A walk along the beach

A walk along the beach do not know how many times walking on the beach side of the South China Sea Zhuang Autonomous given Lufeng, sea view, hope the sky, the sea breeze blowing fits and starts, toward the rows and rows of beach Haitao, rushed to retire and then rushed passed on to it, do not stop do not stop.I think, if the energy can be collected, and applied, that is how much energy the library ah!Just waves, sea breeze is blowing endless great energy library.The good news is that erected a huge fan propeller on the beach, they are spinning around in the sea breeze in.This is a wind power generation equipment.See these wind energy has been applied, it really lament and joy!    Very pleasant to walk on the beach, the sea washed up on the beach sometimes, do not tolerate anti-wet pants will be a big cut, so only took off his shoes, rolled up trouser legs, can be assured of a walk, running, take a rest.Not so much at ease, as it is fun.Walked on the beach, I feel comfortable with the word —- —- loose in hard, soft in there tight.Then look boundless sea, blue sky and the sea together, and occasionally one or two small islands, twelve small fish boats dotted the sea, this is a wonderful scene ah!This time what troubles will be forgotten, what sorrow will be wiped out, the mind becomes infinitely broad, unlimited horizons become open, people feel how wonderful life was, how pleasant, how joyful!    June is the fishing season period, given the strong fishermen will be very orderly combination of fishing nets in the sea.One day, we ate dinner, probably around six, happily came to the beach to watch.A dozen fishermen already busy opened, and some sort of fishing nets, carry some wood, some scaffolding on fishing vessels, their busy for a while things are busy almost, everyone on busy divvying up the volume good fishing nets onto settle.In this case, too dark sky down to the boat division net.I saw seventy-eight Lao Bashi on the boat and wagged his oars, rudder helmsman also sets up a steady, while fishing boats called big rings of the sea, but while playing side rings of net, until the network Caesar’s almost, boat approached the beach.A boat veterans immediately jumped off the boat, the nets firmly against the sandy pullout, on the other side waiting a long time eighty-nine fishermen on the beach is also straining to pull out both sides of the sound into a chant, with each other very understanding.Boil to see such a lively scene, we can not help but participate in labor to help the fishermen’s nets mired hand.At this time only to see, shrink smaller and smaller nets, fish in the water channeling jump up, the fishermen were in high spirits up.There is simply jump into net contraction of rings of the lead in the nets to fish with a small net fishing net into the basket, two twist from two others packed full of fish basket, walked around with a plastic poured in advance Koike played house, they intensely busy, but saw all kinds of fish pond full of frisky, who wants to stop., Wow, listen to the fishermen say that a full 23 yo jin!When we saw the fishermen smile looked so happy to have them aloud.I thought, fishermen fishing is not easy, but how fun is it!    And then look at the distance, high-intensity incandescent lamp on the sea accompanied by the rumbling sound of a motor countless bits and pieces, Durian crowded, noisy big city like very nice bright night lights.So this is a motorized boat fishing jobs in the lights yeah, they are said to have been fishing before dawn to return.Fishermen who work really hard, really exciting.Because of the hard work fishermen, people have the opportunity to taste the delicious variety of fish, seafood.