Bless spring

In the coldest season, imagine the bright days of spring. Today, I finally entered spring in my longing.     Just after beginning of spring, I was in a hurry to go out for spring. I rode my bike out of the house, mainly to see the spring, and also went to the library to find a spring in the text.. My lover asked me to drive. In my opinion, driving a car out can’t find spring, at least it cuts many meanings of walking directly in the spring breeze..     When I first left the house, I felt the spring wind was still so cold. But soon after riding a bicycle wrapped in a thick winter coat, I felt a special heaviness. Nu pushed his car up the high arched Dongguan Bridge with sweat already on his body..     On the top of the bridge, looking at the frozen water in the north of the bridge, the blue and white color in the deep winter is green and the ice is thin, as if it would melt tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.. Look at the south side of the bridge, because of the rising sun, it is already the scene of the melting of the spring water. the small green ripples are rippling around, and they really feel a kind of’ spring water green wave’ poetry and joy. I can’t help but recite Ouyang xiu’s participation in gathering mulberry seeds’ in the dark.’ the canoe is good for the west lake, the green water is winding, the grass is long, and there are faint music everywhere.. There is no wind on the water and the coloured glaze is slippery. Without feeling the boat is moving, it is rippling slightly, causing sand birds to fly across the shore.. ‘ often feel guilty about winter, because of the cold weather, because the injured foot is not frozen, seldom go out this winter. Spring is coming, and heaven and earth are warming up. I will give myself a little compensation in winter as well.. Spring outing is not only a fascination with spring, but also an attempt to ease the thick and heavy stagnation that is rare in a cold season.. Go out for a walk and have a look to give yourself a little more natural and fresh feeling.     Go to the library first and find out Zhao Mei’s blue summer regulations. Hey, isn’t spring just coming, already full of expectation for summer? There may be such a subconscious mind. It was a kind of greed belonging to human nature. As a matter of fact, I took part in the first article in the blue summer regulations, which was to take part in the spring and give the regulations to the dearest readers.. Spring is coming. I like to look for spring in nature and spring in thought in words..     The return journey is around the far south gate to the lake. A person stands by the lake and looks a little lonely. But my heart is not alone. There is a vivid spring breeze, a long ancient love song at the water’s edge, and the inexplicable thread of thoughts in my heart … ah, I set foot on the sandbar by the lake, stepping on the reeds that have not been harvested, and feel the classical and elegant artistic conception of ” Guan Guan ju dove” and ” Jian Jia Cang Cang”’ in my imagination..     It’s a day like a man’s wish. Just saw two pale black water birds standing near another sandbar, two clear bird shadows were mapped out in the water.. However, they didn’t ” close” or ” sound” and just stood there quietly side by side, like watching the attire of spring, enjoying the beautiful world of two birds, or thinking about something … Ah, just as I was gazing at waterfowl, a man wearing a fur collar and black leather jacket stopped his electric car, walked to the lake not far from me, picked up a brick fragment and threw it at waterfowl.. Because of the distance, the bird was not disturbed, but I was disturbed and rode away immediately.     When I looked back, the man was still looking for something to throw near him, while the water bird had left a shadow with itself.. Another water bird has disappeared.     I was a little disgusted with the man who disturbed the poetry of the lake in early spring. But he didn’t hate him because he disturbed my mood of enjoying spring. First, spring belongs to everyone and everyone has his share. Second, his behavior has added a little stir to my plain writing. Just, I don’t know if the waterbird will hate him. I can’t understand bird language. Even if I know bird language, birds are silent at this time.. I can’t see the bird’s eyes clearly. I don’t know if there is any hatred or helplessness towards human beings in those eyes.?     Human beings can do their own thing, but can we not disturb the happiness of other species?     I am convinced that all things are sentient. I hope that love and trust between people and between people and all things are mutual..     With the responsibility of caring for all things, words become dignified. We can’t guarantee that everyone has a love heart, but what we can do is to be responsible for ourselves.     No matter what, I will be with a grateful heart, bless everything, bless spring, and bless you who likes spring.!