A wash the toilet best people

It is now in the Japanese people in this widely spread a touching little story: Minister Seiko Noda government’s postal service, when she officially entered the community, is in Tokyo Imperial Hotel as a waiter, the boss had her work turned out to be washed toilet, and it requires particularly high, it is necessary to wash the toilet wipe clean as new.  She After some confusion and distress, or even want to back down, finally decided to step good first step in this life, not find another job.  Later, she was a predecessor to their own actions after her education, she was completely strengthened her confidence.  The older wipe wash the toilet over and over again, until you’ve erased washed clean as new; Then, he filled a glass of water from the toilet, drained!  This action worth a thousand words, and suddenly the Seiko Noda, a dream wake.  She not only know what is clean as new, but also understand the value of work in the true sense, she faced up to: Even the toilet to wash his life, a person have to do to clean the toilets of the best!  Since then, she has become a new, exciting people, the quality of her work has reached a high level of predecessors who, of course, she has repeatedly drink toilet water.  Even a lifetime to clean the toilets, clean the toilets have to do a best man!It is based on this, become no mystery where the mystery of her success, becoming where she has been for decades to forge ahead in the way of success of power.