Although I gave the driver, lie, they do not lose money, but you can not call me

Although I gave the driver, lie, do not lose money, but you can not call me, I have blood loss!      What can people shameless to what extent?      2015, Zhao Yong’s father when riding a bicycle, a car Knocked vegetative state.After the driver Huang Shufen performances, people deeply feel, a lower limit of the bad guys in the end what can be low to the point.      After the event, the driver appeared only once, and all things to his own ex-husband and spokesperson sole discretion, never to been seen.      Zhao Yong, this is a Master of Architecture, has a great future.The past three years, in order to cure his father he gave up a good future, put all their time in the hospital and run around the court, there is no work, and his girlfriend, abruptly collapse, it has become a basket case.      2015-2016-2017- father’s head now almost replaced all of the titanium alloy, coma, muscle atrophy, just like the living dead.         Mother and therefore suffer from depression, in tears every day.They even sold the house for medical treatment.      You can ruin the family Huang Shufen, in any of the Ping An Insurance executive positions, while every means to deny, claiming to have no money, while Tim bought a house out of the car, traveling around, his daughter a package to thousands.      In the hospital elevator, the driver of smiling daughter said to his mother: Mom do not worry, I’m just asking Well, even if the old man died not lose much money, up to half a million, there are car insured it!      Listen to me, we do not dig a penny, you say we have to borrow money to go, he consume dead!      June 8, 2017, Tangshan City Fengrun District Court sentenced Hwang compensation about 93.$ 60,000, the entry into force ten days after the payment threshold decision, but Hwang is not lost.When Mr. Zhao in the doorway to block her new house, and she said the same thing two years ago: I have no money, I want you to slowly find.Finally, I say just let the court sentenced a few years, it still would not have the money I.         After triggered public outrage, 23, said Zhao Yong Huang Shufen finally call my raise money.25, the Tangshan Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Hwang judicial custody for 15 days, and freeze the personal assets.      Just yesterday, Huang Shufen’s daughter in an interview, still said it will not sell debt, because this house is a dream of his own 20 years, and his mother did not agree.Mr. Zhao, your dad just become a vegetable, it may be old Lai daughter, but she lost her dreams and a car ah.      Lai old practice, completely beyond the scope of normal thinking, not only does not assume medical expenses, no apology, and threatened the families of the victims claim, justifiably refuse the court’s decision – even if she has a family impasse.      We would like everyone will not run into such a wicked.      But in fact, this desire is difficult to achieve, because many of these people you by my side, but no chance to show it.      Perhaps in your company, there is this old Lai-style employees, the company took the money, doing something shamelessly.Today, small and micro dance you teach them how to tell the difference, from a respectful distance.      And textbook lie as shamelessly workplace employees who have their very distinct characteristics: 1 Not Win, special self-interest in the two years after the accident, Huang Shufen while claiming they have no money, all sorts of shirk responsibility, while they buy a house to sell cars , travel around.Did not consider because of his accident still lying in bed the father Zhao Yong, it can be described as extreme egoism of.      The old in the workplace depends, too, can push the responsibility that we must push: that this month’s sales report ah?I’ve done this to Mike, ah, here he should have half a month to learn to do error?The blame Li ah, I gave him the data he did not know to check to check directly with the how can this happen?Completely regardless of whether they have a responsibility.      In addition to shirk responsibility, regardless of who they have nothing to do with welfare, workplace style old Lai also certainly to be clean of the.For example, on Women’s Day, the company issued to each female employees $ 200 shopping card, old Lai male workplace can Yizhengciyan questioning why he did not; but as for other holidays, if less what made him well-being, it is able to fights you no peace.      Old Lai, who pursues the principle of the workplace: About interests him is his, yours is his; and as for the responsibility, you is you, he can be yours.      2 lack of empathy for colleagues Zhao Yong’s father had an accident into a vegetative state, Zhao Yong to save his father gave up work also sold the house, all of this is taken for granted in Huang Shufen view, blatantly deserve hit by bad luck, even shamelessly claiming compensation is dodging you time to escape, you love me how the how the.      And Huang Shufen, like, can not put ourselves in the perspective of colleagues standing sake, the workplace is another common manifestation of old Lai.There are a lot of work in the workplace need to cooperate with each other to complete the face of the request of colleagues, workplace old Lai’s consistent principle is: with him only to find you, you can not find him.Anyway, do your own thing does not matter related to his bad.      And when work colleagues encountered problems in the workplace may even cynical old Lai: I was told you this list Nabuxialai you do not listen.See you work overtime every day, you have not seen the growth performance ah?      Lai old world, only he.      3 unauthorized use of delaying tactics Huang Shufen accident incident has been a full two-year period regardless of Zhao Yong reminder, or court-ordered judgments, the role is not large.Even if the money, also take a car or house.What about that reparations?I do not know either.      Workplace old Lai another repugnant behavior is also true: drag.You do the next step waiting for his program, but his plan is delayed, from Monday to Friday, and then next Monday.Mouth they found an excuse to say no time, but there is time to chat, drink tea and stroll Taobao, but also what classes to disappear in the office on time.      As for those who work there is no clear division of responsibilities, but expect him to even think about.      Even if you one day to find he was thirty times, his face always with the eternal smile, his mouth too polite to you, but I could not give you solutions.      A I ignore you, you could get me a helpless look.Backward directed at you call me on the case, you have the ability to fire me ah!      Even more exasperating is that you hate him, but did not get his way, the way he liked it possible for.      But this world is fair.      According to the latest news, the textbook shamelessly sparked heated debate, the court has frozen Huang Shufen commission and seizure of assets related to its name, and Huang Shufen detained for 15 days.Perpetrators will finally fundraising.      Old society depends on a supervision and legal constraints of public opinion, always get their due punishment.Then the old Lai in the workplace, and what will be the result of it?               [End of exciting content to the blue word review Click to enter the wonderful world I left the!      To do a year-end summary?HR You should be so elegant thrown pot!      From 10 perspectives on the interviewer, HR issues facing the attack of 58 dry eight professional HR tools and Methods (graphical version) of the world’s most waste of time three things, they are.      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