CCB into the rental housing market, said 10,000 or so a month tenant "bag check"

  Pangxiu Sheng is as expressed above in the banking regular press conference held the same day。 He said that the bank is applying the financial strength to explore multi-channel, market-oriented means to develop the housing rental business。 In early November 2017, the bank Foshan, Guangdong, Shenzhen and other national rental housing pilot cities launched a related business, became the first to enter the housing rental market of large state-owned Bank of China, and achieved good market response。
  According to reports, China Construction Bank is actively create integrated Internet housing rental service platform, which includes supervision services, corporate leasing, share applications, public rental monitoring and analysis systems, throughout the housing leasing the entire process, will serve regulatory agencies, real estate companies, specialized housing rental agencies, real estate agencies and individuals subject。
  Pangxiu Sheng said that as of late February, the bank has more than 300 prefecture-level administrative region in China and over the signing of a cooperation agreement on the above platform。
Among them, the bank cooperated with Wuhan, Fuzhou and other governments to build more than 180 housing rental services regulatory system; in Beijing, Shenzhen and other places to build 200 housing lease transaction service system for businesses, individuals。   It is worth noting that China's current shortage of the number of troubled housing rental market is a major pain point is not home, but both listings underutilized。
  In this regard Pangxiu Sheng said he hoped to achieve interoperability through infrastructure housing rental market, mobilize and organize all the subject and available for lease listings entering the market。
He disclosed that as of now, the CCB housing rental platform has accumulated 120,000 sets of on-line listing, and successfully million units for rent。 "We are confident that this year 10,000 a month so that tenants realize 'Bag Check' in the house CCB platform released。