The sky was gray, like an old garment. The tall building in front is also gray, just like the sky. As for the mountains farther away, there is no trace at all, let alone any hint of greenery.   When you go out in the morning, listen to the car radio and say tomorrow is first frost. In this way, today’s sudden cooling and smog is also the foreshadowing of a very suitable situation..   The air was chilly, with some dew, and occasionally a few drops of sparse branches slid playfully into the neck, prompting a burst of excitement, which was supposed to be lamented: ” Why is it so cold?”? Winter is coming, isn’t it?! ‘ Say that finish and pull the collar again for fear of such” luck” coming.   Fortunately, it is only a few tens of meters away and quickly opens the calendar on the mobile phone after leaving at a brisk pace.. Oh, it turned out that only half a month after first frost, it was winter!   What is winter like? What kind of frost flower is it? I forgot a little. Speaking, I was too forgetful to pass the past three years in the south, but even the winter in my hometown has been forgotten..   It’s still early to go to work, and I can’t help but start remembering intermittently.   I have never seen snow in my memory. At most, it was only a few Bo Xue events in college. In addition to the grass on the branches, there was hardly any sign of snow coming.. Ha ha . ah, it was really rare and expensive. remember it was midnight when it snowed. even the lights in the bedroom were off. suddenly a loud exclamation was heard from outside: ” it snowed.”! ‘ the scene, now want to still is funny!   A large group of southern girls, dressed in thick pajamas and wearing furry slippers, burst out of loudaokou in all directions for a while.. The yellow street lamps halo out one aperture after another, and that circle becomes the stage of snowflakes.!   All around are branches, dark, and don’t see any beauty. As a result, groups of girls gathered under the lamppost like moths, lifted their heads, held their mobile phones and looked at the stars in the halo, but they were still excited, screaming and jumping! This, is about the children of the south?   As for frost, it was seen several times, but not often. Wrapped in a quilt at night, they huddled together and slept in a daze. When you woke up again in a daze, you could see a piece of snow-white on the hay outside the window.. Give it a sigh of relief, or you can have a close skin contact with it. And then?? Ha ha, always giggling happily, calling friends greets everyone to come and see, ” you see! What an air! Not at all! ‘ colleagues in the office came one after another, and thoughts could not go on. Casual look, some people are wearing single clothes and some have already worn coats. Some people are still wearing silk stockings, while others have already put on thick pants … Ah, this weather is really a bit elusive.!   ‘ Now the weather is getting more and more strange, and I don’t know what to wear. A complaint has attracted the collective discussion of the whole office. I finally have some consolation in my heart. I don’t blame me for leaving too long, but climate change is getting bigger and bigger.!   Looked up and looked out of the window again. It was still a grey one. There was no change and there was no intention of opening a new day.. Sitting silently in his position and thinking about it carelessly, he still remembered that in recent winter he had passed with only a shirt and an accessory coat.. Recalling the row of clothes in the wardrobe, I couldn’t help fidgeting.   Why did he go back to his hometown, but he did not feel well?   At that time there was no solution, and I was even less willing to admit that I was the one who had taken the whole family home with all my heart and soul, recording it untidily, and waiting for another day to find a solution..