A win-win

Lingering scene often occurs in front of me: a man away on a sixty bow hunched over, the body is completely bent 90 degrees, the full 65-kilogram wife safely back in the back, plodding tread climbing stairs!  The couple lived in my downstairs.Man blind, partially paralyzed woman.They live on the second floor, down the stairs every time the wife by the husband of a strong back, so two hearts become one heart, his wife’s eyes became her husband’s eyes.  I moved into this building has been more than three years, also went to their home.Cheerful hostess, mouth to laugh, hearty and loud sound.Sometimes I can hear her burst out in laughter upstairs.Laughter is the heart of all this happy time to release all of a sudden rush out laughing, laughter is such a thorough make healthy people listened to both joy and laughter ashamed!<>我曾对她说,你的笑是把开心凝聚连同不痛快因子一下子喷发出来的,所以你心里很纯净.她听了又哈哈大笑,点头说是的.她说她有一个无微不至关怀着她的老公,又有一个聪明漂亮的健康女儿,没有什么可让她苦恼的.所以她家里就充满了开心空气!<>She was very industrious, life at home is to rely on four wheels under Fangdeng.Every day she slid the living room from the bedroom, the kitchen and from the living room slide, sliding her busy too slippery for her happiness.I never heard her husband laugh sound, it is because there is no vision the heart is a quiet heart, his happiness is manifested in the face floating a touch of tenderness.I saw him several times a pole holding a blind daughter came home from school the other hand holding the little hands, a look of sweet and satisfying!<>当她见我从楼上下来,忙叫丈夫止步,于是丈夫气喘吁吁地把右半边身子靠在墙上,以减轻妻子压在他身上的重量.第一次相遇,我真是惊呆了:丈夫的身体几乎是匍匐状,两手反向紧紧抱住妻子的双腿,而妻子的两手却轻松地耷拉在丈夫的脖子上,昂头冲我满脸灿烂地笑说对不起,并请我先下楼.  可我的腿僵住了.我想帮他们,但他们天衣无缝的配合使我无从下手.我想安慰他们,可那女邻居眉开眼笑地问我吃饭了没有,轻松的神态和热情的口吻,让我觉得如果我说出同情或怜悯之类的话,他们一定会以为我莫名其妙.<>I suddenly feel how boring and small are!  Human strength is measured by the appearance of it?People’s happiness is wealth measured it?In fact, real winners in life if God has given you a good card!In fact the good cards to play bad more people are.And to lay a bad card to play live, and played wonderful, that is the real winner!<>望着这对重叠在一起,无所畏惧朝上攀登的夫妇,我真正感动了,他们不仅是生活的赢家,还是爱情的赢家!