A village substitute teacher last bell

The twelfth lunar month fifteen sun just touched the top of the hill, behind the village primary school will be holding the class bell rang, staunch, distant, reveals a vicissitudes, located in the Xiangxi Baojing Miao Lu mountain cave in, pull mandrel lung echoed this last day of the school year is a bell.55-year-old substitute teacher Yang Zhongming, under the bell knock a full 28 years.As the 2010 National 31.10,000 to be repaying a substitute teacher in a village, it will be his teaching career final bell it?He did not want to touch this topic.Just say, lately dreamed up is to give school children, but once he dreamed row holding the village primary school suddenly disappeared, anxious over the mountains to find that mountain so high, so small children, they go to where to go to school too?Wake up, he cried.In this life, he seems to have no out of these dreams, happiness and suffering.With more than a month’s wages, ran more than 200 in the mountain, a bell back to back, back to back as if the dream of a cottage Baojing is a national poverty-stricken counties, the territory of Xiangxi Miao Lu dong first mountain region, in the village of holding row on Lu Dongshan.Here the mountain and set the mountain, near km above sea level, the early years of the villagers to go to the county, the stars wore on the road, but also ran two days and nights.Poverty, blocking, making the Miao cottage for generations had not come in a teaching Mr..Until the early 1960s, the village had their first substitute teacher Dan Jiacheng, a bit out of the village people read the book.Yang Zhongming Shi teacher is in the hands of complete primary education to enlighten admitted to the county high school, graduating from high school.That year, Shi teacher died.The county sent two public teachers spent less than three months have gone.Row holding scattered village primary school.Yang Zhongming went to the teacher’s grave, heavy knock three heads, wiping away tears leaving the sentence: a teacher, I want you to do to stay here!This desire, not because more teachers and brotherhood, but Montagnards to save itself, break the mountains Jin heart of a son.Yang Zhongming wondered why birds can fly Lu dong, because it has wings.Montagnards no culture, no birds like wings, can not fly a lifetime ah!In 1981 fall, 26-year-old Yang Zhongming at the village folks unanimously elected, becoming the second-row holding village substitute teacher.Before opening day, he hides $ 15 per month just got my wages, but also the back of a bag of rice, ran 120 miles arrived county.Go to the market to sell rice, the addition of pocket money, and then went to the scrap metal company East West pick pick, to spend 18 dollars to buy a bell, and spent two dollars to buy a used ring the bell machetes, back to the village the same night back.The next day, at dawn, Yang Zhongming sounded row holding village primary school reopened bell.The village surrounded by more than 20 people, young and old school enrollment of children, like a lively New Year.Yang Tastes substitute career, it opened in the bells in.The new school is three old wooden house.No desks, Yang Zhongming got bricks above take board; no blackboard nailed boards put together, black paint brush; no stool, one by one from their own Minato relatives and.In winter, the biting cold with no windows blocked from blew in, and forged a thick layer of ice on the blackboard before class every morning, he must first point on a bunch of grass, put ice on the blackboard roast.Gradually became dilapidated old house, Yang Zhongming more than 20 children had to be transferred to his home, the family opened a classroom full year, rain and snow hit, a ground covered with straw, cook a pot of rice, stay left to eat live.It is a school, teaching second grade duplex.Each class, Yang Zhongming draw a line in the middle of the board, 20 minutes before a half year in this class blackboard sense; second grade class at the other half of the board 20 minutes after speaking.Completion of a character, and then to explain it again Hmong.At that time most of the people in the village are illiterate, more than 700 people in less than 20 literacy, families are too poor to kerosene lamps at night even point can not afford.In order to allow the children to complete homework, more than six years time, every night, Yang Zhongming must end the kerosene lamp, the more than 20 children’s homes run again one by one, one by one counseling, back to their own time often already after midnight.Just learned to text, calculations, kids hearts opened a new world.The first time they learn to want to say in words written; first learned at home a small bundle tied to a small number of pounds Baogu calculated how many chickens small bamboo sticks, only one number to write down; for the first time contacts from the textbooks to the outside world mountain.They will often ask: the teacher, the outside world is really busy right?Yang Zhongming always answer: Yes, the children, the outside world is very busy.There are tall buildings, trains, airplanes, movie theaters fact, he does not know just how busy the outside world, in this life, the largest city in the farthest he went was Baojing County.However, his description was enough to sow a dream elementary education mountains in the hearts of the children of the cottage, just slash and burn, tough and full of desire.Duplex educate one person, one school, Yang Zhongming persist for 23 years.Until 2004, with the merger of the villages, holding two rows of primary school merged with the original village primary school in the neighboring village to become the first four grades, including the completion of a small piece.Public school teachers are still not down, he had brought in from neighboring villages and two substitute teacher, a part-time president Yang Zhongming.More students, the more things to worry about.For the expansion renovation of school buildings, Yang Zhongming with more than 100 parents, pick stone, sand back, digging the foundation, hardships.House up, but short on money-watt, he put his hand has just got the month is $ 500 per month salary, all bought watts.That month, he ate a last meal at home looking at Dayton.In the winter of 2007, Lu Tung mountain suffered severe freezing weather, snow and ice to pile 3 feet high.Some parents suggested lesson stop a few days.Yang Zhongming shook his head: You can not miss the children!He ran every day before dawn to each village, those younger pupils one by one, holding, carrying, the school received; afternoon after school, and then one by one to send home.Once, he slipped one foot carrying a child, the child all right, but broke his back.Lying in bed, anxious not sleep all night, finally came up with a way to please the village of strong labor and ice on the road, but he does not take money to thank the folks.His characters still do not know the old father, he saved his teeth from the bottom is offering 80 dollars, stuffed into the hands of his son.Yang Zhongming his wife bought meat and vegetables, invites all who labor to eat a meal.