A warm jade

In mid-1952, I entered the Mr. Tang Yong Tong home, married his eldest son in mid-1951 had just graduated from Beijing University philosophy department Tang Yijie.Wedding ceremony will be held in stone alley as Ronny.According to our planning, wedding only prepared candy, peanuts, melon seeds and tea.20:00, my classmate, the Communist Youth League Committee of comrades and some leading comrades of the Party have come, lively lively atmosphere.As I believe that this is an anti-traditional wedding, without any ceremony, even to salute the parents also free, and does not have a parent or leadership speech.On Mr. Tang Lao and my mother sat in the house north of the corridor, smiling, looking at everyone frolic.Later, everyone booing, so I made a speech married.I also did not shy bride, happily delivered a speech through.I still remember the speech probably mean, I am willing to enter this harmonious family, parents are very kind, but I’m not enter a proletarian family, so also pay attention to make a clean break with the bourgeoisie.At that time people really very revolutionary, simply have left infantilism!Two old temper is very good, without batting an eyelid, also applauded happily, he agrees.Later, the two old break into the house, followed by free speech, my friends enjoy the uproar, joke.An old friend of ordinary soup, the eldest son of Mr. Wen Yiduo Wen Li crane, joke getting too much, even advised Tang Yijie night must learn strategic thinking of Chairman Mao, saying that enemy advances, we retreat I Tuidi like attack, ridicule meaning, self-evident.I immediately hit the roof, felt insulted, berated he should not have come to get serious with the words of the great leader Chairman Mao!We look at me seriously, we all feel very embarrassed.This broke my wedding.I and Tang Yijie unhappily drove to our new home.To draw a line, self-reliant, our new home away from home, but ordinary working in soup Beijing Municipal Party hostel a very miserable hut.The next day, Mr. Tang Lao and my mother in the old market Senlong Hotel Dongdan invited two tables of friends and family, announced that we were married, after all, ordinary soup soup is the eldest son of ah.Mr. Tang Lao and my mother wants us to participate in this wedding, but I think this is not a proletarian family practice, first married to resist is this old customs.Tang Yijie and I conferred and decided not to go to two people.It now appears that this behavior is really too much, it must hurt two old man’s heart.But Mr. Tang Lao still completely calm and collected, even if there is no one to blame.I went to work after graduating from Peking University, after adjusting the Department, Mr. Tang Lao couples moved into a spacious Yannan 58.The school saw no reason to give me a redistribution of other houses, and I will live with the elderly.Mr. Tang Lao and my mother are bred people, we get along so many years, never seen They red face.I remember once at breakfast, my mother will usually clip Mr. Tang Lao bread to eat black sesame powder wrong to take tea at the end, he had no doubt also to eat it down, saying only that some of today’s sesame powder astringent.Mr. Tang Lao always speaks slowly, never said anything harsh words, so there was soup Buddha nickname.It was many years after his death, a group of old school car driver told me that they still miss his approachable and goodwill of people.Mr. Tang Lao really care about fame and fortune is a little.Like him once in the United States with a Yinke, Wu Mi and said the three heroes of the Harvard scholar, after adjusting for school faculties actually let him re-tube teaching and research, and made him vice president in charge of infrastructure.At that time, many parts of the campus are massive construction projects.On the dusty construction site, often see his slow feet and not high figure.He does not think that there is anything wrong, people often say things always need to do, what to do all the same.Alas, this is not a long calm day.In mid-1954, in the “People’s Daily” organization that meeting Hu’s criticism, leading to his speech.He is a very ethical man, and will not, speak along with others in accordance with what the leadership of Hu intentions, but probably his heart is very contradictory, very uneasy.According to sit with him at the time when any of Peking University philosophy department, Mr. Zheng Xin told us at dinner, soup, wine glass in front of the old man had also knocked over.He and Hu does have some unusual friendship.That year, he went to teach from North Central University in Nanjing Hu is recommended.Hu is serious about him, the eve of the founding of New China, Hu went to Taiwan, the school’s affairs are entrusted to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Secretary General Zheng He Tianting.”People’s Daily” organization criticizing Hu, a great blow to him.That night, back home, his dazed, but also some crooked mouth.If some experience, we should then send him to the hospital, but we all thought he was tired, rest a night will get better.The next day he did not expect to actually lethargy, the doctor said it was a large area of cerebral hemorrhage, we immediately sent him to Union Hospital.Ma Yin-chu president for his very care, please Soviet expert consultation, and from the school sent a special nurse.So he sleeping more than a month.After that, he can not write hands, legs can not walk, can only sit in a wheelchair.But he still put it down, always reading and thinking.I tried to help him find books, listen to his dictation, then record down.Such written chapters, many collected in his “Douding Notes” in the.In 1958 I was rightist, then I just gave birth to a second child, the child just one month, I jumped denounced the General Assembly, a few days after the fast decision.In the process of right-wing six grades, I belong to the second category: dismissed, expelled from the party, the countryside immediately accept the supervision of labor, cost of living 16 yuan per month.Mr. Tang Lao is a refined scholar, where experienced such a flurry of class struggle, and that struggle has even come to his home naughty!He always abstinence, most reluctant to ask for help, people rarely ask what, this time, to his grandson just one month my son, he was very against their find was vice president Jiang Takamoto, he said the child’s mother is nursing, for the next generation, can not be suspended to accept the supervision of labor.Jiang Longji 1927 to join the party, once studied in Germany, is a very decent man, he agreed to let me stay eight months of breast-feeding.That day, I notice the countryside just turned eight months of breastfeeding immediately issued.I remember when I left home, Tang Yijie is huangcun work, failed to see the side.While sleeping son, I traveled alone, away from home from the back door.Even I turned around and saw Mr. Tang Lao separated by glass doors, waved to me.