Hot kang

In recent years, we have all returned to our mother’s home for the New Year.. The most obvious difference between living in my mother’s house and ours is that there is a hot kang, which is the most pleasant place for cultivators.. Every time I go home, my parents will burn the kang hot for fear that we will be cold.   In the countryside, there is a saying that ” three acres of land, a cow, a wife and children are hot kang”, which is what the peasants yearned for in their life at that time.. Hot kang is also one of the happy lives. In the countryside, there is a habit of visiting and touching the kang to see if it is hot or not. Hot shows that the family is enjoying a good life. If the kang is as cold as the edge of the kang, that means the family can’t even burn firewood..   In winter, when you fall asleep at night, there are old people and children, so the hot kang will have to be handed over to them. It can also be said that this hot kang is equivalent to a sitting room seat. For example, if relatives or neighbors come to visit, the host must get up and give up the hot kang, or let the children playing on the hot kang move into the kang and let the guests sit on the kang, often the guests will only sit on the edge of the kang politely, and the host will continue to persuade the guests to sit inside politely, warm inside and full of warmth in the salutation..   The kang is not only a top seat, but also has many advantages.   The farmer worked in the field all day long, tired and tired, just lying on the hot kang, tired and tired, and then got up and went to work the next morning..   When we were young, we came back from the snowman and snowball fight outside and put our red-hot little hands inside the quilt of the hot kang, causing the frozen fingers to heat up quickly. At first, they felt a little painful and then numb. After a while, the little hands will be at the same temperature as the kang..   The kang is also a good place for women to talk about everyday life. Niang, two and three, sat on the hot kang, sometimes talking about peanuts and melon seeds or apples while eating, the changes in the village, the Zhang family and the Li family, the mother’s family and the husband’s family, seemed to have endless topics.. Sitting on the hot kang, he could not sit down for a while. He used his hands alternately to pad under his buttocks, and his hands were also hot and red. That was not willing to leave the hot kang, even going to the toilet.. Once you leave, the temperature of the body suddenly drops and the body is quenched, and you can’t wait to return to the hot kang immediately..   Sometimes, I also use the hot kang to make hair noodles, and give birth to sprouts and garlic sprouts. Because of the high temperature and the change of water every day, high garlic sprouts, green and oily sprouts and bright buds can grow in a few days, and it is tempting to look at them..   Now there is no hot kang in the building. Although the temperature in the house is still warm as spring, the bed is cool. Although there are electric plates, I think it is only the temperature of electricity. At this time, I always think of the hot kang in my home, which has the temperature of affection on it. That’s afraid of how tired and uncomfortable you are. As soon as you touch it, the warm affection will surround you and make you feel warm, like a mother’s arms..   Hot kang, let a person feel affection, it embodies the love and warmth.   Oh, my warm hot kang, carrying generations of relatives, has also nurtured our descendants, and we always remember it in our hearts.