@ Heyuan people, playing mahjong formulas, back down before the Spring Festival, can not lose

@ Heyuan people, playing mahjong formulas, back down before the Spring Festival, can not lose!Attention to social visibility, deep analysis of events; information-sharing practical, positive energy spread Heyuan!It was about the celebration, relatives and friends get together, inevitably play a few games mahjong Entertainment Entertainment.How to play mahjong can not lose it?Remember the following formulas on the line!Rather endure a thousand knives cut, not the first Hu.Each card carefully, the village also get silly.Flop eat border checkpoint, Mo eat two cards.Useful to catch Zhang, wait to break out.From the front of the card over, it is better to touch a.Eat also want to eat, clean the door is a big mistake.Playing cards from idle card, call Wind Quartet.Hand wind does not exceed two, after missing more unitary stay.Principle of non-shooting, family responsibilities facie.Gold, three silver and seven dangerous two hundred fifty-eight.Chicks can not play, a play that is both.Twenty-five hit eight demolition edges do not split card.East wind hit, do not hit the East fall.Ning homes Northeast, having left side three cake.No two laps unitary September, the ridge or in pairs.Unitary nine points to pull tight, rather lay Zhang.The three-hung Chang four of the seven with an eight.Wang Wang eat less touch, appropriate open play.Started to play with the cards, do not care at home.Playing at home ten thousand, will anti-twenty-five.Hu does not start, first cooked Zhang beat.Under playing three fifty thousand, and under forty-seven Mo Light.A p-hung Chang, to eat three light Mo.After the next play nine eight seven play carefully.There are seven underground difference, you see two eight.You should consider, nine can someone poor.Four Winds lack of wind, and you want to be in the hands of.See at least two rings, the head guard against open bar.Listen, though not too good, not trouble Zimo.Hu is a card chase smell good point shot.Although difficult to open the door, do you Qingtu.Will run a spit, grab players are wood.Hu is not good on the back, side slipped out of Ye Hao.Clip to readily, not solitary solitary Zhang.Do not hit even play free, single-edge difference sticky.Hu pull the most terrible, the door will be difficult.Since Zhuang Mo bigger, not bad Zimo.Stand up under the house brand, so that he can not let go.Zhuang four you do not three, is to prevent collusion.Look village is to save himself, can touch without delay.Bureau of tension in the center, two busy listening to Hu.Health Zhang Yi-point shot, but also anti-cooked Zhang.A first hit and two, three and six anti tight.Threatened fought Zhang, big hold in hand.Eat and do not eat the same brand mostly good.A tap do not touch, do not touch the big anti-unitary.Draw play fifty thousand, careful I and IV.Shen hit six 90,000 Hu did not rule the.Good cards card 9.28 can listen to the sports car.Hi again will dry town, the bar is open Zimo.Eat we should eat, we should be able to hit touch.Gun point does not matter, do not listen on life.High wealth luck, good cards to Zhang.Just entertainment, winning or losing is not important.The “playing mahjong formulas” is really no way out!Down, protect your hand Year mahjong hands are good cards!Graphic part of the video from the network, belongs to original author, if infringement please inform delete.Heyuan positive energy consolidate.Welcome rebellion (hot news, emergencies, tracing to find things, aspiration of the people) Call for Papers (video entertainment, health, health, education, emotional Essay) working micro letter: HYzhengnengliang1 more exciting, please click on the lower left corner read the original text!