Hanging in the night sky, thinking of your heart

When the sunset gradually lengthens the figure, the evening quietly devours the shadow, when the cold wind sweeps past with weeping raindrops, and when the night slowly falls into silence, I inadvertently think of you again. Don’t ask me what reminds me of you, don’t ask me why I remember you, because I can’t say a word. Perhaps there is no reason to worry about Ben, or there is no reason to say that.     Let yourself sit on the cloud, look down, stare, look for your trace, and want to feel your existence. However, looking all over the world, interspersed with the vast sea of people, I never felt you. In the end, are you and me so short – lived? Are you and me so fragile? Like clouds and fog, a heart has no solid feeling, and hangs in the sky, letting the wind blow and rain, letting the night devour, just to care about you..     Time, little by little blowing in the wind; Emotions, a little bit of flying with time; Worry seems to run counter to each other, gradually increasing with the alternation of day and night.. Still want to ask, is that not to let me miss you, or did you ever pay attention to let me appreciate it? Did you reject me in a short letter, or did you and I not belong to the same world? Are you holding my sleeve with your tears, or do you keep me with your wordless thoughts? Accustomed to being surrounded by apathy, accustomed to facing loneliness, accustomed to silence behind the world, I refrained from the unspeakable thoughts in my heart, severely repressed and heartache buried them.     Turn on the computer, reread your letters, and gradually fill your heart with sadness. Looking at the moving between the lines of a paragraph, it gradually turned into a cold and light piece of speech, with a melancholy and emptiness that welled up in my mind.. I wanted to write a letter to you, but I was speechless for a long time.. Not unwilling to share joys and sorrows with you, not unwilling to support each other with you. I don’t know what to say to you. Your silence has overwhelmed me. Your indifference makes me doubt myself; However, the care you once gave me, let me not let you down. I can’t let go of your concern. All of a sudden, I found that I didn’t really know enough about you.     If it is said that you are destined to pass by, then I would rather choose never to meet you, because I can’t stand the pain of losing. If it is said that everything is fate, then it has played tricks on me again. I thought I had found a place to live and relied on, but it turned out to be just a mirage..     The years run over by time have left much to be desired and lost. Between the brow, always locked head thousand mood. Pinglan leans on the window and quietly looks at the raindrops falling out of the window, thinking of the wind, spreading out his hands and blowing out a string of instructions in the wind, hoping that the wind can pass through time and space and be sent to you remotely..     Perhaps, I should not have appeared in your life. Perhaps you should not have replied to my letter. Perhaps, God only wants me to experience quiet inside and let me have no desire and no need. Perhaps this is just a nightmare. But I think, after a storm comes a calm, rainbow will surely appear, although it is just a flash of splendor, but it will remain in my heart forever, just like the footprints you left behind, and will not retreat forever..