In Love With The Dead / Starcrossed

The agreement in this world is just an oath. Passing flowers pass by you, but the story after that is only dust to dust and soil to soil. The morning when the dream wakes up is a warm sunshine, bright and soft. After so many years of silent love for you, I finally chose to leave and give up. Since the process and the end have come, I will go on pestering and even feel greedy for myself.. Preface 1 For a long time, we just talked about love in the virtual world of the Internet.   At that time, we met in a chat room. Your net name is’ desert solitary smoke’, my name is’ smoke past’.   Originally, I was already past the age of the moon, and I was no longer young, nor did I dare to hope for love. But your appearance is like a bay of cheerful streams pouring into a backwater, and my life has been rough ever since.   You said, I am like an ancient woman, tender and talented.   I said, your talent, your wisdom like a rope, has firmly tied me up.   At that time, with your company, I was very happy and happy, like a girl from seed of love. Although, I know, there are too many deceptions in this virtual world. However, you make me feel safe and warm. You won’t explore my past and I won’t explore your future. We are like two fish stranded in a shallow puddle, suddenly thinking of the word’ mutual exposure’, but the person who has mutual exposure with me is not you! And the woman who respects you like a guest is not me.     Second, since we can’t talk to each other, we have to forget about the Jianghu..   The years passed gradually, but I was more and more sad.   I have asked you more than once, what would you do if I left one day? At that time, my tears fell on the keyboard drop by drop, and I seemed to hear the sound of a broken heart flap.. Do you know?? Since I met you, I have become a woman who has fallen for love, and I have never been killed again..   Seeing your bloodshot eyes because of staying up late in the night in the video, I began to have a heart-wrenching pain. I heard that when you drive to northeast China to handle a case, I always worry for no apparent reason, fearing that the snow road will slip. I heard that there was something wrong with your heart, and I began to pray silently for you … Ah, all my joys and sorrows were touched for you alone, even though we never met, even though we were far away from Qian Shan..   You told me that you like singing ” Special love, special you, my loneliness can not escape your eyes .”.   I said, I love singing” crying sand”,” you are my most bitter waiting, making me happy and afraid of the future … ” I know we all sing with our hearts.   At that time, my mobile phone was open for you all day and all night, for fear of missing a phone call and a message from you.   At that time, I became a woman with a soft heart and a knot in everything. I wrote so many pathos for you, and in those years when the prosperity did not come to an end, I opened a flower for the end of time..   Me and you, just like this, started a period of spiritual love in Perra’s schema.     Three once wanted to leave countless times, leaving the network to leave you. However, can I really forget you?   I haven’t heard from you for a long time. My sky is suddenly overcast with clouds and thunder and lightning. I like a madman, keep calling your mobile phone, but you like into thin air, no longer have any contact with me. In those days, my heart was hollowed out and I became a walking corpse.   Loneliness, confusion, silence and sadness are accustomed to churning and rotating over and over again in this cycle. You suddenly left, my world was dark.   Finally, on a sleepless night, I waited for your message: ” For a long time, there have been many words to say to you, but I don’t know how to say them, for fear of getting too deep into each other and hurting you, so I chose silence.”! Can you understand my good intentions? This is because I care about you! ‘ At that moment, brimming with the tangle of heart pain, let tears roll freely in my heart with a smile.   It turns out that you care about me and always care about me!   However, we have already separated two parallel lines of love. Happiness will also have a deadline.   I used to think these happy moments would be forever, but at the moment when you decided to turn around and leave, the feeling was slowly settling down and then disappearing bit by bit, and the rest of the memories related to yesterday were also reduced to pieces.. The moment of happiness was suddenly brought to an end, and the feeling of fragmentation came so strong and turbulent..   Remember you said: I hope I can be happy whenever I want. But, can you? If life is just like the beginning, if it is possible, I would rather pretend to be happy in that virtual space.   From then on, I can also sing farewell songs for whom, say love words to whom, and write Tianya to whom?   I really love you, close my eyes and think I can forget, but the tears I shed have not deceived me.    Four or three hairs said: Some people’s love is only a kind of’ mood at that time’. & shy; If the other party mistook this mood for a long-term love, it would be naive in itself. & shy; But I believe you are serious. I have wanted to see you n times over the years, but you rejected it n times. When I heard your invitation last time, my heart was already dead and bloodless..   I don’t blame you, really, it’s better to miss each other in life!   Just, when I am alone in the beautiful scenery of Beidaihe, I will still miss you unconsciously, thinking of our once – agreed, colorful memories, always clear and vague again and again . Ah, everything is just passing by. I have only one person to collect the passing scenery. We are like the other shore flowers, the roots and stems can never be connected. Just, the year round cardamom, who once promised who to the end of time?   For several years, we have always divided and merged on the Internet. Now, when I see your button image flickering, my heart is calm like water, and I can’t afford any micro – rings. Those withered days finally buried all my true love for you, and we became the most familiar strangers.   Now that you have become strangers, meeting is just a booze!   Waiting for you, wishing to say and stop, can only listen to your distant and beautiful songs in the wind.   Your net name is ” lovesickness in the wind and rain”, but am I your forever lovesickness in this life?   I once gave you a piece of green soil. Can you return me a piece of blue sky?   Love goes deep without complaint!   Liu Ruoying’s song rang out from the ears: ” Want to ask if you dare to love me as you said.”! Want to ask if you dare, crazy for love like me! 5′ because of love, so compassion; & shy; Because of understanding, tolerance. & shy; I want to draw a game of life and death and write an ending for our story.   But the story has no ending.   I think I love you, from the beginning to the end without ending. No matter how time and space flow, my love will grow old with the years until it turns white. Love you, give you all the beauty of my life, then exit and let the kaleidoscope shine your eyes.   I often wonder what a person would look like if he lost his memory? Can you really forget those heartbreaking things?   So forget, will it be like an empty spirit again?   Pain, tired, close your eyes and see two drops of glittering and translucent liquid flow out. When you touch it with your finger, it falls all over the floor. In the end, love dearly in life. Seeks into the bone marrow.   The night is cool, the light is dim, the ambiguity is cleared up, and the strike is tactful … Ah, perhaps this life can only be recalled again and again, missed again and again, cried again and again, and grieved again and again in this cycle..