Acacia called a kind of fond

The dead of night, turn on the music, listening over and over again, “Gardenia open”, my heart is too complicated, no one to talk softly whisper a thousand words.Think of that year, that thing, that a shallow meet with you, Cheng pulls past superficial acquaintance.Gardenia open, think once, you shy, fresh you regret you, but think of your innocent smile, innocent eyes, innocent perfumed, innocent shadows, like gardenia open, so cute, so white, so fragrance.   Gardenia open ah open, like crystal waves bloom in my heart the sea!Gardenia open ah open, innocent love, pure love, my days and nights irrigation touch of youth!Gardenia open ah open, you are innocent, innocent fragrance, it has been lingering in my mind!   Bright light summer, is the gardenia, are in full bloom, cluster, cluster, Eau white, lush green and beautiful the whole light summer.  Gardenia open, meet beautiful, beauty to the extreme, the end is silent.Nama heart feelings, only knew.Light summer wind is very warm, very soft, like thoughts, in season around the corner, will you watch.Read a person, a shallow scattered years, the graceful flies of time, if you know, you gently Collection.   Like small snow Zen said: “Among thousands of people, meet the people you meet, in thousands of years, the time in the wilderness, neither earlier nor come up, but just met, life is the most beautiful edge!Like you, I, thousands of people just know, just Qiannian, only one, the most beautiful is met, since sight, never fall in this light summer, the shallow friend, shallow meet.   If not met you, I would not know, there is a meet, at first sight, bye portrait, the three see Allure!If not met you, I would not know, there is a meet, spring, brilliant as you, such as your fragrance!If not met you, I would not know, there is a beautiful beautiful thoughts, the United States to tears!If not met you, I would not know, there is a meet, deep inside, Airuchaoshui!If I had not met you, I would not know, there is an emotion, pain with tears, smiled and miss, Sui Suinian, read the broken pieces, mesmerizing!   Meet beautiful, beautiful and to tears; beautiful flowers, the United States to tears; thoughts as pretty to tears; fate as pretty to tears!   Every morning, I think you have to own some more, so I will worry you a little more.Every night, I have to read you some more myself, so that I will love you more!Every morning and night I have a little more for your sincere blessing, as you prayerfully more, so that you will be a little more healthy and happy!You are my dreaming, you are my dreaming!   Every day every day because of your presence and extraordinary!I’ll love you more each passing day!Each day I love you a little more!Every ordinary days, because you become soul-stirring!You want beautiful beautiful every day because of you happiness rippling layers of ripples!Simple life because of you happy spray thrown up a blossoming!   Life only willing to go with you, I only wish you love a person!Willing to work with you to play the song “Do not forget the loss”; willing to work with you waiting for bloom season End of the World; and you would wait for the end of time; and you Dramas Ouchi one thousand, I pour melancholy, sad dependents season, the Red lofty, clutch world, since then, no longer ask past lives, no longer care about the origin edge off of ups and downs since then, only willing to let your heart that leaves boat, carrying not only worry about carrying spring!I am willing to use his life loving warmth of your facial features, I would like tangled with deep love with you.Night is young, love lingering, lingering heart, listening to music, lying in bed, gently dough gently into my music to accompany the memories.Miss, smell, memory, deep and shallow shallow.Point a light heart, a Huairou Ying love and affection, read quietly, gently dependents, there is a dash Qianpan, with a dash of romance!A tear, a heart flowers, a ray of obsession, a touch of love, who bring a touch of surreal dream thoughts on a piece of paper Su Jian, deep and shallow smell hugged, hugged marshes, embracing heaven and earth day monthly!   Amid the memories, thoughts rain, a touch of tenderness, touch the heart of Hong!Distant sea, you want to smoke, rain, thoughts, feeling drunk the night and felt discouraged!When the dream water, you dressed in white dress, a hair waist, slim, dancing, Yi Mei fluttering, fluttering long hair, flowing, such as Sin, if you are a fresh and graceful, pure and elegant Pure Lotus , Painting for me in full bloom, is the ghost of you drunk my heart dream, such as flowers as bright, as bright as Splendor, Nama drunk falls lingering dream, turned into Acacia Lei Yu, a warm heart, wet the flirtatious, drunk bottom of my heart that touch of softness!Night rain, rain, love, miss, deep and shallow, jagged care.In life, there is always a first encounter, so snuggle landscape; there is always a heart, let the horizon of the right close.A feeling, whisper in the wind, the dough tell, that I gently whisper to you; a concept, tenderness in the rain, the lightly Man Wu, that was my gentle enough for you.  Love a person, can across each other’s eyes, is the most beautiful scenery, can know each other’s hearts to each other, is the most beautiful sense!   In life, there is always a person, they begin gently, is sweet mouth up, quietly think, is brow stretch; there is a look, gently gazing, is soulful, there is a heart, light light bouncing, is Airuchaoshui, there is a name, gently calling, is Forever Yours.Beautiful love goodly portion of luck, cherish a situation, we have really to care, cherish a person, an innocent like to go.   I loved it an emotional, innocent, warm, gentle, sweet, and gently!Dear you, I hope we get along innocent, Barbara treatment, care warm, sweet thoughts, good life, quietly waiting, life, leave, nor abandon!   If no one miss, then the United States the day, after all, is also a grudge.The heart has been thought, feeling somewhat warm, ordinary days because of you become extraordinary; every day you think are beautiful and brilliant!Even Zaikuzailei intense work, I think you will also smiled; often read some inexplicable sadness sorrow text, because I think of you; when you miss, you will open the phone to view the photos, look at you sweet sweet smile, so I smiled happily.Whenever deserted late at night, I’ll piercing Qiannian you can not get away!I think of you, mesmerizing.When a person suddenly heard a sad love song, and then single cycle of silent tears, because I want you, want you, prayed for you every blessing for you in Bells.A man quietly write, you always like to quietly put in written text.Thinking of you, Chunhuaqiuyue, Xiahe winter snows in the romantic.Like you, no matter ends of the earth, always annoying chatters to you, think of journeying.Like you, ubiquitous, every moment, you want to open eyes, eyes closed, like you, want you bow, you want to look up, you want to eat, you want to sleep, breathing with the feeling you are familiar atmosphere, even you have a touch of the air perfumed.”Just because a sense of Jun a review, so I Sijun towards the evening,” no matter where, no matter what time, no matter across a thousand mountains, or across the Wan-shui, you are in my eyes, in my heart, in my thoughts in.Like you, not help, read you, love could not help himself, worried about you, involuntarily.Curly Xinyu, hidden in the clouds, waiting for you to read; deeply miss, turned into rain drops softly, gently kiss your face, deep love, entrusted breeze, blowing gently ask your face.Fleet of Time today, we waved one another, since you left, you and I are obsessed!Whether you read and do not read, I let Fengyun glass Susan just for you love.Whether everything I quietly weaving a pool of Meng Jing Lin, dipped sum Jiangnan Yun Yun, put every Chaomu are portrayed as free of dust.You can understand, have your dedication does not regret, even blissful silence, I am full of joy.With love the way you, my feet no longer messy, Fuqin no longer flows injury, the situation of the world with you, even if dark days, I have a nice living color.Three thousand black hair, a ray read-only, only for you; three thousand dust silk, the only ray of reading, just for you; three thousand tired silk, the only one hurt, just for you; three thousand Qingsi, the only love one person, only you; any world countless flowers, pick a single love; any worldly Jiao Mei ten thousand, only pick a pity; any worldly one hundred Yan Qun, independence, love a show; any world Enchanting, independence, love a fawn; misty tenderness, as End of the World who dream soul led Ying, heartbroken.Desolately mind, for whom tears gazing steal zero, Diqi.Qiannian thousands, thousands of tenderness, deep soft-spoken, deep and shallow emotion, tears turned into Acacia into the ink on plain!   Flow three thousand, you Allure!Whether you are in and not in, I’ve been; whether you read and do not read, I always read.Days later, if possible, I would like to abandon Ukiyo bustling, resist the temptation million heavy, Susan, such as lotus, indifferent elegant, full of a Zen cloud water, hang some flies, wind clouds go, not sad not happy, only to be come, just as you read.In life, there is always a first encounter, so snuggle landscape, just as you and I; always have a heart, let the horizon of the right close, just as you and I.A feeling, whisper in the wind, the dough tell, that I gently whisper to you; a concept, tenderness in the rain, the lightly Man Wu, that was my gentle enough for you.   The most beautiful scenery in life, is what you, I, often in the warm sweet.Love, flowing slowly in the hearts, silent is warm; the situation in the brow stretch the dough, but also happiness silence.Warm care, the dough affection, is the most beautiful life waiting.  Can across each other the eye, is the most beautiful scenery, can know each other’s hearts to each other, is the most beautiful sense!   Attachment engraved in mind, the flowers printed on Mouzhong, heart, just for you; drowning three thousand, I just take a spoonful drink!Xianchou towering, twisting ray for you to read; pen a move, for your care; an obsession for you Acacia; spend a fall, it is for you haggard.   Flow three thousand, you Allure!Write fleeting, drunk pillow scent of ink, brush madness, as you write poetry, written in the beginning of love at first sight, the end of the written passionately devoted!