Eye and eye movement

The common complaint about husband and wife bickering is that the man said he blamed himself for having spent his time looking for you, an unconscious woman, and that he has achieved nothing so far. The woman said that she blamed herself for falling eyelashes and being blind” eight eyes” married you a worthless loser. She didn’t look like a zongzi when she picked it up and spread it out like a zongzi.. Noisy to noisy, whining to whining, small days still live the same day after day. alas! What’s the way, all have children, the children are still young, always not say break it off, say break it off?!     As the saying goes, ” Men are afraid of getting into the wrong line and daughters are afraid of marrying the wrong man.”. It’s easy for a man to go wrong, but he can also constantly grope for correction. If the north wall doesn’t work, it can be Vietnam wall, and if the west doesn’t shine, it can brighten the east.. Just walked many curved roads, many more ordeals and frustrations. However, it is not easy for my daughter to marry the wrong husband, so I can’t go with Zhang San this year, Li Si next year and Wang Er Pockmarked the following year.. So as a daughter, I don’t know how hard it is to feel wronged..     Going out of sight is definitely a mistake and a mistake. Going out of sight is definitely a wise and intelligent thing. Going to the eye is shallow and ignorant, and going to the eye is knowledge and experience. Eye contact is credulity and prejudice, and eye contact is experience and cultivation.     In fact, eyes and eyes are always closely related to our daily life: shopping, buying houses, buying and selling, trading, choosing friends, choosing spouse, surfing the Internet, working and employing, etc. We spent a lot of money buying a leather garment from the store. After wearing it, it was either a fault here or a crack there. When we found that it wasn’t a leather garment, we couldn’t find the store’s theory.. It was real gold and silver that was spent, but it was fake and shoddy that was bought home.. You said this irritating not irritating! You said this love dearly does not love dearly!     Therefore, the ancients warned us long ago that there is something wrong to buy and nothing wrong to sell in the world. Businessmen, ghosts and spirits, blame ourselves for not having long eyes and looking away. As a result, we have to’ eat a grain of salt and grow a grain of salt’. Making a good friend will make people feel refreshed and benefit for life. On the other hand, if you meet a friend who is in trouble, your future will be bleak, your life and career will suffer or even be a great loss, and if you don’t do well, your family may die … ah, in view of this: how sad and terrible it is to go out of sight! How delightful and valuable the eyes are. I have heard a joke from others. After a happy young couple were in bed warmly, my husband asked his wife why you had decided to follow me regardless of the opposition of the family. My wife gave me a cheap answer. I was silly to see the right eye. Ah, it’s fate to cross the eye, but it’s out of the question to cross the eye. Eyes are focused and eyes are careless. Eyes are bright stars, eyes are bad luck. A gentleman was walking around the antique market in the east and west, playing with an ancient flower porcelain vase in his hand, and the seller encouraged him to buy it when he saw that he liked it or not.. Those who cross the eyes will recognize the true and false, spend a small amount of money to pick up the ” big leak”, and those who walk away from the eyes will ruin their strength and think that they have found rare treasures.. ( In this case, there is no shortage of people in this world who have sold it wrongly. ) Carpenter master used Mo Dou to mark the eyes, and the finished woodwork will be tenoned and beautiful. Otherwise, if the eyes narrow and play, the mean advocate will call him ” prostrate.”. The crowd is boundless. Unmarried men and women often concentrate on looking for their own partner. Once they find out who is cross – eyed, if they are married to Qin Jin, it will be the fate of the past generation.. If you accidentally mess up the mandarin duck and cause the flames to go up and down, you will only end up dark scold yourself for being blind’ eight eyes’, and you will be greatly blinded . ah