A wife against

A long time ago, there was a foot of honest Palestinian farmer, married a clever wife.Liang Kouer live, near the male species rich family of Tsukuda, woman throughout the year to help the rich weaving and spinning, working so hard throughout the year.This rich man, are two generations of scholar.That day, honest Palestinian farmer farming feet field finished, go back for lunch, put the cattle tied in Singapore.  Who would have thought after lunch to have a look, cattle gone, he was looking anxious.Finally, in a small private school in front of the rich man in charge, and only then to find cattle.However, the small rich man would not let led away, he said cattle are their own.So, the next two to argue over.Old rich man pretending to come to reason, push, said: Iberico children every family has.You say this is your first cattle, he said that he, who can not pull innocent.I came out of a pair, who went on, cattle on who should.  A little rich, full of promise.  Old rich man said, This have pointed to the yard, round, thousands and thousands, Wan thousands, finally, to answer someone else’s question, say it also said consumer.  Little rich pre-empt said very proudly: my pen bud children pointy, round pen; write characters are thousands and thousands of small print written is absolutely myriad interfaces old rich man asked: What do you single-handedly certainly written word Not bad right?Small rich man replied: Consumers also said that!  As the saying goes: the emergency can Shengzhi.Pakistan foot honest farmer first gas can not anxious, listening to little rich answer, and immediately said: Bah!Clearly my pointy head, whip round stalks, farming out the field are thousands and thousands of farming out is absolutely myriad Oda.If what I ask: Do you have single-handedly cultivated fields certainly a good bar?I will answer him: Consumers also said that!  A man and a rich man, kept saying: No, no, the fifth sentence someone to ask, you answer.Little rich immediately announced he had won, ready cows come home.  Wait!With the sound, came a simply dressed, dignified appearance of a woman, this is clever farmer’s wife.She said the humble husband: they are deliberately making things difficult this.Wearing nothing but strips of tofu value must not mention.Do not worry, I let They scrambled to ask me!A wife finished, he turned to the rich, that they listen: my children pointy toes, fingers children round to feed the big bastard is thousands and thousands to feed the little bastard is absolutely myriad old, a little rich gas bad, busy racing phase Q: this is the curse we do?A wife angrily replied: Consumers also said that!People looked at her husband with a wife cows home.