A way to go in the end

Her glamorous, sweet smile bright bloom, appeared on the cover of many well-known financial publications, there are lines of text below the photo: my success is no secret, but leave more patience than others!  She was 14 years old, dropped out of school due to poor family, in order to make themselves have something to eat, she was selling tea on a small town called Heng Dragon Bridge in Yiyang, Hunan.Zhang small table is set, burning a large pot of water, then pour in the cup, a dime a cup.She small people, small stalls also too humble a.Sometimes a day to sell wine, costs have to earn it back.  So withdraw?She could not!Others make money, she would like to be able to make money themselves.Later, she changed the cup, but a bigger size than the others, and each cup spread a small square of glass block the dust.As long as there are guests drinking tea, she stepped forward to ask to be enough, not enough money Adds.After the guests put down the cup, she would patiently, patiently wash the cup, add water, cover glass slowly, we think her health tea, drink and fun, many people patronize her stall again.  She was 17 years old, most of the original peer-income too low to sell tea and cumbersome and find another way out.But she did not want to give up halfway, but then, no one drink a dime a cup of tea.Thirsty people buy bottles of mineral water, but also with a walk.She thought of selling health tea, so she moved to stalls Yiyang city, selling traditional local flavor Leicha.Leicha make a lot of trouble, herbs and winter to add a lot of ingredients, to be finely ground.At first, just arrived, slack business.Later, she use fat than the others circle the bowl, a bowl can be sold for 3-5 yuan.Then, she was a little more patience than others, the preparation of a variety of different flavors of Leicha.So that everyone can drink a cup of tea unique flavor.Soon, her small business and made prosperous than others.  20 years old, is a big girl, she still insists on selling tea.But selling locations changed in Changsha, with small stores.At this time we have entered the era of tea.She stood in the middle of the store root carving coffee table, for every guest the door, she will patiently asked people taking a dip in warm tea free tasting.She also set up shop on one side of the toilet, all passers-by can free toilet, but also a drink of her own brewed tea aroma relax after.After the guests to enjoy, to go and pay more or less carry one or two packets of tea.Guests do not buy tea, she is the same bow make friendship.Guests and merchants slowly to her like the store.Moreover, she trained a group of people tea.  Her patience to let her have more and more customers and more and more friends.Through a friend’s introduction, she began to open branches in other cities tea, or the same business model, asked people to free tea, tea culture goods person, then a tea pack a bag to sell.  24 years old, she has already sold 10 years of tea.Many domestic cities, already has opened her tea, she succeeds!Her glamorous, sweet smile bright bloom, appeared on the cover of many well-known financial publications, there are lines of text below the photo: my success is no secret, but leave more patience than others!She called Mengqiao Bo.  Yu Qiao Bo has been a full year to sell tea for 20 years, and now she has more than 40 tea in the country, all over Changsha, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places, she also opened tea to Hong Kong and Singapore.Anxi, Fujian, Zhejiang Hangzhou merchants who mention her name, all thumbs up.  I do not know, few of us can adhere to a cup of tea sold for 20 years?Moreover, in today’s turbulent business, always emerge from time to time to get rich quick myth variety.But she did.She said: I’m just selling tea, will always be served tea, I would certainly a way to go in the end.Years later, you will find that drinking coffee could have been used in the country where there will be filled with the fragrance of the tea tea appear, that perhaps I drive!  Factors for success not only depends on you how high IQ, or how many inherited estate.The real success, it should be a mixture of time and patience.