After ten years caused me Bowl

Time, so a touch of the past.You still remember ten years ago it yourself?  And like people have gone through, he and people like read, the memories came after seen, behind, full gallop, what waiting for me in front of it?  Do not stop before exploring the meaning, are some immaturity, now see things, meet people now, in the confused din, will look up front, I am after you cause ten years, harvest happiness Yet?Or are immersed in grief, quietly keep the tears?  Compared around you, that there is still unchanged, failed to perceive you, it is still being guarded?  The past and the future is not important, it is important now, courage to pursue happiness you want, you still hope for the future happy and warm days of dull, ordinary and true happiness, tender words, Sentimental feelings are we grow bit by bit, his thoughts remain in the memory of the scene, but the time to move forward mercilessly, whether there will be a day, I can look back on that year opened entrusted in my back that dream.  I caused you after ten years, in love with who?Or still guarding the same thoughts, that person still likes?  However, before you really love someone, you now, whether to say “I like myself” of it?  Ten years later when I look back again, when those who are not mature memories of those sun-like sadness, joy haze after those, there will be a feeling of deja vu.  When certainly beautiful and precious memories.  People you cherished, still repeating the extraordinary day it?Or you have been away from you, embarked on their journey?  Then in countless encounters, after numerous parting, than you. “At this point I” become more attractive it?  If I now you harvest happiness after all caused by decades please cherish have, you remember the past days of me, please?  Memories of me in a certain sad cry, tears that will please quietly into the sea of memories.Less than 30 seconds saw the tears fall, and in the past, the future, now alternately.10 years ago, I, at this time you crush seniors across the teaching building, after the black chuanfeng decade programmer in Guangzhou, marriage has become a veritable “bronchitis”, although this is to let you crush the bitter endless but later it became a Sentimental memories.  And now, I do not mind guarding unchanged, still did not like that person, after 10 years experience two feelings, no gain to happiness, is buried in sadness, low mood.I hope I can spend good as soon as possible.  10 years later, I hope you can still brave pursuit of happiness, to find their own happiness, firm to move forward, look back ten years later today, is nothing but indifferent smile .