1 sentence because the resignation proved that he was the new company refused to hire on the spot

1 sentence because the resignation proved that he was the new company refused to hire on the spot October 13, the usual day for the slow pace of Chengdu, neither something new nor old worries.HR Chen Li and go to work as usual punch.      R & D department a total of six people, three people have offered to resign.Dai Xiang came early in the morning programmer to leave prove.Chen Li very helpless, the company benefits is not very good, indeed owed to employees, but the thought of leaving them to concentrate yourself a big recruiting pressures, but also special emergency project, Chen Li mind is dissatisfied.So on leaving proof, Chen Li pay more sentence: employees in the completion of the project is not to apply to resign for personal reasons.      Both expressed their dissatisfaction, but truthfully the reason for leaving.Chen Li, his mind suddenly flashed word – perfect.So come up with the company seal, cover up.      Unexpected is that it is such a departure prove Chen Li, so wear Xiang has lost a good job talk.   Anger from Dai Xiang due to leave proof of lost my job so easy to think of himself wearing Xiang got the proof departure.In the company only spent half a year, poor corporate office environment, it has not to buy the fund, and particularly the work, say good increase in manpower has been slow to implement.      Xiang did not want to wear long.      October 9 he submitted resignation applications, think of October 10 and then to the company, the boss took away the server would not let him work again.The departure was both scratchy and happy to do, even the transfer of work do not have the.Dai Xiang heart is ten thousand happy.      However, Dai Xiang get too excited.He took leave to prove in the new company reported, when he was rejected.The new company’s human resources, on the resignation of proof Dai Xiang gave him drew focus: Well, just leave the project unfinished, so programmers, we dare to ah!      Dai Xiang also depressed than the Lone Ranger on the North-South Elevated traffic control: seen losing work, but I have never seen so lost, I refused to accept.      So go with the original company Dai Xiang tear force, his departure proved posted on the company’s original glass, names, positions were all made public.It can be said out of anger.         Chen Li forced from ignorant of the fact that I wrote is how the original company HR Chen Li was angry, kindly opened the resignation proves that the company went to the trouble of what?I wrote the truth, do not let say?      The amount, it seems really not to say.      According to article 24 of the “Labor Contract Law Implementation Regulations”: release issued by the employer to prove that the termination of labor contracts, labor contracts shall indicate the period, the date of dissolution or termination of labor contracts, jobs, work experience in the unit.That these four content provided by law must be stated in.      Chen Li wrote that the project is not completed on What kind of leave?      Coincidentally, this column belong to the forbidden items resignation proved, that this is the proof must not leave written.According to Article III of the “employment promotion law”, workers enjoy equal employment law and the right to choose their own jobs.If workers have negative information removed, terminated contract proof in the records, then the job will violate the principle of equality, resulting in loss of employment or reduction of workers.From the perspective of the protection of rights and interests of workers, the employer should not be issued by the departure record to prove unfavorable labor matters.      Employees serious violation of discipline, was expelled from the company, and leadership tear force, cheating with colleagues.As long as this kind of information unfavorable to employees, leaving proof can not write.      But Chen Li wrote that Zezheng?      According to Article 50 of the “Labor Contract Law”, 89 provides that the employer is not legally issued proof of departure, or ordered by the labor administrative department to make corrections, or liable.      Turnover prove Chen Li Dai Xiang has caused lost his job, so it seems, the company ultimately bear the consequences of a sum of money, and even the invoices are not received.   To do things well at the same time a good mood must take possession of such errors in fact Chen Li, may also be guilty of a lot of HR.We are the first man, who was not a little too emotional?      But every HR need to remember is: Do not let emotional ruin your professional degree.Add a word or two in the departure proof, the look is not a big problem, but in fact does not seem HR professional, even the basic knowledge of the law are lacking.      There was a small sink colleague, ability, professional enough, the problem is not small sinks often ask her, she simply mastermind HR department, leadership spoil, gradually hold only Alwutech, often colleagues pick nose horizontal vertical hypercritical I remember one time a colleague asked a simple question of Excel, the result was she asked aloud so simple you have to ask people?Colleagues direct red in the face.And often do not give leadership face, there are several meetings Guoshu when school leaders arranged for her to move, she immediately complained to travel too hard, not subsidies, both leaders get down too.Later, although she strong expertise, but gradually and no one is willing to work with her, after all, who do not want to be hate.      Originally an outstanding HR, because it is too emotional, become unpopular, was also isolated the.      Everyone will have emotions, but can not control the mood to see a person of accomplishment.In particular HR, must respond within the company and outside the company all kinds of people, a lot of troublesome thing every day, but if easy emotional, both for employees or outsiders are detrimental to the company’s image.      Even then emotional, but also not to mention the emotional words, but do not do emotional things.Chen Li, such as disgruntled employees leave, leave on a very simple sentence to pay more to prove, but the company has to pay a lot of money in damages, this account how to count not worth the.      -END- Finally, to be a fast hardware HR, where small exchange recommendation of course, you have to try to understand it.Course covers all aspects of performance pay, performance management, partnership system, qualifications, etc., to help you become a professional HR.Course schedule follows the lower left corner registration, please click on the article read the original text. Read the original stamp, you can register