A warm quilt

Love without reason, reason for the breakup was too much.  He throw socks, smoking a hole in the sand a fever, do not go drinking at night, walking a rarity to see her pretty chick narrow-minded, slovenly, spending money like water, like an old woman talking Luoluosuosuo married only five years, they I went to break up this step.  Much property, a two-bedroom house, a few million deposit.He said: the house is yours, mine deposits.She said: I picked home but TV is back, the rest of you is willing to move Which move will lead.He thought, a real man hang the house, not the old and new do not come, he said: you have to leave it.  He hides the book, went to another room.That is to divorce the night before, the two sub-house and sleep.  Moonlight frost, cold night like water.She lay in bed, staring blankly out the window, and my heart all kinds of tastes.When thinking about the sweet first marriage, think of trivial life, thinking sore heart, tears slowly fall.  He lay in bed, sighed heavily and closed his eyes, hazy, the snoring out of Gone with the Wind.  She heard it, I thought, tomorrow to complete the procedure, he can sleep loss.Love come to an end, her heart along with a little crumbled.I could not sleep, she simply sat up.  Whining wind blowing, rushing to beat the window.got windy.Weather forecast it will be cold, I did not expect to come tonight.It seems that God is well aware of the people.She shook her head, feeling a little cold, hold arms.  He gradually deep sleep.His sleep, he walked in the midst of white snow, the wind blowing like a knife, like, snow flying, slapped his face.He kept walked, and walked, not before the village, the road could be seen on the white snow, only two rows of lonely footprints.Accidentally, a stagger, he fell, and fell on the icy snow, he struggled, but also how to get up again.He felt his frozen hands and feet in a little bit, a little bit frozen in the body, mind, and also a little bit frozen.Drowsiness, he thought, I froze to death.  The body of her towel wrapped strict, or feel cold.Simply got out of bed, opened the closet, out of a quilt, cover the body, the body gradually warm, sleepy hit, she lay down, close your eyes.After a child, she opened her eyes, thought for a while, got up, and opened the closet, took out a quilt.She was holding the quilt, slowly walked to his room.  He curled up in bed, the body is a thin layer of towels.He groaned slightly, children in general, have eyes glistening with tears.Her heart a move.She remembered, got married, she was proud of him, he was tall, stalwart, she likes to snuggle like a kitten in his arms.She walked softly, giving him cover the quilt, tucking gently out.  From that moment she walked into the room, he woke up.He quietly and let her quilt cover the body, she was tucking her small hands warm, casual stroking his face.Quilt light to cover the body, he felt his hands and feet in a little warmer, a little bit of warming the body, mind, and also a little bit of warming.His pillow, and gradually moisten a.  Woke up this morning, the wind was still purring non-stop, there is sunshine, came floating down gently.She left the room, shocked.On the table, golden fried eggs, savory millet gruel.He wore an apron, smiling at her.She was wondering, sometimes back, but to taste.He pulled out a book, said: I do not want this money.She Dengyuan almond eyes, and asked: What do you want to?He will be looking at her, stressing each syllable: I want you.    When her birthday, he was too busy in the kitchen, braised carp, lily chicken, Sam Sun tofu all her favorite.She wiped the sweat from his face with a towel, suddenly remembered what to ask: that time, why do not you divorce?He does not say.She pursed his lips and said: the night before, your attitude is still very strong.He will be a piece of ham into her mouth, while busy saying: That night, you sent a quilt, she ate too warm too warm Q: How can warm?He stopped and looked at her, smiled, and said: warm life.