Blank white

[ Guide ]: The white and blank night sky, through the towering concrete, looks up at the cloudy blue-purple sky, and reveries extend to distant and endless places. In an instant of effort, I will become a slave to the bottom of the line of sight and can only crawl forward and stretch out my arms to get a bleak vision..   Feixin’s friends on-line reminded me that a head portrait that had been hidden for a long time has finally turned into color, and there is no comment on changing the nickname, but I vaguely remember the 11 – digit number, which fell back like a current in the past.. Say it again, like deleting all messages about him from the phone address book. It’s just a simple click on’ OK’, and that’s all.     Remembering or forgetting is like sorting out, leaving what we think is valuable.     Stealth during the day to avoid all the noise, the midnight completely quieted down but somehow wanted to find chatting, and the page dropped to the lowest end but there was only silence.. I didn’t mean to say anything, but suddenly I felt like I had been subdued by a blank, and then I woke up and pulled away for a moment..     White and blank night sky, through the towering concrete to look up at the cloudy blue-purple sky, reverie vision extends to the distant and endless places, and in an instant of effort I will become a slave lying at the bottom of the line of sight. I can only rely on crawling forward, struggling to stretch out my arms, but I can only get a bleak vision..     Many times the contemplation is not for solution, but purely for contemplation itself, without any pursuit, but is different from the contemplation of a daze..     I received a text message of good night blessing and replied to miss it. Dear, if I don’t miss you very much in the time of separation, does it herald the end of our relationship. As a matter of fact, I clearly know that once deliberately, many things can be faked. Another example is that it is reasonable to define different results under different moods for questions that originally had no answer to be found.. Also like clean white paper, can let people graffiti at will.     We should know to let ourselves go and not ask too many questions. Otherwise, the road we have travelled through Qian Shan’s waters will be turned into a blank. At that time, we fell in love with each other and lost our feeling immediately and became indifferent.. How terrible.     I dare not reveal my feelings too sincerely and lightly.. Originally, feelings can’t be described in too much detail, and they are only true when they are hazy.. Life is a story that has been reduced. We are used to being tactful and appropriate. Once it is too straightforward, it is either vulgar or fake.. As a result, those who can become ” dear” are always so difficult to taste, they have to go through searching and waiting, and still have a test before they can mature..     The moonlight is like washing, the dark buildings under the night, the quiet city, yearn for sleeping peacefully.   I still don’t know what to say, blank white vacant.[ Responsibility Editor: Men’s Tree ]