A wave of pain

Let the sleeping posture of the night be cared for and noted in the silence of the moonlit night.. The night-long tossing and turning can no longer dream or listen to the whispers and loneliness interpreted by the wind.. So, I had to casually twist a tangled dream with my eyes gently and put it all into my head. Wearing clothes, sitting in front of the case, writing ink. Then, lift eyebrow indifferent one eye black and black empty, according to the thought, all insomnia, tonight I. And you, when you pass by my scenery, I think even if I can stop you, you will use the rush of time to block my expectations, because you cannot understand another language and ink that resonates with your mind..     In the afternoon, in the gray, the first snow was pale and had no memory and no direction, so it ran aground and accumulated thick.. It’s like crossing childish and unprepared growth, crossing strangers. For whom do you cry? For whom is prejudice? He whipped himself into a wandering dream tunnel and tried to live, only to realize suddenly in the end. Live, the original is also a kind of negative tired.     Wrapping up loneliness, wrapping up and spreading to send out endless gray, walking on the edge of the track, just know that perhaps only indifference can be allowed to pile up with me presumptuously.. Facing you with tears, I learned to be confused, heartless, refuse and give up. Perhaps giving up is a kind of helpless choice, but I have no other way to retain you except to give up……     Into the nature, into the sunset exclamation. All the worries are blown away by the wind at this moment. Looking back at the sad smile, holding tears and silently reading the letters I have been exhorting for five years, these letters may be like a beacon, full of exhortations and evasions I wrote.. I think, during that time, I have been guessing that he might be digging coal underground. I don’t know how to deal with this, but I can only make this decision. However, even if I lit this lamp myself, I would like to shine on his life and the black coal under his feet all the time.. The last letter from him didn’t know how long it was coming, and he didn’t feel what he said was true until it was unsealed. He said he had looked for me for many times and never heard from me, so it was out of the question…     That year, I also wrote a review for this time in my life. After the review, I did not go to the movies and did not go to night lessons.. My dear headmaster stood in the corridor on the second floor, silently looking down at my heartbeat and ruthlessly looking down at my panic. Therefore, I can no longer summon up courage to move forward. Quietly, helpless, I turned and ran, oh my god! Oh, my god.! I didn’t see the road clearly, so I put myself in the pond all of a sudden. I tried to climb up, but the shore refused me. Alas, the wandering girl who came out from the scene of the jubilant regulations walked into the pond like this at the moment, but could not climb ashore at all.! Finally, while being rescued, Mo Xiang shamed the principal and wrote piously with his drowning finger: ” If you do it, you will never be naughty again.”!     Three months of military training, black to white. I know the crying face of my mother on this side, wondering if I was touring school alone and buying books instead of eating.. Alas, poor world, only created a kind of heart – called parents’ heart.     One day in that year, in fact, I was confidently wandering in the eliminated strange city with my picture clip on my back. When it was dark, I rushed to the bus stop to think about the company that didn’t even give me the chance to sign up because I wasn’t a local resident. Then, I carried another kind of inexplicable and abnormal sadness. I sat alone at the bus stop and buried the proud head and the childish heart..     Perhaps fate is at this moment, a kind of worship flips at your fingertips. The holy army green in the eyes is devoted to the appearance of art we met in this strange city and the bus stop in this city. I answered his question carefully and told him what bus he should take to the place he asked. Coincidentally, I have a relative in that place, so I can help him.. He gave me the address and name with a silly smile.. So I went back to school and began to write to him. Once the school had a long national day holiday, we had agreed to climb Dashu Mountain.. However, the rain was too heavy. I looked out of the window and cancelled the whole plan.. I didn’t think, really didn’t think, that he would go to the appointed station, stand alone in the rain, and let passers-by curiously give him questions. He waited for me in this way until I could not wait for the rainy day. Two years later, he didn’t tell me his infatuation that day.. Unfortunately, we were sent the wrong time. At that time, when my mother was crying to face my rude feelings, I was also softened by her tears and had to follow her home for a blind date, because I knew that if I didn’t go back, her mother would cry thousands of miles away. I couldn’t bear it. I couldn’t bear to treat her like this, and her mother was still ill..     If it were you, you might have a chance to choose, but I can’t. When you cut your fingers with scissors, when you write three words with bright red blood, give them to me: I love you! However, my heart can no longer beat and my life can no longer breathe. This is how you are, and this is how you are forever locked up in the sky by me. Because, I can’t love the winner of the war, whether you or he. Or let the woman go away, on the battlefield. I gave up the chance you might have. I’m not really confused.    Shuttle through the sea, lonely at a loss. An excuse to escape may be a kind of wisdom. Just still can’t change, sometimes, too much is obedient to life, so treating oneself is a kind of abuse, not not knowing sorrow, only half covering youth, only half covering honesty. Indifferent and weird, all I can give you is my hurt and ruthlessness. I severely use refusal to cut off your confession. Don’t blame me, but pretend that I don’t know anything and that I don’t understand love.. I can’t face it. I don’t know how deep your wound is! So, the right to deprive me of my healing will not be able to bear to bear you down, but I will pull you away from the scenery, wave my pain and look at you with a smile..     The life I’ve been thinking about is going to be today. I’m getting older, wiser, peeling off my coat, and having no worries about the disease. I only need to stick to it, be honest and kind to finish reading the spring in the track, and wait in the next post. If this is possible and possible, please give me another chance. I think I won’t be so helpless again. I’ll use my mature life to choose, and I’ll ask him to smile and walk with me..