A “Viagra” sin

Wine had three find, food flavors.Scattered wanted this, I was started to leave, can become anxious Chibai Bin suddenly face to pull me, “Brother, do not go tonight with me, you and I will be to find a young lady Lehelehe.”” Haha!Shane, brother, I do not know you?!Notoriously “henpecked”, will you dare to speak to Miss?!”I laughed, ridiculed him.  ”Which dare?!Is it only allowed “whatever it wants while not allowed to do anything.”?”Bin into the irrational, but his words clearly his mouth hidden secrets.”Brother, this is a loud noise?”I quickly ask.  I saw into a Bin Yang Bo, and downed a cup of Erguotou, red in the face, and then they incoherent up, “Brother, I Qinge.You have to accompany me tonight, I was depressed, I sad ah.”Bin suddenly down into the chest in the corner, burst into tears, his move startled me,” Brother, in the end ye?”” I’m not fucking people, ah, I was a king of Eight, his wife was stolen, I count the money to help people, I fucking wimp ah!”Bin side to beat on the table, while a nose a tear, as if to say nonsense.His words made me Ruzhui fog, I did not understand a word of.  ”Brother, you really drunk, do not drink.”I quickly grabbed the bottle in his hand,” a good talk with the brother, in the end is how the?”” I’m not drunk.Brother, I really do not drunk.”Bin punched into wine belch, made an effort, set me down in the seat.  ”No drunk?Not drunk, what did you say anything it’s called?”I’m training him bluntly.  ”You do not know it?I was wearing a green hat.My wife lovers out.”Bin vicious place poked into his scalp, ridiculous words.  ”Impossible, absolutely impossible, Zhang Hong is not the kind of person.”I immediately protested,” Do not you so slander Zhang Hong.”” I say, you might not believe it, or that I was suspicious, but it is true.”Cheng Bin went on to explain,” the day before yesterday, I suddenly received a police station phone, so I take the money to redeem people, said Zhang Hong suspected illegal at the time, I do not believe, and said they made a mistake, but they insisted that she and a a man in a hotel room when opened, was caught in the positive with the police, is now characterized as “whoring ‘, of course, on suspicion of’ prostitution ‘is not Zhang Hong, but his lover, Zhang Hong was designated as’ prostitutes’.Two people have been locked up in a detention center, he said that in accordance with the provisions of Public Security Administration Punishment Law, to be detained for 15 days and fined 5,000 yuan, so I went to pay a fine.””what!This is not true, is it?”I was really into the bin, then to mine down, saying not believe.  ”The key question is not here.Once I arrived at the police station, only to find open room with Hong Zhang man was none other than my boss Li Chang long ah.””what!”I am speechless, really I do not know how Bin An Weicheng.  Just listen to Bin teeth and said: “I was really anxious to find a seam drilling, but also want to tear the two of them, but unfortunately I faceless them.”After these words into a bin, they began to drink, I did not stop, but fell silent.Bin into the drinking and saying bad words, yelled very ugly, but I did not listen to a.  Zhang Hong is my wife’s college students, it can be said that my wife’s girlfriends, when I was introduced to Cheng Bin Zhang Hong, the wife said her character is absolutely reliable, and who looks pretty special, is a first-class a great beauty, gentle and virtuous, will still live outside the family home, tends the good order, but the two managed to get Bin honest, docile paste clothes, so that we often making fun of him, saying he was a wife tube Yan, henpecked, from Bin, then disagree, but also often cited Zhao’s famous phrase “I’m henpecked, but the fear is love” to deal with us.  I absolutely do not believe that Hong Zhang will dry out the kind of thing.I am determined to help get to the bottom bin, because I am a lawyer.  The next day, I arrived at the detention center, go through the relevant formalities meeting, I saw Zhang Hong, she suddenly began to cry.Quite a while, I did not know the whole matter from the mouth of Zhang Hong, but also learned a terrible secret more.  It turned out that the incident that day, to bin the field trip, Lee Chang-long call to Zhang Hong, a hotel to allow her to come to him, said to Zhang Hong told a great secret about to Bin.Zhang Hong would have preferred not to go, but Li Chang said a long time, if she does not come, there will be jail to Bin.Hong Zhang a frightened, also believed her, so hurry Li Chang went to a good hotel for a long time to open.  Zhang Hong to the hotel after, Li Chang was still a long chess room playing cards, to see Zhang Hong, let others fight for him, himself on the floor with Zhang Hong.Behind the shout of laughter issued.And entered the room, could not wait to Hong Zhang Li Chang has been asking for a long time, and asked to Bin in the end how the.Li Chang is a long leisurely to take off his jacket, then burned pot of water, a cup of tea to Zhang Hong, himself turned our backs to swallow a “Viagra”, then do not worry persuade Zhang Hong.Finally, Li Chang long and lit a cigarette, this pretending to be mysterious to say the alleged misappropriation of huge amounts of money into Bin units to stocks, know do not know to ask Zhang Hong.Zhang Hong said, as he knows Bin like stocks, but not heard he bought was particularly large ah.Li Chang told him a long time, do not know does not mean no, indeed diverted into a bin of 200 million units in funds to stocks, and now the stock is stuck, pumping out, and soon the group will send down accountants audit, that time is bound to will be unmasked, he, as Chief of Finance is difficult to secure the jobs he.Zhang Hong was frightened, quickly asked, how this can do it?Li Chang old long a brave face, said slowly, is not no way.But he only said such a sentence came to an end on.At that moment, really worried to death is driving to Zhang Hong, Hong Zhang Li Chang came to the long side, the long arm seize Li Chang asked again and again what way.Li Chang-color look at the long Zhang Hong, a pair of eyes glowing color that stays on full chest Zhang Hong.Then he said he also felt as Bin usually performed well, deliberately trying to help him.But to help him, it must first be Bin misappropriation of funds into the hole to plug, no money and asked Zhang Hong.Said, played with the phone to.Zhang Hong said that they where there is so much money!At this time, Li Chang said a long time, he had many rich friends, as long as he opens his mouth, they can move up to first paragraph, so that the Group will be able to send down the accountant to deal with the past.In this regard, Zhang Hong again and again thanked her words of Li Chang-old no doubt that she believes he has the ability.However, Li Chang said a long time, he can not be white help, if asked him to help, Zhang Hong unless she agreed to a condition, this condition is – let Zhang Hong to accompany him to go to bed.  At that time Zhang Hong has been unable to express their own state, she just instinctively resist.Because she was too fond into the bin, and thought just could not get into an accident Bin, and those good picture of contentment with Cheng Bin has suddenly it all came to mind.At this time, Li Chang is perhaps just a long swallow of “Viagra” happened role.He stupidly take advantage of the occasion Zhang Hong, Zhang Hong slams down on the bed.Then her clothes piece by piece tear down all Unexpectedly, Li Chang-long good show just beginning, they encountered police rounds.As the duo’s performance is not very normal, hemmed and hawed, and look very unnatural, so the police mistaken for prostitution.This is what happened before and after.  When I learned of the aforementioned facts, to tell when the bin, but the reaction to Bin greatly surprised me, “You idiot, who said I misappropriated funds unit, and there is no thing.This silly woman, that she can believe that she was completely deceived.”Cheng Bin seems to understand everything, he said:” Things must be the case, that Li Chang long must covet my wife’s beauty, wanted to possess her, so just make up lies to trick her, must be the case, it must be the.It was in his rape ah.”Cheng Bin very excited, tightly grasped my hand, so I have to believe him,” I have absolutely no misappropriation of funds units to stocks, I am not afraid of anyone to check.I beg you, save my wife, she is a victim.”” Well, if you said was quite true, then Li Chang long really committed the crime of rape.In this way, we immediately wrote a letter of complaint, and then submitted to the Public Security Bureau, accused him of rape.”I confidently say to Bin.  Public Security Bureau after receiving our complaint material, attaches great importance to long again arraigned Li Chang.Soon, Li Chang long in the face of facts bowed his head sinking evil.  It turned out that he really coveted beauty Zhang Hong, the incident that day, he and several colleagues, friends playing cards chess in the hotel room, it was suggested that some lady looking over during play, Li Chang said a long time to find Miss more boring ah, do not spend money not only clean, he said, looking to find a good woman, he likes to conquer good woman.Then someone said, the “have a skill, you put into Bin’s wife to conquer ah, she was a great beauty ah number one, was a chaste woman martyr shit, once the unit held the ball, I want to invite her dance, but she would not say anything, made me lose face.I also heard that she and Cheng Bin feeling particularly good.If you are able to conquer her, she obediently to your gestures, go to bed with her, all of us lose to you today ten thousand, how?”Everyone one, have followed the booing.Li Chang longer see the crowd booing, she clapped her chest, said: “She is not easy to conquer Well, as long as I apply a little trick, guaranteed to make her throw herself obediently.”But I may be ugly words in advance ah, if I let her on the bed with me, each of you have lost me ten thousand ah, absolutely can not lie, who depends on who is the son of a bitch turtle.”” But why as evidence ah?”Some people booing and asks.”Do you still trust me long Li Chang?!”Li Chang long paused and added,” So, when I went to use the phone to record a sound you hear, it can always be right.”” Ha ha ha!Well, you must do so.”Everyone echoed in unison.”Talk of the town, in order to let you play straightforward, I sent the same magic.”Then someone on the inside to Li Chang long a” Viagra “.Li Chang took a long time, said, “If it were not accompany you play mahjong day, backache, leg pain, I do not need this stuff.”In this way, in the gambling regulations, monetary stimulus, Li Chang long made up lies above the ruined Zhang Hong, but he also ruined his own.