A wife

There was once a very clever man named Zhang old.He has four sons, the eldest, the second and third child, have married a wife, and only the fourth of bachelor or strip.Brothers no separation, with the age-old Zhang live together.Oddly enough, the three brothers were born too dull, nothing like their father; married wife came in three, half a catty also with eighty-two, my heart is not large flexible.No one who is like family to please Zhang old favorite.Over time, Zhang old to worry about my heart.He thought: I have this piece of old bones can not always rely on in this world, maybe one day, I pass out, they look so Hunhundundun, how to live Well!So he would want to make to find a fourth of cute little daughter, now, give yourself Tim a good helper; in the future, beating feet for the people to be their own, in charge of the family business.Think easy, but difficult to do the.Zhang old to inquire, to inquire, there should no suitable.In the end the old man is a wise man, he thought of a clever another way.That day, his wife called him to three, said: you do not have a long time to come home, my heart must be very worried about it!Today, I sent you go back home.Three wife heard back home, he was really happy, let them ask the father to live long.Zhang old said: big wife live 35 days two wife live seven or eight days three wife live fifteen days.Three people want to go back together, back together.Three daughter without thinking, he quickly agreed.Zhang old said: you go back to the past, always a little something to honor me, but every time I bring back something not as intended.This time you go back, ultimately to little things, as I will say what I want to.You just opening the elderly, we must bring back that.Three together wife says.Zhang old said: wife for me with a big red radish back; two for my wife to come back with a wrap fire; three turtle with a daughter for me to come back without feet.Three a wife, are keen on the idea.The three of them together to start back to her parents.Three people walking up to go, and pretty soon, they reached the fork in the road.Large wife to go to the middle of the road; the second wife to go to the right road; third wife to go to the road to the left.Three people was about to break up, remembered the words of father.Large wife said: father asked, let us live in a 35 days a live seven or eight days a live fifteen days, but also to go with the same back.Hey, three days is not the same, but also easy to go with, more said than done with the back!Two wife said: Yes!Only with difficulty back!Three wife said: Yes!Only with difficulty back!There are gift it!One is red radish, is to wrap a fire, is not a foot turtle.Hey, just seems to be a very common thing, and now I thought, is something never seen before ah!Large wife said anxiously.Yes!Things are never seen ah!Two daughter also said anxiously.Yes!Things are never seen ah!Three daughter also said anxiously.The same can not go back to the same, and without these gifts, father would not let us into the house, and how to do it?Large wife is anxious.What to do about this?Two more anxious wife.What to do about this?Three more anxious wife.Three people much deliberation, I really do not know how to do.We are extremely anxious, did not dare go back, then sitting in the street began to cry.