Bamboo in Father’s Heart

After thinking for a long time, I wanted to write another article about bamboo, but I didn’t know how to write it, so I decided to search for the prose about bamboo online, click on the search content, and jump out of the page to participate in the bamboo meditation bill outside the wall. I looked at it seriously and it turned out to be my own writing. This world is full of beautiful memories of encounters..     The reason for the working environment is that the bamboo outside the window is always close at hand. At present, the bamboo dances in the breeze, Jiong Na’s colorful and green shade.. In May, the curving new bamboo, like a tender girl, shows all tenderness, serenity and elegance. The verdant and upright old bamboo, like the wise elders, is not grandly popular, nor domineering, modestly vigorous, unpretentious, flexible and flexible..     If I planted bamboo myself, some people may not believe it, but it is true. More than 20 years ago, the moso bamboo, which was planted together with the old father, was already in the forest. listening to elder brother’s story, the bamboo forest was verdant, tall and tough, and it was the elder brother’s main source of income.. When I went home to sweep the tomb this tomb-sweeping day, my brother gave me bamboo shoots to tell me how strong and strong the bamboo is. I’m a little sorry that I didn’t go to the bamboo mountain far away from home to enjoy her elegant demeanour.. Because, this year’s tomb-sweeping day weather was unusually abnormal, with the temperature reaching a scorching level. It was near noon, and people were suffocating in the mountains. Plus, there were weeds in the graves of relatives. When weeding, I used almost all my strength. Under the sun, I felt a slight heatstroke. In desperation, I went home early.. The old man’s father saw my disheveled appearance and joked, ” Even if I go now, I won’t be able to afford to suffer as much as you do.”. I hastened to dissuade you from being brave in such hot weather because you are ill! Bamboo is so hardy ( in our local dialect it means tenacious ) that we can still beat her in life.? ‘ father said a little unconvinced.     Then the father smiled gently: ” In the afternoon, there was a tomb with bamboo. You can go and see it. It was my middle and lower ten years ago and now it is also a forest. Please help me to see it.”. ‘ When I heard my father say that there are bamboo trees near the tomb to be sacrificed in the afternoon, I was able to cheer up. After a quick lunch, I went up to the mountain and came to the cemetery. I saw bamboo trees and pine trees reflect each other, and there were few weeds near the tomb. It was easy to sweep the tomb, with some gloomy feeling under the green shade, but I did not feel terror. It was the strength of family ties, or the strength of the spiritual strength of bamboo and pine trees inspired me.? Maybe both.     Standing in the hilly area, I am very sorry, ” asserted Qingshan not to relax, Ligen was in the broken rock.”. Thousands of mills and tens of thousands of strikes are still going on. Let’s face it, east, west, north and south.. Write the bamboo’s indomitable spirit to the fullest. Bamboo grows silently in the barren hills and mountains. Whether it is Fengfeng Ridge or Gougou Whole, she can survive in adversity with perseverance.. ‘ Ligen was in the broken rock”, but most of the moso bamboos I saw were in the hilly area, and I found that moso bamboos growing in the rock generally did not grow strong on yellow mud soil, so it seems that to reach the agreement between the conception of poetry and reality left us room for thinking..     When I got home, my father lay quietly on the chair to rest. I laid down my hoe gently for fear of affecting his old man’s rest. However, when I walked past the chair, my father still asked. : ” The bamboo shoots at the edge of the tomb grow well?     Some of them have grown to the grave of the tomb, but I have handled them all well. ‘ I should say.     ‘ that’s good! However, in the future you will go home to sweep the tomb, because there is also a holiday at Qingming Festival, and maybe you will sweep another tomb over a period of time,’ ” father said gently..     ‘ What are you talking about? Your task now is to have a good rest! ‘ I encourage way.     I slowly pondered the meaning of my father’s words and savored his father’s vicissitudes of life. Today, I am still so calm in the face of pain. As a member of the most common communist party in the countryside, I have no vigorous and magnificent life history, just like a bamboo growing quietly in a deep mountain forest without any luxury.. Perhaps among the literati, bamboo does not blossom, is light and elegant, is spotless, does not look gorgeous, and does not seek the natural character of nominal name, which he cannot sum up. However, the reason why his father was hospitalized in September ( when others rest, he still braved the heat to open the way for villagers and the custom of opening the way in the countryside ). ), and his words, ” I can still drive a few years for the villagers.”? ‘ How powerful and powerful he was, he interpreted the demeanor and principle of being a man like bamboo with his long life.     Considering the principle of bamboo effect, for thousands of years, the character image of bamboo has been a model and adoration for people.. She has always insisted on ” Castle Peak” and ” Castle Peak”. She is devoted and has no regrets..     What about the bamboo in my father’s heart? It’s going to be a holiday. I’d better ask his old man’s house when I go home.!     At the same time, I wish my father health and happiness from afar!