chat group saw discord dialogue, a critical mass of individual small young servility to ridicule or theme to express indignation in an attempt to change the words to popular belief, anger occasionally to Koubuzeyan, or criticize China Education system, official corruption, and so dark social phenomenon.All reflect one kind words fit of anger, which is understandable, most people are able to maintain a generous tolerance, there is conservation attitude to listen to their emotional catharsis, after giving patient explanations and guidance.But discord is often little young blind rage, the anger of not investigating why.  Age is a sin, everything happens for a series of causes and effects.We only just caught up with such an environment.It is helpless.Is engaged in life, we are also dominate role.  All the negative impact of the events, without exception, have also brought economic benefits.History of error can not be traced back to rewrite, we can just use the tools in the next time, policy, legal, human material and financial resources gradually guide the community into the path of healthy development, to achieve true harmony.This is a long process.Here is a simple example, should the expert analysis cancel out the entrance is reasonable and beneficial to personnel training, and the overnight high school students the college entrance examination is no longer needed, then the next need to be resolved is the difference between the different high schools, and distribution teachers, teaching resources as well as college admissions or measures on a range of issues have emerged, how to solve.Clearly, the policy issues involved are often linked, cumbersome and bulky, not to modify things a day for two days, to consider comprehensive, and to the purposes for the future is not ideal to leave room for improvement.Policy changes, life is like a little metaphor tomatoes, fried eggs, fried eggs, not too ripe tomatoes or stir again after easily into the old fry, heat is the problem in the meantime Note.Here, then, like eggs policies and laws, tomatoes like the people, and the furnace is the social environment.At a glance.  Anger is a matter of course, no anger no to forge ahead, not a lot of angry people, so-called discordant how can be revealed in broad daylight.Today, this rich source of information age, there is no message issued immediately action such as “human flesh” like volunteers, search, think about what the ugly fact it is difficult to cover.Moreover, now all kinds of pictures of video, text, etc. involving urban fiction, officialdom, shopping malls and the like countless content, people are no longer kept in the dark, and mostly knew each industry’s “hidden rules” is how is it.Once discovered, is to wait for the next report, the relevant departments come forward to solve.  But the “cynical” In fact, they had another explanation, the struggle of youth.Chairman Mao once said, the world is yours, and our, you young people must be concerned about national affairs.This sentence has inspired countless young people worked hard.I think most people support such an interpretation.  However, the ideal is full, the reality is skinny.We happens to catch up.House slave era, the problem of rising prices has been plagued not only into the community after 80, 85 after a large number of students in the face of skyrocketing housing prices also showed a strong momentum of concern for the future.Volkswagen impetuous wind of the past two years, already a little better than before.However, the employment pressure, the social pressure of competition has become increasingly straight, it seems to be no sign of relief, when the eyes of young people looking for work first on the wages, to find objects also care more about economic conditions matter, which was originally justified, but society as a whole presents such a surge trend will no longer be a good thing.But the young man should still be optimistic, even though the company still has a business relationship by unspoken rules and so frustrating and even indignation phenomenon, after all, is not no way we.Entrepreneurship, PubMed and so on are way out.One may argue tough to beat these roads, however, still a word borrowed from Mr. Lu Xun, really brave dare to face the bleak life.How can hard work never tasted the joy of harvest.Furthermore, no road is good to go, even enough to live comfortably mistress.  Times produced a variety of complex people, not their intention, it is helpless.Like the Spring Festival this year, in an interesting comic ridicule, even the influenza A H1N1 virus have mutated, this era can only be fewer and fewer species of animals, people more and more types.  Mr. Lu Xun’s essay about the “wise and fool, and I,” where three people, angry fool, conservative minions and sleek smart people, but Lu Xun’s criticism is intended to maintain “wise men” of the old society, but also criticism He expressed dissatisfaction with the old society but still maintain the old society of “I”, a tribute to the courage and the fight against the old society “fool”.This article put the moment is still applicable, but the emotion to be some changes.If smart people understood as a character within the cylindrical side of it can greatly promote the exhibit is a cautious attitude and acted, it is unprepossessing person applies to be managed, and then show a fool impulsive, irrational character traits.Different meaning in different times, this is where the essay itself is a major feature.Objective and dispassionate look at the needs analysis.  But when I look back, we will inevitably find themselves not only done a fool, he also worked, did the wise man.          ”Wise and fool, and I” Original: I always just missing person complaint.As long as such, can only be the.One day, he meets a wise man.  ”Mr!”He said sadly, tears together into line, it is down from the corner of DC.”You know.I had simply not human life.There is not a day to eat a meal, but this meal and sorghum skin, even pigs and dogs do not eat, yet only a small bowl.”” This is really pitiful.”Smart people are sad to say.  ”What is not!”I pleased him.”But the work is no rest day and night: late morning to fetch water for cooking and am running street night grinding, washing clothes rain Zhang Qing umbrella, summer and winter burning steam oven fan fight.Middle of the night to simmer white fungus, serve the owner Shuaqian; head money never divided, and sometimes suffer whip..” Ahhh.’Wise man sighed, some red eyes, seems to tears.  ”Mr!I do not go on this way is perfunctory.Also I gotta find ways to.But what can we do?.” ‘I thought, well you will always be up.'”Is it?I hope so.But I appeal to Mr. the bitterness, it’s also your sympathy and comfort, has a lot too comfortable.Visible justice not extinct.”But not a few days, he injustice of it, still tracing to complain.  ”Mr!”He tearfully said,” You know.I live in a pig nest just not as good as.The owner is not me as a person; he was on his Baer Gou even better to several times.”” Bastard!”The man shouted that he was surprised.The man is a fool.  ”Sir, I live just a broken house, and wet, and overcast, full of bugs, sleep on it can really bite.Bad smell directed nose, surrounded by a window and no.”” You do not want your owner to open a window in it?”” This is how the line?.”” Well, you go with me to see!”I fool with him to the house, hands to hit that mud walls.  ”Mr!what are you doing?”He was shocked to say.  ”I’ll give you open a window opening to.”” This can not!To criticize the owner!””who cares!”He still hit.  ”Come on man!Robbers in a ruined our house!Come over here!Later on we had better play to the hole!.”He cried cried, rolling on the ground round and round.  A group of minions are out to fool away.  Heard the cry, and slowly out of the last owner.  ”There are robbers coming to destroy our house, I first cried, all of them put him away.”He said respectful derived resort.  ”You’re pretty good.”The owner of such praise him.  The day came many condolences, intelligent people, including.  ”Mr.This time, because I am active, master praised me.You said earlier that I always get better, it is prescient..”He said happily like a promising.  ”What is not.”Smart people like to answer on his behalf pleased him.[Editor: Butterflies]