A village to spend out of the wall

The king of flowers in the river picked up a body of a man.This is the first fight famine robbery plague everywhere, the occasional dead individuals and little wonder, what good luck Laodian property also eat more in town for food.Wang fragrant flowers while reverie rice side to touch the bodies of his pocket, his right hand was suddenly a link with scared Wang flowers wah-wah whining, walk away and go out into the body of a man who kick, mad to kick until the body of a man opening spit blood, and finally no more.Oh mother, the king did not die through ah shock to beat each of the offerings of flowers, quickly tackling the body of a man’s breath, no gas.Suddenly eyes light up, he reached out to pick up the body of a man who fell out of a piece of jade, he stood up and was about to grab a wrist again.Wang broke flowers body of a man’s hand and ran, ran half came back, the jade to the body of a man who fling: I did not take, you you you, do not lingers ah!Body of a man neither speak nor move, just staring at the king of flowers.The moon from the cloud seeped out, Seiki moonlight Chende muddy piece of jade round and full body transparent, the king of flowers eyeball a turn, squatted on the body of a man said: Hey, I’ll give it you find a doctor?Body of a man untouched.Well I said ah, this case can not cure dead do not blame me, as it gave me something Well remuneration Come!Body of a man is still no response.Wang full of flowers when he acquiesced, smiling jade myself into his pocket, big bang Kangshang body of a man, back to the village of.Wash wipe, toss one night.Before dawn the king of flowers and went to the next village butcher Zhang family, Zhang butcher is a butcher in town name players, not only meat but also to practice medicine, especially good at governing incurable diseases, hundreds of miles off his rule by pig , or else a few days a fierce custody.If high fever chills shivering in Apex, arch mouth, hooves, tail tip bleeding.Ears, nose, hands and feet, no tail end of that how do ah?!Wang flowers rise, see the butcher Zhang and looking at himself, barely smiled, pig tails I was not too obvious king of flowers ran without looking back, and then returned, anxious and said: bad bad after the pig bled constantly fight malaria, has passed an ass Jue!Zhang butcher was thinking like: If convulsions coma certainly stomach worm, it should enema with soap and water, three times a day, filling up empty so far to pull it.That does not pull Sia?Life almost gone, when the dead pigs pigs Medical Well.Ah makes sense enlightened king of flowers, while walking back kept thinking of soapy water, this foreign stuff like only seen in the city, because it is to pull out, the king of flowers looking at the field of large cattle touching the chin, this things should be filling up and filling, one night Daoteng.Wang flowers wiped the sweat, a closer look of a man lying on the ground, his face pale purple limbs, no breath, oh the mother, this time really dead ah?She dubious, took a poke root embroidered force for the quasi-man’s chest, once again poke, poke and poke face never move the body, the first reaction is the king of flowers: digging buried corpse.Hey, this next piece of jade belongs to her, better luck really unstoppable ah.Wang flowers happily dig the soil half-day, on the way home still wondering when the change a few pieces of jade ocean, can only entered the room on the bodice, obviously out of a dead body in front of the trim is now actually quite by sitting in the corner, it seems heard a sound, the body actually moving a bit.You, you are a ghost?Wang flowers legs tremble.Man for a long time did not respond, the king of flowers and waved a hoe embolden close, just as she wanted to stretch his head to find out, the man suddenly opened his eyes, scared the king of flowers sat on the ground.A man peering at her, that look, like a knife, who somehow got goosebumps, shaking the king of flowers for a long time did not say a word, but the man spoke up: Is your voice just like chapped bark in Heibuliuqiu exceptionally dark room listening to the king of flowers desperately shaking his head: not me not me, we do not know, you got the wrong guy!