Different places are sad

I think when I left my hometown, the autumn of September was just right, the drizzle was drizzling in the dim sky, and the vegetation around the mountain withered.. I started a long journey alone, carrying a heavy bag, without any words from friends, without a farewell from relatives, only a long, narrow and winding path behind me, thus leaving my hometown for friends who have lived together all day and night.. It is hard to avoid feeling a little lonely and helpless in my heart, and feeling a kind of sadness of wandering in my life.     Xu Shisheng was born with a sentimental physique, leaving her hometown for a long time with a strong homesickness in her heart.. Now it’s the end of autumn, the mountains in the country are already withered, and naturally it’s a scene of depression.. When I saw this scene in a different place, I couldn’t help thinking of the bamboo forest that accompanied me through my childhood, maple trees with red leaves like fire, and the smoke from cooking fires.? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. Communication / attachment / search. Junior Professional Officers? kW type = 0 & keyword = + % C1 % F4′ target =’ _ blank’ > nostalgia?a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. com / sanwenzhuanti / 2010 / 0120 / 15630. Html’ target =’ _ blank’ > happy laughter from relatives under the ancient banyan tree in the evening at home. Every time I think about this, my depressed and sentimental character reminds me of the miserable condition of wandering away and doing nothing over the years, and the grievances of ridicule, insults, threats and even being expelled as a thorn in the side, I cannot help but burst into tears and regret that I should not have gone away from home..     So I often spend my life alone in my limited space, and only when I pick up the writing brush in my hand can I have a calm mood, or pick up the piccolo to play some old songs and ballads, so that I can pour out my infinite worries.. Imagine working hard at the beginning and trying to make your limited ability contribute a sincere and untimely effort to the foreign country, but in the end it was only sarcasm, ridicule and even relegation.. In this way, hypocritical faces have taught me that life is not easy, and I have really learned how to be eloquent, what to preserve our sanity, and what to sell our friends for glory, and gradually began to learn to stay away or escape..     In a short time, I began to fall in love with going to the woods and mountain to sit and fish, and I often stayed away from the noise of the city and the noise of voices all by myself after work.. Walking through the willow smoke in the morning, find a quiet place to quietly watch the canal water slowly, flowing water leisurely, and the birds and flowers in the countryside, the picture shows the quiet overflow and warmth. Listening to the melody of the flowing water flowing through the mountain stream and the rhythm of the wind blowing through the bamboo forest, an indescribable peace and peace rose in my heart.     Alone in the mountains is as warm as being in my long-lost hometown. All the cares and thoughts are thrown behind me, not angry, not resentful, not sad, not seeking splendor, not seeking surprise, not flattering, not to mention looking at the faces of others.. This may be another way of life in my rough years.     Think of Lu Shang, a sage in ancient times, who fished along the river for dozens of years before being cited by wise men, and gave full play to his talents and achievements to make a career and pass it on to the world.. And I have experienced a lot of things in my drifting career in recent years. Although it is not a big change in the sea, it is miserable for me. Who ever knew all kinds of depression in my heart??     Once the sea was difficult for water, how big a position can I have between heaven and earth?? Where is the place where I live? Where should I go?