Flowers are dreaming

The howling spring breeze blew all night last night, making it difficult for me to get a good night’s sleep. At dawn, the wind is still in uproar, and the iron gates that are not fastened are still playing with the wind’ crash’ and’ wind song’.   Opened the door and saw the chaos everywhere: the broken branches and tender heads lay on the ground in disorder and weakness, tearing the broken green leaves and tumbling with pain, the blown petals rolled with dust, and all kinds of plastic bags from different places, dancing as if they were evil..   This is the heaviest wind since spring. It has been blowing aggressively since last night and is gaining momentum.. It tore off yesterday’s tender veil and hung a grim and cold face in the dark night.. Watching, a cold rain will come with the chill wind.   Gently stroking the peony petals wrapped in red silk embroidery, the scenes of the day appeared in front of my eyes . Ah, the wind was raging wildly in the courtyard with my beloved peony flowers.. Patches of tender twigs and leaves struggle in the wind, and patches of petals wander involuntarily in the empty courtyard. Seeing peony so miserable, my heart ached like a worm bite. I chased up and down the wind, picking up the falling petals piece by piece.   In the evening of the day before yesterday, I still sat quietly in front of the peony bush, admiring her wanton exuberance, thinking about the pomp of ” moving the capital in the blooming season”, imagining her noble charm of ” a clump of dark flowers, ten families of people giving” and pondering the unprecedented prosperity and extraordinary bearing she brought to Datang. She allowed the lyricist’s works to bloom with rich and beautiful quatrains, and she allowed the colorful magic ink of painters to be fixed in the sunny weather month, and she made Li Guinian and Wang Rixin’s Zhu Qin Jun manage and manage..   I turned on my mobile phone and photographed her charming and charming appearance. I also followed the example of poets and ci poetry and gave her my heartfelt praise: ” Peony Ode” is fresh and green, and the most provocative is Peony Red..   When the branches are purple and Yan, they have lusts. Yan Yan listens to music in a beautiful day..   I also recall the scene of enjoying peony from the morning of the day before yesterday, and the difficult poetic quality was permeated at the end of the writing: ” Qingping Music.”. In the morning, the bird sang in a clear tone while enjoying the early morning light of peony[ sic ].   Natural and graceful day sweet contains spring smile, graceful and amazing grass.   Last year, Aochun was fragrant, while Zimo Green Path was fragrant.   Today, the country is still in full swing, the splendid dance is drunk in spring. ‘ I picked up my mobile phone and proudly invited my friends to come to my house for’ Peony Banquet’.   Who knows, peony today is like this.   Looking at these unpolished and shrinking petals in his hand, he lamented and lamented that the bite of the apex worm was intensifying and intensifying…   In the past, the peony that was delicate and charming and bright on the branches was already out of style. She was ravaged by the cold wind in the dust and torn between the broken branches of the residual leaves..   ‘ Flowers and flowers fly all over the sky. Who has pity on the red and fragrant flowers?’. With Dai Yu’s participation in the funeral of flowers and songs, filar silk mourning lingered on my fingertips picking up petals.. As if, I saw a weak girl with a lotus hoe and a face full of Qi Rong coming slowly towards me from the depths of the flower forest..   Youth is easy to die, but youth is hard to stay. Life is short and fate is hard to predict. Why don’t you teach the crimson pearl fairy to come from it, tears streaming down her face.   ‘ How long can bright and bright be, once adrift, hard to find?’. Good times are always so short that even the heavenly emperor with divine power cannot be redeemed.. The prosperity when flowers bloom is so limitless, ” the arrogant state of the” horseshoe disease ” in the spring breeze is wantonly under the bright blue sky, the” sky is high and birds fly, the sea is broad and fish leap ” and the” grand figure ” is roughly flying on the branches,” bright red and purple ” is bold and unrestrained with” boundless future ”, brimming with” boundless enthusiasm and publicity ” and” a red flower ” is wantonly flowing in the spring scenery..   ‘ Suddenly a sudden night rain came and the branches were busy with thousands of empty flowers.”. The spirits of the past were lost in the unexpected cold wind and rain, followed by long silence and suffering. By flowers and people, you can not let Xiao Xiang’s concubines feel sorry for yourself?   ‘ If the brocade bag is not filled with colourful bones, a single piece of pure land will cover up the romantic love.”. The flowers are buried under the hoe not only because they are red, but also because of Miss Lin’s spring and spring years, her beautiful dream and her ill-fated life.. I remember when I attended the funeral of flowers and chants in the previous reading, I was sad about Dai Yu’s miserable fate and wrote this song to attend the night reading.<葬花吟> >: a few lines read with cold stars and dry tears in Langyuan.   Only when I heard the cold pond singing lonely cranes did I see the spring flowers all over the sky.   Xiaoxiang cold rain empty thoughts, pear white pink cage clouds.   A wisp of night wind rolls up fairy yuan, half – curved eyebrows and candles are broken.   As I pick up the petals one by one, I listen to Miss Lin’s sad songs… Cherish the flowers in spring, lament the fate, and praise Dai jade alone? The wind is rustling and flowers are blooming. In the twilight, a melancholy man who was flying in his attire came from Mangshan. He frowned and gazed on the fence. He tried his best to penetrate the waters of Qian Shan, see the carved railing of Lianfeng and see the spring flowers and autumn moon in Jinling, but what he saw was the fallen leaves and flying red of Zhong Feng. The former Jade Pavilion of Qionglou has been buried in the wind and sand all over the sky. The lush red flowers have become yesterday’s old dream and a curtain of loneliness has been rolled down in the bleak night wind.. Time flies and things are hard to predict. There is no alternative but to spend time with the old spring scenery..   ‘ Lin Hua thanked Chunhong, too hastily, but came late to the cold rain.Cochineal tears, stay drunk, when heavy, naturally people grow to hate Shuichangdong. ‘ A sad song laments the sadness of the spring and the participation in the meeting regulations laments in the bleak cold wind and sighs … ‘ Red is the easiest way to hurt people and remember who is forbidden by elegance? Jinling Red Mansion provoked tears, and the rain beat the wine after the third watch. Don’t say that miss Lin, who was already dying, even a generation of’ eternal word emperor’ is hard to defeat the sad situation of falling red in the cold wind and rain, not to mention I am a common man?   I carefully picked up the petals that were mixed in the broken branches of the residual leaves one by one, and tears welled up in my eyes unconsciously.. Am I sad about the fallen flowers or lamenting the crimson pearl fairy and ” eternal emperor”? Also, not at all. Anyone who sees the peony petals falling in the dust today will feel the same way as I do. Because peony is in people’s mind a shining flower god, a goddess that cannot be blasphemed, and an irreplaceable ” queen in flowers”. A song by Jiang Dawei to participate in the Peony Regulations has already taken root in my heart: ” Ah, Peony, the brightest among the hundred flowers, Ah, Peony, the most spectacular among the incense countries .” I always thought Peony will always be bright and spectacular, but today I saw that she still has such an unacceptable ending..   I think, pick up . Ah.   Flowers have life, and every carrier of life will experience a dull and vigorous life experience. This experience is either short-lived or long – term; Or smooth brilliant, or difficult and difficult. Flowers are like this, people are like this. I really want to wipe away tears, walk into the red chamber, hold Miss Lin’s hand, explain my feeling to her, let her live again smartly, walk into our new era, and see how the awakened new women choose their own life and control their own destiny.. I also want to dream back to Dasong and hold a lamp with absolute beauty’s Latter Ruler in the Cloud Pavilion to look closely at the scenery in the wind and rain.. Leaving aside the mournful tone of the word, I came to the rhyme of ” falling red is not a heartless thing, turning into spring mud to protect flowers”. The horizontal flute is flying red, playing a high-pitched flute song ” rolling in the east of the Yangtze River”.   The wind is tighter, the haze is thicker, and a chill wind with cold rain is about to come on the scene . Ah, on the peony branches where the petals have fallen out, I saw a bunch of fluffy little green fruits huddled together, swaying rustling haze against the dusk wind on the thick green calyx . Ah, plumes of quietly elegant fragrance are in my hands.. I sniffed softly, as if I had seen the broken bridge outside the post station, and stood a lonely man with a firm eye. He also thought in the wind and rain, like me, with a few petals of mud – stained flowers in his hand.. ‘ It’s still as sweet as falling into mud and grinding into dust”, honorable flower soul. The flowers are all natural, so should people.   I won’t worry or fear about the cold rain in the Ming Dynasty.   I found silk thread and red silk cloth and made a delicate embroidered bag. Carefully put the peony petals in it and hang them on my bedside.   Every night in my sleep, there will always be a wisp of fragrance to accompany me through spring, summer, autumn and winter … ah.   ( On April 18, 2013, the grass was planted late at night. )