Cool Moon Dance Heart

[ Introduction ]At night, in peace and confusion, the moonlight that gives up is the youth of radiant light, but we don’t choose to stay and also fly. In fact, there should be beautiful company in this life and the afterlife.. The weather is getting warmer and there is no stone in my heart.   Falling brook thousands of years of fine fiber steps, inches of meteorite hide heart to fill dust.   After another, he came to fade his crimson lips and seep the quicksand and spring to rest all things..   This past year has no present, but the moon will dawn every year..   Forget the shore into thinking like the night, day paint Liangcheng stay intentional.     The youth, like the tears of love at a dinner party. So many memories are particularly clear because of the pain. Dreams are lost in the lovesickness of acquaintances who come and go.. Think about how sad and happy we will be in the pocket of time.. The golden Citi from the heart will eventually rise and will not wander until dawn when it comes to the past. At the beginning of the spring season, the wind blows.   Cher, who has been waiting for a long time, did not arrive at the end of the day. Maybe there is no such marker. Write some old silk rain, flowers and waves, Qiu Lai’s autumn visit and those white fields..   No longer can you tell me how hard it is to go out and how quiet it is to be silent.   Already very tired, want to bury oneself, those back tears, seem to see through the world. Facing the sun, in this warm world, you should live happily. Will you understand youth, time, fate, or the so-called true feelings?. When the wind blows away, will your heart ache, will you hesitate, will you feel tired, will you desire to die?   Will become especially quiet, especially quiet, head against the sofa, in a short time, think of the past, in the dull pain, helpless.   How??   Flowers are fighting for spring, aren’t they? Bright Heart. How long to stay, get up, or stay, heavy, happy, should all should not be . mind is difficult to cross, like watching the flowers bloom and fall, cherish love like water and right and wrong as the past, in the night, only dreams that have not entered, only peaceful snoring.   Careful appearance . In fact, there are too many ups and downs, just like the desolation at the foot . Youth ending nowhere, no one said to cherish it.. Pillow our sunset, like seeing fireworks, showing youth and dreams, love and sincerity in a bleak thin layer. There should be more time to be happy, to finish the idea and to manage yesterday’s future.   If the world I give up is not your kingdom of heaven, I will not feel that the world is beautiful because of you.   At night, in peace and confusion, the moonlight that gives up is the youth of radiant light, but we don’t choose to stay, but also to fly. In fact, there should be beautiful companionship in this life and in the afterlife.. The weather is getting warmer and there is no stone in my heart.     At the age of 21, what I was traveling in golden times was not fate, not love, nor time, but just coming and going, going and coming, no one remembers, no time to remember, no time to forget, to be myself, give up and chase in the tide.. I have always believed that dribs and drabs have flowed on the sharp-edged nib.   Hua Shang, can’t remember you in his year, his innocence in his year, so we don’t care, laughing and crying.. The meteorite that streaked across the sky also gave up the sky’s retention, so the purpose of this trip is to cover up the stone heart’s injury?   But why do I still don’t understand, why do we bear the fact that we don’t love at the age of love and tell ourselves that we love humbly but don’t regret it?.   Who will remember a thousand years and who will give up tomorrow.   Night climbed up to whose windowsill again, to tell who Hua Chang’s monochromatic lovesickness and loneliness were both.   Some things, need to be careful, carefully put down those things that can not be put down.   Still don’t understand, in the lake of the river’s lake heart clean and pure, and love each other’s heart, how can the enemy not be able to live long enough to give up the promise of the future and scenery.. When spring flowers bloom, can we brave the past seasons and become the foothold of the story. Empty into waiting, until the end is meaningless, if the wind in the cloud pity, just moved.   After this feast, there will be more past and a good time by the wind. It seems that there are so many people who are tired, tired and idle in opening their mouths, but naive as they are, have already fulfilled those accidents, but they still can’t hide from the vast sea of people. The sky in Zhan Yan is clear and far away, so is the choice and difficulty..   In those places, there may still be sunny days, and some people will also make the most beautiful promises, the sincerity of the future and the rope of fate..   Not much to miss. Is it the moon in the empty city too bright or the darkness in the city too dark? All in all, the ending has been verified.   Our struggles will always be fought off at the end of the year. One explanation is that no one will understand why loneliness is so persistent.. Then, too many promises, future and sincerity will be lost to time, distance and itself.   It happened that we believed, so we shed tears and despair of youth. I can’t tell when to start, so after the end comes, I can’t work out a few years of true feelings and a few dripping wet..   Night, in the big dipper sleeping with snoring, the mood is almost beautiful. Girls who can sleep and count sheep.    Lovely, we.   It seems that we have been looking for some memories, sincerity and ourselves in those forgotten things.. In the unknown, everything is being tested. Because of the experience, we will not hesitate to pay and balance..   A lot of things, about it is only some accident?   In fact, some of the inner soft thorns have already stabbed candor, so even if you are sad, you can’t say it and hide your eyes..   The weather is fine and it has passed the winter in beginning of spring. Looking forward to reflecting the beauty of the red clouds, let the dusk composed of clouds gather the palm of your hand, and choose and discard them indefinitely in the limited space.   No strings . no strings.   Cheap, and those eyelashes drowning, unable ferry always can’t stop, save only tragedy. Sometimes, I think that there are not many years of quicksand that can be counted, and the passing level is still the same. Therefore, the cableway … forget it and speak eloquently … whether it is still frozen monthly and hurt the nicks, beyond recognition..     How many accidents have been arranged by heaven to promote mutual understanding and separation between people in the world and love and hate? A few more times to find a flute and poem tablet on the edge, the wasted youth and blurred scenery of golden times, which has arrived without prayer, will jump between the fingers and cross the waters of Qian Shan and the rivers of Baizhang to give a final explanation for the coming year..[ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree ]