A man who races against time

Why are noodles again at noon today? My daughter complained bitterly and asked me that I was furious. ” I don’t eat noodles, you enter the door earlier than I do at noon, and I will only make noodles if you want to eat anything.. Well, you can do whatever you want, but you can’t adjust your tone. Even if you eat a single dragon crossing the river, people will feel comfortable, will you? ‘ what is a single dragon crossing the river? It was the first time I heard that I wanted to laugh, but I thought my daughter was too inconsiderate of my sufferings and seemed angry again, pretending to be angry with a straight face.. Daughter no longer spoke, silently eating lunch.     I didn’t figure out what kind of meal is’ single dragon crossing the river’ all afternoon, and when my daughter comes home from school in the afternoon, I can’t wait to ask her what kind of meal is’ single dragon crossing the river’? The daughter said with a smile, ” It’s just a scallion in a bowl of noodle soup. It’s simple and quick. Make sure you don’t worry about being late for work, ha ha.”. ‘ Looking at my daughter’s bright smile, I have a bitter feeling in my heart that I can’t say. Once upon a time, I brought home my feelings at work. Once upon a time, I vented my frustrations in my life on my family. However, my daughter always told humorous stories or anecdotes from school in front of me, secretly the father and daughter said I was’ lion roars’.     Since going to work in the city, although the distance to work has been shortened, the pace of work is fast, especially at noon, it takes nearly five minutes to get back and forth, even cooking and eating in 10 minutes, and it feels like fighting every day, eating and walking at a speed similar to that of military training.. Sometimes I really want my daughter to buy some makeshift meals outside, but after a long time, the children will be bored with eating. Besides, my stomach trouble will not allow me to eat meals outside every day. At this moment, I really realized the taste of ” fast food” and asked an old colleague ( wife works in other places ) ” what kind of meals do I go home at noon? He always answered the same question. Now, the old colleague has retired from his home and won’t race against time for busy work, but I have to rack my brains for work, life and three meals a day…     Running against time, I feel that the years are gone like running water, leaving only happy or sad memories wandering in the depths of my heart..