[ Editor’s Note ]; Based on a simple artistic conception, there is a profound truth behind it. How many twilight and vicissitudes of life have one’s life gone through?. The meticulous brushwork and the leisurely feeling are awe – inspiring.! Good! Greeting the author; Looking forward to more contributions from the author![ recommended reading ][ original ]dusk, through the narrow alley.   I put earplugs in my ears and set the volume to the maximum. Sometimes I always get used to it, walking on the road, in the dead of night and when I don’t want to talk … Ah, I always put earplugs in my ears and set the volume to the maximum.. I hope that in this limited time, I will have my own peace.     Once again, the old days were reversed, three years ago.   This is the case in your life. In your limited life, you always do something unconsciously. In fact, you didn’t mean to do it at that time. Yes, it’s time to go out for a walk.. A voice cried out in the heart: go out and go out.   I am an unconscious person and have always been very unconscious. Clearly planned things, but don’t want to do it at that time. Clearly planned trips are too lazy to start at that time. Even if they start, they can’t find the feeling and mood at that time.. When the mood also has, the feeling also has, but does not have the time. So in these time has not started.     Today’s dusk is peaceful and noisy.   Walking in the noisy crowd, people come and go, and traffic flows constantly.   The red light in front is on, and the green light is on again for a while … Ah, I just looked at the front and looked at the red light green..   It’s not dark yet, but the sunset is gone.   Took a turn and walked on. All of a sudden, I don’t know if I’m going to keep going like this, or whether I’m going to stay here for a moment, or whether I’m going to turn around and leave..   Next to the road are all fallen leaves, dark yellow, dry and decayed . Ah, there is no place for people to stay, as if to refuse my unexpected guest thousands of miles away..   It’s disappointing to see these things.   It’s less lively, less youthful . Ah, all that remains now is that forest, that flower and grass. The leaves are luxuriant and the flowers are open. People come and go, but no one stops to see all this. Maybe it’s just like me, a little disappointed, or it’s dusk, and they are all rushing back to their small homes..     How far to go, I asked myself in my heart, but there was no answer. This road is not long, but I don’t want to go on in such a moment. It seems a bit of a mockery and abandonment.   Standing on the rotten leaves, those who want to refuse me thousands of miles away, go to the other side of the tree. In fact, this forest is not large, and on its right is a path and sidewalk. On the left is the highway, Mercedes Benz, Santana … Ah, all on this highway, shuttling between the cities.   The music in the ear still has a little sadness, leaning against the tree. At the moment I don’t know what I can do, or just stand still like this. On the other side of the road is the golf course, National Treasure Building . Ah, neon red lights are obviously a little pale there.   I looked at all this in a daze.   Watching the bus stop and go, watching the shiny cars gallop past one by one, and the Qing Jie workers from work riding bicycles are driving back, it seems a bit out of proportion in this road.   This is the case in this city. These cleaners and factory girls . Ah, in their eyes, they are so inconspicuous that no one noticed them.. It’s like the ones in the office building wrapped in the numbing souls under the straight suits.. Yes, they may have become numb and numb to these things.     On the edge of the tree, I am looking for the lost time and the sound … but none of this is left.   A voice was heard on the way back, but it was weird. Although the volume was very loud, it was still heard. I kept looking back, the voice seemed to be beside me, but when I looked back, I didn’t have anything. But that is by no means an illusion, but a real voice. I am a curious person. But at this moment, it is not because of my curiosity, but a kind of expectation, a kind of final expectation. So I looked back at each step, though the sound was weird.When I walked the short road and headed home, where did the sound come from and who did it? I don’t know anything.[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe ]