A child, please take me away – Wen – Chen }

A person’s season, a person’s heart, let them say anything has nothing to do with me, anyway, can always use habit as an excuse.   Thick autumn.   Looking up at the sky, I gradually found that the sun is no longer shining and life continues to be dark. The color of late autumn is a little thick, but it implicates the loneliness hiding in the distance.   A child, please take me away.   Before you know it, who accompanied you to enjoy the fallen leaves of this season, the suspended worries still can’t catch the little happiness sprinkled in the sunshine gap, even if tears still can’t dominate the stubborn memories..   I all know that life could not have been able to afford it, but I pushed it into reality. Regret after regret is accompanied by sorrow after sorrow. Back to the deserted streets at night, there is no arm bay to rely on, or the streets will miss the waiting time..   Cruelty is when you touch the black shadow of the night and beat the lonely shadow.. When it is still quiet but hard to sleep, I will strongly tell myself that everything is just a shooting star, but I didn’t notice the beauty that blooms briefly.. A child, can you take me away from this chaotic world, from the castle surrounded by loneliness, and take me to a country that can also be called warm country…   Happiness, in front of loneliness, has lost its purest face. I don’t want to be in the mood to follow autumn’s footsteps, but I still can’t help walking far and far with the baggage of full memories.. I know that a child’s heart is as sad as mine in this season.. I’ll wait until the end of autumn. Please remember to wake me up and take me away by then.  ……   The wind blows relentlessly, as if sin were hurting the heart of life.   The leaves fall down and the pain that I said to me will end one day.   Maybe happiness is late. Otherwise, why did the stars at night flash so hard, or did the roadside lights cover up the road between us. No one can tell me where the happiness stranded by the season has gone, only you, and this moment also lingers on the edge of late autumn.   Want to stop complex thoughts no longer add to the burden of the heart, but I have no power to smooth the uneasiness and then move the rigid steps, and the repression of stepping on the samsara makes me afraid to lie to the left and feel breathless and unbearable.. Still keep the only easy can’t suddenly old.   It’s good to have memories with me.   If you can’t go back, it’s enough for you to sleep by your pillow with a dream..   I know that I lost to loneliness, and I was quietly recaptured by the mood of this season from the moment the autumn breeze swept past the end of summer.. The habit of year after year destroys the petals that have not yet blossomed in summer, and how many expectations are only the company of the passing years..   Sometimes I can’t open my eyes to tell whether I want to leave or right. Maybe I can’t put aside my cruel choice to hurt me if I miss too much triviality. Close my eyes and I will see a child’s wet rim of the eye. I understand. All of a sudden I want to go to the seaside to blow the wind. I just want to escape from this world when I am forgotten in time. I quietly miss the quiet sea in summer and dusk, but it has been gone for a long time now. Will you give me occasional thoughts?.   I don’t know when to start without the quiet of the night. The noise and noise around me can almost collapse my nerves.. I know that no deep memory can supply my shortness of breath. I can only watch the pain break away from my heart and enter my world.. The happiness I tried to embrace broke before I saw the prototype, and I never had the courage to open my hands if I could not hope.   Perhaps, habit, gave me an excuse to lie.   Perhaps, indifference gives me the reason to be lonely.   How many silent autumn days have passed, and I have been unable to explain the true meaning of dyed silks and satins to whom, anyway, the distant hope will bring me different hopes. I can’t help but stay in my thoughts when I see the maple leaves falling. I know if it will never receive a letter of understanding, but I still wrote it into my diary in the past.. Time has turned back to the memories of the yellowing of the folds, or am I the one who picked up the leaf full of missing for eternity.   At last, I realized the meaning of time transfer, which was to accumulate countless regrets for life. Maybe everything should not start, but it also ends quietly without knowing it.   It turns out that the sky is not decorated with flowers and is just intoxicated with one color. The same tune goes through the night through whose dream, what have we experienced in the lonely life.   Who once opened the heart window but returned to sadness lonely, but happiness that time can not replace still stays at the origin point. I know that perhaps life is not as strong as I thought, and the melancholy of falling leaves will only cruelly erase the desire to survive, and who will light up the lights of the night for me with that illusory expectation. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have given too much hope for tomorrow..   Suddenly found that the moon hanging in the night sky was beautiful, so beautiful that no extra stars could be found next to it, only the lone star with a slight flicker danced with her in this lonely night sky.. The light, no warmth in memory. The street was unusually cold and cold, and along the faint light seemed to return to the strange picture for a long time, but regret could not see whose tears wet whose skirts.. I really want to forget the heart that was no longer tortured and disordered in the past, but the emotion that I tried to exclude and not take over is still tightly wrapped around my heart. I don’t know how to release and accumulate too much depression, why can’t I anesthetize complicated thoughts when I am tired. Night city, walking alone in the street……   It turns out that one day the favorite quietness will also become a burden, fearing the endless wanton abuse of the mood that can not be left or right.. I know that I can’t go back to choose the hazy direction and quietly stay at the end of October without the strength to get rid of the imprisonment time.. Perhaps, the wind blows not only leaves, but also my complicated thoughts. I want to bury the fear in my heart and no longer waste time, but the idea I insist on is still broken before spring comes.  The figure of a child is still as clear as I can remember, but I still can’t wait for the beauty of my imagination when I am at a loss.. Huaxie impermanence is a foreshadowing for the arrival of winter, but my expectation is that it will not be pleasant in the picture. Perhaps, life and reality are always separated by a thin wall that cannot penetrate, just like fate is caught in the distance between us. The closer I want to be, the farther away I will be..   Gradually I found myself without the courage to close my eyes and fill my fantasy with boring souls, because memories that do not belong to memory will break the beautiful track of silence. How can I put down my heart and return to the original cloud? I can no longer resist the memory hidden behind the clouds. I don’t know where to go when a heart is hanging in the air..   Take me away to the distant future.   Take me away, the loneliness of one’s own rotation.   Autumn rain quietly wet the sky all night, but the light mist in the morning can’t blur the already fragmentary memories. I tried to let go of the dependence that I used to hide in my heart and was no longer tortured by fate, but the mark engraved on the surface of time was still clearly shining in the sun, and the memory of shaking my head to refuse had not been arranged to leave for the time being..   It was walking alone in late autumn without frowning that gave me stubborn courage. Whenever the mood is chaotic, they will be attached to the company left behind by life, not willing to give up the light that belongs to their inner attachment. Perhaps they can polish their eyes to see the repentance that remains in time after the rain has cleared up.. Turned around and disappeared the warm corner of the memory. I didn’t have the power to dispel the dim reflection at the moment when the memory was snatched away by the happy little nest full of happiness and unknown people..   Who wrote down a thousand years of life by the swing by the lake in the dream, who was still thinking about false promises after waking up in the dream, all of which are just the scenes that tie the knot and hold on to make the expectation fake and lingering in reality..   Early winter.   At the beginning of November, the first snow belonging to memory enveloped the sky at the end of autumn.   The snowflakes outside the window drifted all day, and the thoughts that stayed in autumn could not help wondering whether the season was coming to an end.. The beautiful and flowing snowflakes flooded the sky, but I still can’t see any signs of a child coming. I don’t know if the flowing air-conditioning will solidify my dying expectation..  ……   I’m beginning to understand.   Looking back on yesterday, the past has passed, and what time has given back to life is only the regret that can not be compensated.   Looking forward to tomorrow, I will also slip away. Life lends time only to accumulated complaints.   There is always no strength to bring up courage to announce a brave walk, because the thorns hidden on the road weaken my insistence on hope. Perhaps the reality is not as dirty as I thought, but the dust perfunctorily in the snowflakes quietly folds the petals.. I believe that when it gets dark, I can cry out and stop worrying about hurting my eyes by the sun, just like snowflakes flying freely in the night sky, but I forget the constant loneliness of hiding in the night, and think that it can disappear in this moment.. There is nowhere to escape. I still chose to say goodbye to the unhappiness I suddenly met with a sad smile..   Perhaps the best record is to leave a blank, perhaps the most perfect enjoyment is to put down the initial haze. Sadness is that sadness has kept spinning in the memory, and the feeling of exhaustion is how to release the depression entangled in the heart. Looking at the snowflakes all over the sky, I don’t know how to connect the dusty mind in a pure life, and I can’t find anything to match the separated loneliness.. These words are sprinkled in time bound to grieve the thin youth, but I can’t control the silence that my thoughts no longer deliberately torture myself to the bottom of the valley..   Some people say that Sagittarius’s heart is made of iron. I think my heart is rusty……   Happiness will be mercilessly rejected by me and tears will flow to whom. After many divergences, I still locked my heart tightly, because habit no longer allows me to open my heart easily to accept false things.   At night, at this moment, I hope that the snow will not stop and continue quietly until the next autumn, when a child has not come yet.   How to forgive the early cold when the season has been cleaned by snow. I stood on the windowsill and looked at the endless darkness. A child who did not like the night sky could bring me out of this lonely day late. Perhaps in some country, the film was only half – screened and ended..   I’m still waiting, next fall.   Some broken memories have been quietly browsed many times. I know that the waiting time will never reach the time limit. Sometimes when I wake up from a dream, I will try my best to recall the feeling before, just to let the silent glance pass through my eyes again.. Wrong, is wrong, the beauty didn’t appear at all.   How many moments, is a dream lit up the darkness.   How many years ago, reality destroyed faith.   I also felt helpless and wanted to hide in a certain corner. I would calm my heart with silence that I could not say.. It was the happiness life gave me that passed through many years of sadness. I thought that the promise engraved on the surface of the trunk should have lost its original trace. I couldn’t find the ancient lingering feeling with the constant heart feeling over the years. Thank all the leaves for accompanying me through every autumn. Even if I was lonely, I was already used to it..   When you can’t see the meteor, close your eyes and still make a wish, because the meteor quietly streaks through your eyes at this moment.. The face that can’t be missed when smiling writes a brilliant chapter in my memory, reads every sad word and turns occasionally to pick up warm debris. I think happiness should be the hope that the moonlight lifts around me to walk through the night, which belongs to the depression of life and will lose its rare appearance when looking up at the peak of the dream..   peccavi.   Afternoon sunshine warms the cold trapped in memory. How many intimate greetings have been passed by me silently, as if life is not a rainbow yearning for pouring but a lonely trip. Perhaps the sadness of being stranded on the way is not thorough enough, so I have no way to interpret the memories I have passed by..   I still want to thank them for their gentleness and care. I know it was my personality that hurt them.. Now take this meter of sunshine instead of my gratitude. If winter is approaching, please don’t let the cold completely freeze the dusty thoughts..   Sometimes, once you start, you don’t want to end it.   Sometimes, knowing the end but still wanting to start.   Perhaps, the life base also does not have the existence value. Who can understand the meaning of the sea and sky embracing each other.   I tried to show the pure land hidden in the bottom of my heart by forcibly taking off the dust attached to my body, but I couldn’t get rid of it for many years..  The happiness I said was like a delayed train coming into the station, and I was still waiting quietly.   When I finally appreciate the scenery outside the window, I have no intention of comforting the feeling of exhaustion. why don’t I neglect the gaunt accumulation of the sunshine in winter when it can’t penetrate through the sealed glass? the green on the roadside is no longer the comfort of giving alms in summer, and the perpetual youth that the rules hold will remain the same beauty throughout the four seasons.   I know that even life without being wished can still be filled with warm happiness, but I don’t have the strength.   Time has slipped away and I’m feeling depressed. I also gradually understand that dreams have disappeared and memories have become blurred. Loneliness has come to rock the boat again after dark. It’s easy to choose a distorted direction and look forward to breaking up. Some things have become vague thoughts in the diary, but it’s also wrong..   It seems that the waves that have not been appreciated are still left with their own silent applause. At the end of the day, we will always stop in the grave and close our eyes as well. The pedantic walk in front of the years will not let go of the dying persistence. His hands are covered with cocoons and he is still living in troubled times with humble status.. There is no amber’s beautiful luster and aroma in the bomb command room. I know what time flies by is the seat that once stopped beside me. The chair in the wind has long been used to changing the Lord’s mind but has recorded a long story.. Memories belonging to youth are simply legends.   Tell me, will we disappear somewhere in the world.   Tell me if the sun will warm us again when the night falls..   As you said, I will never know where winter comes and autumn goes.   What you said, I will not understand in this life whether our existence is another form of walking dead.   I don’t know at all how many lonely words you insist on writing at the forefront of the wind, and how many sad feelings or feelings you never dare to touch are embraced all the time.. I like to write a quiet melody in the first person, say goodbye to the encounter in my dream in the second person, and describe the youth that has turned around without tenderness in the third person.. I’m sorry, lost happiness I can’t find the way back to pick it up. Hate is that life is too boring to guess and then lost its simple color. Everything has become a thing of the past, leaving only regret at the bottom of my heart now..   If the starry sky gives moonlight happiness, how can I abandon the loneliness of winter night. The same world, the same we walk in the desolate desert.   Stubborn thoughts corrode the quiet clue in the middle of the night. Tears are like dewdrops on the surface of leaves dripping with sky light. Cold cheeks taste bitter taste through bloodshot blood..   Accustomed to using a period to decline or end some docking that cannot give the answer, life already has an endless story and an endless calendar, and is stingy with drawing three lonely periods without chapters….   Maybe on second thoughts, the returning light can retain the life that is about to pass away, but the death that we cannot hide will come to our soul after all..   Weathered promise I can’t find the direction of the wind. If a simple apology can carry all the apologies, I am willing to drown myself in the spittle of others. I know it’s my fault. It’s because I simplified the original complex belief that I put injury on my lips, but who can understand the sadness of falling leaves when there is no wind, and how can I know the value of lies if I don’t understand the meaning of deception. I locked my eyebrows but still couldn’t see the brightest spark, perhaps it was morning, so I covered the beautiful dance steps in the night sky..   Every time when I wake up from my dream, my ears are full of sad notes and heavy beats. I know that life has wiped away happiness and left silent dialogue. I can’t find the key to open the door with my eyes closed, but the words recorded in crayons are like paste that constantly refreshes the haze gathered on the top of my head. I have no intention to guess whether it is right or not..   What I was thinking was that it was getting dark and I was still looking out in my mind.   What you’re waiting for is still daydreaming in the cold when it’s cold.   We are all slaves of fate, but like a lost child in the face of weakness, we only cry bitterly. How many times have I tried to take off my hypocritical face and no longer hide my fear, but I finally lost to the dike that was blocked in my heart by bravado..   If you regret such a journey from the beginning, life may go to many unnecessary troubles less. Redundant memorials accidentally merged into the river of memories polluted the pure and clean stream, and I couldn’t feel my pulse and listen to the uneasy mood.. The sunshine in winter still doesn’t feel the warmth of a bit of luxury, and some things are frozen in the dark. I can’t change the orbit of the sun’s rotation..  .   If a child is tired, you can lie and walk into my world while I don’t pay attention to it and take away the happiness scattered in the corner.. I don’t blame you.   Silent walk on the edge of the season, endless loneliness erodes fragmentary memories.   Looking up at the vague hope, the smile that did not come stole the tears that provoked the eyes.   The broken thoughts that fester from the bottom of my heart did not evaporate in the polishing of time. I clung to the thread that bound the past and could not bear to let go. I know it’s my cruel goodbye to the beauty of sunset sunset, and I just want to hold the ease of sunset and warm the quiet I planted in the fleeting time.. If I can see the sadness left on the paper without the scanned graffiti, then I will join up with the diary and keep the drawer belonging to sadness forever..   Perhaps the most unanticipated coincidence was met. I walked on the skateboard of time and wasted an unexplained age in the long river of life.   Want to hold your breath and completely seal your body, this noisy world is not the happiness I am loyal to looking for. Hiding behind the clouds will not easily open your hands to welcome the messy air. I will not hurt my scarred heart again and again..   My stage, whose dream. Standing in the middle of the road, passing vehicles like knives are hidden at the boundary of life. I can’t see the future.   The elves who are active in the deep night can’t find the lost password to open the locked memory. I pour all my thoughts on the past that I want to start forgetting, but it is deeply branded in my life. I know that I can never read the legend that the stars falling on the sky have been lonely for a long time after dark, but I have no time to travel through time and space so I indulge the loneliness that quietly breeds behind the night.. Every depression seems to be a sad and deliberately provoked feeling. I’d rather stay in this mood than live in false happiness all the time..  Similarly, you will not understand that the sudden sob is that I can’t resist pretending to be strong and continue to deceive the injured heart, and the tears I can’t feel are the understanding that distance can never give heaven, and I will no longer pray for happiness to come to my life..   Who told me to wait by the banyan tree to see the yellow leaves fall, who wiped away tears for me and silently walked away and lost the news. I don’t know if it is my stubbornness, indifference, care for the warmth sprinkled on my body, or if the sunshine in winter can’t enjoy the expected miaomiao.. However, no matter how many memories that troubled my heart were taken away by the cold wind, I would still hate the sadness this season gave me..   Maybe not. I have no intention of showing the stupidest affection.   I will follow the direction of the wind to find the light stolen by time.   At the end of November. A child still hasn’t come.   How many foolish things have broken the dream of pure weaving, and how many regrets have wrongly blamed the response expected to be ignored. The gray sky sleeps and does not wake up is the memory buried in reincarnation, and the dim and calm mood seems to have hibernated without waves.. I think time can go back and let life cut off the parts I don’t like, but regret is like the way when the sea burst its banks, and I can’t go back any more..   Wave goodbye, pain and no pain. This season did not surprise me.   I can’t polish my eyes and give myself the chance to stay for a second when I wander aimlessly and find life deceives the passing scenery.. It was fate that played tricks on the desolation of the cold in the season, and I did not dare to struggle any further..   Here, it is the end of an inexplicable cause.   Whose dawn and so on are reluctant to leave at the end of the evening, but some things like stubborn stones stop on the surface of the snow road and will not be taken away by the wind.   I didn’t think the December customs still dragged the dust-laden bags around in the past, and suddenly blurred the palm prints burned with both hands and couldn’t see the future. Maybe the weight of my life lost the sky overhead so I didn’t have the strength to stand up, but the puzzle I got up the courage to complete was wet with tears.. The mood of stopping in the deep night is trying to calm the ups and downs of thoughts for the slow pulse. I know that the darkness that I can’t reach will forever blind the coming tomorrow.. Just a complaint in my memory.   I don’t want to go up and down without direction and waste many young times at the same time. I want to miss not only the sadness of time bleaching, but also the happy spring scenery beside the buttonwood tree..   Departure is always unknown, and winter comes to an end when autumn is over.   Meet never dream, meet appeared warm and no longer exist.   How to believe that tomorrow’s beauty can follow the footsteps of the sun and rise slowly, watching the loneliness in the night I know I shouldn’t be easily stained with the smell of flowers and thanks, and accidentally understand that this winter won’t surprise me..   When can a child come to me.   Still quietly write down some innocuous words. I think the happiness I’ve worked hard to carve out will never see the moment when flowers bloom in front of reality. However, I still want to thank all my relatives with gratitude.   The unspeakable feeling is like a bloodthirsty ant gathering in his heart to give me constant pain. If I can stop struggling and stop crying, the sadness may also be a little far away from me, but I can’t do it. I also dreamed of opening my heart and hands to accept the feedback of life from reality, but I didn’t care to refuse to stay behind and push away a little plain face.. I know it is my indifference that blocks the bright future that will not come tomorrow. I can’t hear how much damage the fading language has caused. I thought it was the lonely nest in my heart that helped the happiness of the injustice of time, but I didn’t think I couldn’t pick the petals that bloom at the end of my life..   I can clearly see the beauty of palm care without attachment to the night on duty, not the hypocrisy that I intentionally hide to mask the strange smile on my face for a long time, but the sadness and cruelty of sunshine alms have destroyed the slight warpage that has not yet been raised at the corners of the mouth..   Some people still refuse to leave on the day when some things happen..   Maybe I missed the chance of never returning to the original warmth. I felt the darkness of the night and didn’t want to recall the calm of relentlessly ripping my mind, but they bound my memory so that I couldn’t control my thoughts, as if the wheels of the deep winter ran over the snow-white road and couldn’t feel the pain of heartache..   You said you also want to be happy, saying that you don’t want the promise I gave you. I said that I will be alone too. It’s getting dark and I won’t be afraid of loneliness any more..   How can we put down the memories dragged down by time when we support the marks that do not belong to youth across the distance between heaven and earth. You said you could forget the sweetness of holding hands without going back, but the sad notes never went away in your mind.   Even if you lose your expectations, don’t lie instead of hurt.   Maybe it doesn’t make any sense to cherish what you learned after losing it. Maybe the memories picked up after leaving no longer have a little beauty. The mood of wandering in the sky carries with it how much simplicity it is to be lost and clouded.. If it weren’t for the nightmare in the middle of the night that woke me up to suspend the terrorist insurrection, then the loneliness might have been stuck around and wouldn’t take the liberty of sending off sleeping..  .   A child, when exactly is the end of your story.   It’s getting colder and I still live humbly in this country. Maybe I can see hope waving in the sky with my head raised, but do you understand that I have no courage to meet helplessness again. I don’t know what’s the matter, but I will be teased by the darkness after dusk. I am the night watchman and also guard the gentleness of youth for me..   Autumn is gone, winter will bear the pain of sad stop.   The dream is shattered, and tomorrow he will accept the salary of disappointed alms.   The smell of winter can be clearly felt in the empty classroom, but the handwriting left on the blackboard makes the youth pale a lot. I know the memories of the summer when the years dried up have also disappeared the handsome smile..It’s time to hold the pointer and not let time go crazy but to stiffen your fingers. Some of those who did not have the past may still be able to magnify the pain that cannot be caught by the naked eye in the cup after the mood is diluted..   This seemingly dream-like journey is ugly and many flashy scenery, and every light passing through my eyes seems to be covered with dust. I try not to grieve and block the future steps again and again, but I forget that the road ahead is no longer smooth with tears on my cheeks.. There is always no way to choose the right way to relax and get rid of the depression. I know that once the habit has occupied my heart, I will become a sad slave..   Christmas Eve quietly waited in the dream for Christmas, but it was as cool as usual. Simply walking through every second does not require gorgeous blessings.   I don’t know how much the regret in the present baggage is heavy, but I dare not look through the skylight because I am afraid that the direct light will hurt my heart. Maybe it was my farfetched effort that made sadness crawl over the cells of the body. I know it can’t always be like this, and there will be starlight waiting for me to find out in some corner in the future..   I will never open my mouth to reveal anything I have or have not. Since casual language will ignite a small flame, I will close my mouth tightly in order not to let the contradiction touch the warmth in the depths.. Please forgive me for not apologizing.   Back in the past, it was no longer so easy to say.   Looking forward to the future, I don’t think about it so casually.   I don’t know how much happiness I didn’t see was trampled off, how many memories I couldn’t erase, how many dreams I couldn’t see, how many sleepless nights I couldn’t beat, how many heartbreaks I couldn’t get through..   I’m sorry, but I can’t bear all the mistakes. I think the regrets I planted will not disappear but wait for me to harvest somewhere.. No one will understand that the silence I want to say can’t just don’t want the joke to breed countless pains, and no one will understand that the misunderstanding I don’t want to explain is just for the sake of torturing myself.. No matter what I do, it is my attitude that arouses anger. No matter what I do, I will hide my complaints in my heart. Don’t let the depressed ferment not let the sad roar.   The stars hiding next to the moon, will you also understand my helplessness.   Have you ever received a gift from Santa Claus for a child like this. You know, I’m looking forward to every day, expecting you to come and take me away quickly, but every time I meet you in a dream, I still have to face the reality..   Christmas has no romance of snow accompanying others, and those trivial memories hold only one person’s carnival alone.. I am no longer in the mood to make a silent wish to the Christmas tree. I know that my hands that are not ready will not accept any warmth that does not belong to tomorrow.. Maybe it was wrong to blame December’s cold wind that ravaged this season’s desolation, but the trembling I didn’t want to enjoy still shook the world of panic.. Tired eyes never opened their courage to appreciate the moonlight, fearing disappointment would hurt their hearts again. I don’t know how the sudden depression could severely knock the blank mood, as if all the feelings were no longer attached to their own bodies and left a long distance away. I don’t know how to pick up the turntable of time to pause such confusion..   As time steals every incomplete melody composed by life, we still can’t find how much happiness we hope to reach.. The moon at night couldn’t help climbing up the treetops quietly, but there was no mysterious definition of warmth hovering around, no longer knowing how many long-standing feelings I had swallowed alone, but I opened my eyes and couldn’t catch something mechanically..   At the end of 2009. The earth has turned a circle around the sun, but my coordinates never have any definite reference. Not time lost the dirty world, but eyes tired and can no longer be tired and persist in polishing.   At the end of each time, I will stay at the end of the day and loathe to see each other, but no one can understand the attachment in my eyes. I always tell myself not to get drunk in the past pictures forever, but the broken thoughts that I can’t lose all the time dye through every cycle.. Where did those promises made for who go? Why did they dream those dreams that they shouldn’t have dreamed when they fell asleep?. Maybe only when the old face is withered and yellow can we quietly collect the regrets of youth, but will it be too late to wake up in a crowded mood?.   As the New Year approaches, a child still shows no sign of coming. If you don’t know, I will doubt my strength and fear that I will make a wrong choice near the brink of collapse, but the feeling of waiting will disregard the cruel acceleration of my heart, and I will really worry that the fear of a sudden stop will approach my world.. But you never know all this, or why the winter is coming to an end and you don’t give me hope. How long and how far will I expect to leave.   Late winter.   I don’t understand whether the simple life passed by complicates the panic mood or the complex mood simplifies the stable life..   The snow outside the window dyed the silence of the night sky white. The first snow of the New Year covered all memories belonging to last year. Should I get it back.   As if sadness swept through the deep winter weather, I don’t know how to hold the lost time in the cold.. Looking at the graceful back of snowflake dancing is a pain that can’t be touched, and the hard-working smile no longer explains the wonder of happiness.   The new year, said a new beginning. However, the sorrow of accompanying life has not been taken away by time, and the period has not yet ended.   Accidentally let tears blur the line of sight and never appreciate the graceful dance of snowflakes, and never find the melody that can bleach the soul.. Embracing love, I walked a long way, but I couldn’t meet with warmth. At which intersection did I look for beauty and wait for my corner. Perhaps I expected to overdecorate the happiness written on paper, so fate gave me a cruel humor and stubborn joke.. Thank them for their indifference to me and let me understand the meaning of hypocrisy in the night.  If one day the snowflakes are no longer white, the sky will no longer shine.   Sometimes I feel that the scenery that is about to be forgotten is just passing by yesterday. The abstract distance is always a blockage that I can’t scale until it can be ignored.. Perhaps the beautiful thing is always passing by but not holding each other’s hands, but also blaming the time difference that can’t be corrected in fairy tales.. When warmth is no longer the happiness of hugging, the story is just a painful ending dangling in front of us..   ( to be continued. ) ) always hate others to say sorry casually, but now only to find that there is nothing special about oneself, just like those three words that I can’t help but want to tear my heart away.. I’m sorry, it’s my fault that I was childish and wrong. It’s nothing. How can I easily surround others’ feelings with myself?. It turned out that those relationships that I always thought were very close were so distant. When I found myself alone and quietly accompanying me, I didn’t know that they or didn’t mean to ignore my feelings.. A child who does not have the courage to touch any happiness that doesn’t belong to me because of its warm existence, but why haven’t you appeared yet, and whether the departure I’m looking forward to is still a person watching the evening when the days are over?… It’s not that injustice infests my heart and makes me stubborn to doubt everything imposed by reality. It’s just that my fragile heart doesn’t want to experience any more waves.. Afraid of being alone or trying to get used to it, I know that no matter how I walk into the crowd, I can’t convince my feelings to accommodate all the stars. Warm spring.   A child, if I don’t get lost in the ambiguity of the season, the winter will come to an end. I have always felt a long and long journey, as if accustomed to the cold day by day wrapping my heart around aimlessly walking in this season. What hopes or disappointments are no longer mixed with the feeling of uncertainty.. I know you didn’t show up, even the time to look at me was reluctant to give alms. As usual, the sky is dressed in black plain clothes. I can’t let go of every unhappy memory that I expected to cut.. It turns out that the weather that is not accepted by early spring can still stubbornly blossom charming scenery, and that beauty is not the feeling I expect to meet, but it also has no intention of getting drunk and hazy.. However, those things that I thought I could close my eyes and not see were abruptly engraved in my memory and deeply imprinted in the reincarnation. Anyway, the habit of silence can always prevaricate and elaborate an explanation, so all right.   Perhaps, at the end, not far away.   Closing, Goodbye, Sleeping.   I want to go to the end and only tell myself cruelly that this winter has quietly ended. Although time has given me enough support to wait for a child to come, I can’t let the hope of spring break its wings. Maybe heaven has arranged for me to leave in that country too late to see each other again, maybe we have already unknowingly missed each other’s hands, and I would rather believe that this winter is still raging cold than nod the sadness destined for fate..   I don’t know when the earth will stop turning stubbornly. I don’t want to see endless darkness after dusk, because if the sun rises tomorrow, I can look forward to the unreal fairy tales and the lies and promises I gave myself when I was lonely and helpless. I know that as long as I open my eyes, it will be an empty space, but I can’t let go..   Try to persuade myself to return to the past and stop laughing at my speechless indifference. Maybe reality is too realistic, maybe hypocrisy is even more hypocritical, but now I have no strength to identify the curse of the left-leaning and right-leaning because the gloomy sky will not welcome gorgeous lights and will never.   I think silence is the best way, knowing and not knowing can no longer easily touch sensitive mistakes. Since such existence itself has no happiness of existence, can I choose to choose my own way in silence after being wronged for too long, and no longer submit to humiliation. Maybe sometimes I have offended many and many people by incoherent remarks, but who saw my pillow towel with tears in the night, all of them don’t know and will never know.   Some kid, I’m tired of listening. Thank you. The original two simple words can reflect a heavy and heavy burden. I really can’t afford it.   What they didn’t mean to say was deeply branded on my heart. I will always remember, because at that moment I bowed my head in cowardice and incompetence, but they did not see the hatred released in my eyes.   I always told myself that I would not see anything after I had endured it, but their words left me with no way to face them, and even despised contempt did not strike my heart deeply.. Before I have no power to raise my head, I can still choose not to resist silence. Maybe they will always be so high above me, but I will always be the object of their insult.. Thanks to their unintentional slander, I will never forget it.   A child, I hope you can understand my heart, and you will give me strong courage after the wind blows and the rain blows..   I can bear silently without self – esteem, can not say a word of confrontation, can even hurt myself, but I will retaliate. Accustomed to such a life, I no longer care about the environment around me. Anyway, no matter where I am, I will enjoy the same treatment. I will not deliberately avoid the imminent injury. On the contrary, I will firmly remember every insulted picture. Maybe I will double the repayment one day. Please don’t hate me. I can have the pain they deliberately gave me and I should accept the sadness I gave back..   It wasn’t my aloofness and indifference that made me reticent, but I didn’t dare to express myself easily after listening to their words.. No matter what I say will be denied, it is redundant explanation. Since I can’t obey their meaning, can I choose silence, even if I am misunderstood, it will be more comfortable than being scolded. Ignoring the explanation can be regarded as nothing happened, but anger will hurt my thin heart, and I will remember.   The April sandstorm dirties the sky of this season, how to purify the past to be washed. I know there are some things that are worth remembering, but life is complicated and I will not organize the disordered youth..   How many wronged nights can I feel the night’s black sobbing secretly, but I can’t feel the breath condensation on the top of my head but I feel the wet corner of my eye, so I don’t want to tell anyone about the unknown sadness. Since it is an idea I don’t know, why waste too much saliva?. I can go on silently all the time, that is, the night can let me release my inner depression without scruples, and I can quietly not make any unnecessary explanation for the sadness I am used to..   What all can be indifferent servants and dust, anyway sad and won’t pick up happiness discarded by who. Smile is always the happiness written on the face that can disguise the extreme pain in my heart. The warmth I can’t snuggle up to can only let decadent temporarily occupy the gray world, but I firmly believe that unhappiness will always leave far away..   I can’t change my stubborn heart. I always feel that I can never find a place to live, so I feel like a street doll no matter where I walk.. I can’t deny that I am loved at least now, but the promise I can’t give just doesn’t want to accumulate regret in the future. I know that I don’t deserve to love you but rarely respond. I also want to keep the hand I’ve held close to the ends of the earth, but I can’t be so firm yet..  The good feeling of quietness does not want to be destroyed by memories. I know that only the hourglass is quietly recording the elapsed time, and those vaguely colored past seems like poison can paralyze the mood of this moment at any time. I don’t want to be held up by the locked story, and I will wipe away the tears in my eyes until the yellow past marks one day..   No one can understand me.  [ bailing ][ caring ][ caring ]a child, although you haven’t appeared yet, I can still feel the existence of happiness. I understand, no matter what, at least I’m still alive.   Camouflage, so tired. I hear the cry of who I am, the cry of my lost soul in my dream, and in what way can I convince myself that happiness will wait for me at the next corner.   If there were no quarrels and jokes, I would hardly have pulled myself back from the edge of darkness, because they didn’t understand me, and I would have understood to complain that I would have clearly memorized those images of humiliation..   I know that the gray day seems to me to only aggravate the sadness, and how to calm it down in a certain corner of my heart.   Every time those images that are hard to remember flash across from my mind, I feel a cool feeling that I can’t describe. I know very well that because I have nothing, I can’t make public when I stand in front of them.. They are always so high above me that I dare not resist the arrogance. I know that I am not qualified and have no capital to speak too much now, but please don’t forget that nothing will be permanent. One day I will stride back to my dignity through those humiliations..   I haven’t enjoyed the night scenery for a long time, not because I don’t like to be in the night sky of the city, but because of the fast pace and chaotic and noisy life, I have been deterred..   Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a place to settle down and settle down the kindness in the soul. They gave me too many words and dirty faces that I didn’t mean to slander, so I was full of terror and resentment towards the world.. I know that I still have no choice but to remain silent, not because I am not good at counterattacks, but because of their greatness, I am used to submit to humiliation.. In short, thank you.   Learn to grow up. Maybe there will be the end of the world. I don’t know how much time I have left to look up. Don’t try to cherish the present with happiness greater than sadness, instead of tears that hate and don’t smile all your life.. Tomorrow, I can think of a few more in such a quiet way.   Dreams were not worth pondering too much, but waking up in the middle of the night made me timidly far away from loneliness. Once, no one was allowed to exist for myself, but now it seems that I can no longer bear the haze of one person.. It turns out that habits are only occasionally escaped from occasional escape.   The weather began to warm up and occasionally green shoots sprouted from branches. I think spring has finally arrived.   A certain child, we are destined to depend on each other for companionship and go through four seasons to see all the vicissitudes of life day and night.. Sometimes, it seems like a lifetime away. You are so far away from me.   Or this night, when the whole world quieted down, his body tightly shrank into a mass of rambling imagination for a long time to come.   Never forget: study hard and repay your parents well in the future.[ Original ]  .   Try to convince yourself to lose the past and believe that tomorrow will be beautiful. Loneliness in the night will no longer bother you and tell you to refuse to give up in the future.. Waving away my memories makes dreams kiss sweetly, hoping happiness will not embrace the new air with open arms far away. Can you pull me to a strange world to search, vaguely remember who stopped there and looked up at the tracks of birds in the sky.   Feeling the warmth not only belongs to the sufferer, it turns out that a person who is in the same mood can be placed in it as well..   But now the barren youth is still stubbornly waiting for the dead field, and even if more fertilizer is applied and more water is poured, the beauty of flowers everywhere will no longer be appreciated. I know that time has gone too far and too much joy can be expected..   Such as one day when a person walks alone in a strange street, perhaps the sadness from the bottom of his heart will slowly devour the accumulated loneliness, and the excuse is only that he is accustomed to wandering alone but cannot accept a person’s lonely trip..   One day, when familiarity becomes strangeness and strangeness circles in the same place, what is there in life worth waiting for in your life.   Gradually, it was discovered that what I was not used to saying didn’t like listening to others say to me. Perhaps it was the fast pace of reality. We also gradually lost our understanding of each other. It turned out that some things, like feelings, could be thrown aside casually. How should I face such a dirty world.   It turns out that some of my self-righteous strength is so fragile and vulnerable. It turns out that some of the feelings I cherish are not as warm as I thought. Originally, I was not a gift from God, but felt that I suddenly saw through something that could not be investigated but hurt my heart..   Who said, a family, a lifetime.   No longer dare to let oneself believe the promises they have said. Maybe our contacts are only temporary perfunctory. They misunderstand the true meaning of family ties, which leads to my hatred. In the future, one day, we will go to the end of the world and no longer explain the meaning of family members together. It is not my selfish choice to leave without company, but that they need to take some responsibility for what they have said..   I came to my world but soon disappeared. How many people are the warmth I can’t keep. When I suddenly found out one day that everything I did was misunderstood, and where to find the courage to face such an abominable world, I finally realized that no matter what happened, it was fair and we couldn’t change the balance principle of the balance..   At last, I realized that nothing exists absolutely. Since I can’t stick to or make right or wrong promises, I’ll try to give myself some benefits to lose those absolute ones I once said. I can only try to change myself when I don’t have the power to change others..   Feelings always start quietly breeding a lot of strange ideas in the dead of night. Maybe this moment can count fingers to recall the past, but I don’t know how to protect those feelings that seem like dreams before they die..   Cool summer.   It is really impossible to predict how many such nights will not be able to open my eyes after the end of the night. I have many beautiful dreams but see others holding them. Will those things that are expected never be illuminated by reality.   I don’t know what kind of joke heaven is fooling me with, but the happiness of every warm hope is the opposite result. Is such cruelty an additional setback to fate, that I would rather think upside down than face such sadness.   A child whose smile I should see can have the courage to comfort myself. If you can take me out of this messy world, then I believe I can get rid of the sadness that has been lingering, but it’s a pity that you have not come yet.   I was wondering if something once got used to it would last forever..I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose something or give up something. Maybe I am used to waiting patiently at the origin, but my heart is tightly holding on to the past so that I have no strength to escape.. I don’t know what unexpected sadness this persistence will bring to me.   This season, gardenia blossoms are fragrant and floating thousands of miles, as if they were decorated with many layers and still can feel the deepest tangles..   I don’t know what kind of tomorrow the sunrise after the night will give me. The happiness I fought for with my hands is also fragile.. Clearly, I didn’t see through the world’s sorrow, but why can I panic my heart for one thing? I can never explain who will hold my pulse.   I often dare not try subtle movements because I am afraid that the lights around me will catch my hands shaking violently.. As if I could never calm down and enjoy a moment’s comfort, will it one day even my heartbeat jump to the limit and stop my breathing.   I guess I never got anything full of expectation, so I was used to preparing for the worst, and asked me where to find self-confidence to continue to hold on to the hope that had not yet arrived. I was used to the feeling of saving air, so I was numb to waiting for happiness and joy..   Just understand, originally loneliness included loneliness, originally I have been complaining about the mood is also looking forward to someone to hug me. Please forgive me for not being able to let go and not feel sad until now, because they have given me too much pain to hurt my heart, and the desire to never talk can only comfort myself that no one understands me.   The power went out, and the darkness seemed not to have too much fear in the quiet piano sound, but it would make me feel that the whole world has abandoned me but those beating notes are still with me.. How ashamed to face up to my sins and make up for my previous mistakes, I know that whatever I do will be calm, but I’m sorry to write in my heart how I choose to shake my head safely..   If my nerves can freeze all wounds if it is cold, then I hope winter will come soon to give me the coldest dust seal. This season’s heat wrapped the whole body and almost choked the memory, but asked me to so hard to forget’s beauty and weeping that once stayed in my diary.. Standing on the platform of time can’t tell right from left, and can’t measure the distance between dream and reality..   I can’t read the freshness of the green shade at dusk, but the heat still depends on not walking with the hot air to write a dazzling pain..   There are some things that have been put in a certain place for three years without moving. When I looked through the past again, I found myself alone in their lives. Please forgive me for the sadness I didn’t mean to give, and I will also look at the figure leaving in this sad season with mixed feelings..   They don’t notice, what they say and do is never the same as reality.   They said that life is very short and I should cherish what I have in front of me. I also tried to make myself grasp everything now with my heart, but I finally could not resist the imagination of the future.. I think about everything very far and far. Perhaps such complexity itself is a struggle that doesn’t matter, but the cruelty that I also want to throw away from my heart is hard to get.   I know that when dreams are broken by reality, regrets have no meaning. But I would rather watch the sad attack than let go of my heart’s expectations. I don’t know how many such July with fierce sun can’t see tomorrow.   After a long time of injustice, I never thought about who to confide the most true feelings to. I still pretended to be indifferent with my head held high when I shed tears.. I also don’t know what kind of tunnel my mind is shuttling through, but I like to pretend everything about me, and I will always get used to it even if I am misunderstood and laughed at.. I don’t know who can inject a kind of warmth and sweetness into my heart, so that I can face it firmly when I am frustrated and helpless..   Is it because the mood I want to express will gradually lose its shape as time goes by, and I can’t find a complete feeling to remember the sadness that overflows?. Maybe the sun has drained the flower words flowing in my mind that have not yet bloomed, but I don’t want to see the beauty of the dried-up life without a drop to show off.   I don’t know how long such troubles will continue to be useless complaints.   I watched them full of elegant dance steps, but I felt a sense of sadness in my heart. The note of happiness and happiness seems to be able to cross the millennium, but the harmonious picture is not my space. Standing in the crowded square, my figure is still so lonely that I will not take the initiative to pursue the existence of happiness, so even if I am in the crowd, I will only see their happiness.   Finally, I realized that what I used to do was only those behaviors that I didn’t like, but what I wasn’t used to was the feeling of being mixed up in unhappiness..   A child, I will choose to continue waiting for your appearance this summer, please give me hope, even if it is saved.   I don’t know if it was my carelessness or your quiet turn. I seem to have seen the memory that passed in front of me a long time ago. I still don’t have the courage to go to you and repeat my deep-seated oath of immortality.. I understand that you will not take my hand to take me out of this uproar, because there are signs of others stopping in your sky for ever.   Sometimes, I just hope to see you one more time, but even the chance to see you one more time will not be given to me by God.. No matter how hard I pray, I won’t catch your eyes. That beauty can only fill in the vague blank in my dream.. I saw your smile. It was really beautiful. It was beautiful..   How many childish and ignorant thoughts are still hovering in my mind. I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow or even later. I have turned around the time axis for more than 20 times but still can’t read the years I passed. I just hope one day someone will understand my mood and can accompany me to talk..   I don’t know what mistake I made to make them scold me so horribly, but even if they didn’t complain about me, I would blame myself in my heart, but they wouldn’t find how far-fetched the smile on my face is, and they still didn’t shut up and stop feeling sorry for me..   Yes, I only keep silent with my head down and smile with them.   Why are they always so simple and easy to say, have they ever considered it from my point of view, even a little bit I will be glad they won’t say the same harm again.   The weather should not be blamed. In fact, there is no such heat. I think my heart is as manic as it is, as if it suddenly blurs the world carved by dreams..   Just being silent and not talking doesn’t mean you don’t have any ideas. I don’t know how much I will lose with the passage of time. I have never enjoyed the loss with my heart, but I never really had anything at that time..   I admit that what I despise is just because I am incomplete. I should be envious far more than flattering. How can such psychology be repaired in exchange for the original admiration. Every time I see others realize my dream, I can’t help but hate why I always walk slower than them, and no one can answer me.   Enron walked in the desolate world only to be lonely and spread all over the sky. It was my naivety who chose the wrong route, so happiness gradually turned away from me at a certain angle. How can such sorrow describe the gorgeous scenery?.   I will never expect the warmth to melt the cold I piled up, whether it be my indifference or their ignorance, the country I pursue will not imitate anyone’s life.I won’t say how unique I am or impose any other identity on me. I’m just me.   I don’t know what kind of mood it is to write these words when I’m bored, and I don’t know what kind of spark these messy words will wipe out when I put them together.. I didn’t expect to lose these bags on the road alone one day, because if I abandon them, I really can’t find any objects to put on..   Until now, no one can understand my words. Sometimes hateful I just want them to simply understand my expression, but no one will ever see my inner feelings. Such occasional extravagance is also slowly diminishing, and how can I always put happiness on my lips.   I can keep smiling every day. If I want to make them happy, I can do anything. But please don’t over guess how hypocritical my goodwill disguise is. I didn’t mean to show them, just to cater to their smile, that’s all.   A child, almost a full circle, this autumn of the year is not far away, is it.   There is a feeling of indescribability that seems puzzling. Is it because I have walked through these places that I have so many old but beautiful words, or do they have buried their roots here for a long time?.   Once a familiar melody can still be heard many times, and some forgotten pictures will quietly come to mind, but it is still sad until now. How to hold on to the moment’s happiness and not let her slip away? The tears secretly shed can’t obscure your far-away figure. This is my unintentional imagination but all my feelings are pinned on it..   There is nothing else but to play a warm and beautiful note for you, so I will study a musical instrument hard.  .   I have to admit that I lost all along after the foot of time, and I was in such a mess that I finally couldn’t walk in front of time. No matter how much I hold the memory of the past just over a second, I was still far behind by time..   Maybe I won’t choose to hold on to the better things and release the ordinary memories, because I always feel that whatever I write with my life is just like how my children want me to give up. But I also did not think that even such comprehensive or abandoned myself in the end.   I only know that no matter what happens or something happens, there is always a reason for it. It was because they never asked me why, that I gradually got used to being misunderstood. I don’t want to talk too much. I don’t need to talk about unimportant things for what I don’t have. I still don’t understand if I don’t understand them after all..   This silence for many years has long been used to every day without happiness, because I always worry about whether there will be any unhappiness after this second. This is a psychological’ tie’ that I can’t get rid of, but the secret I once told who is really my heart but they don’t feel the warmth..   A child, this night with more rain, can also give me a warm feeling after settling down and being quiet. The autumn of this year is coming towards me, but I don’t know whether to hug it with both hands or turn away, because I have been standing in this place for a long time but still can’t see how far happiness is..   I admit that my selfishness has always been obvious. I can’t do a great job of treating everyone because the environment I live in always makes me.   Light autumn.   August has gone, September has come, and the autumn of this year is also coming slowly. The fallen leaves that I have enjoyed for many years will cover the land of this season. Those memories that have been buried deeper and deeper will never decay, but they can still be clearly touched up until now.. I can’t describe how the sadness inside the entanglements will still hurt a few autumn days. I can’t walk out of the world full of sadness and choose to face it with a smile..   I won’t reveal the true feelings easily any more. After trying, I threw off my hope for a long time.. Because I found that no one really understood my heart, perhaps my hypocrisy concealed my true face. Even so, I won’t try to open my hands to pursue happiness that doesn’t belong to me.   I don’t know forever. Maybe passivity has long been used to buying. I didn’t explain any redundant ideas. It was my fault from the beginning to the end anyway. It wasn’t my complaint that life was not perfect, but their response made me afraid to accept it.. However, I still want to thank God for such fairness.   In this way, three years have passed, but a person walking in the street that he has never known will still be unable to help recalling the mood and picture at that time.. If you can, how would you like time to go back to let everything come back. I know that my nostalgia has been reluctant to erase every memory. Sadness or happiness is no longer important.   Sometimes, a person standing on the balcony at dusk will flash across the idea of ending all this. Because the pressure of reality makes me out of breath, but I just feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Maybe it will be relieved forever after the end, but I am not willing to. Over the years, I have exhausted all my efforts to pave the way and can’t quit halfway. I can’t imagine how long I can continue this ordeal. I hope the merciful god can sympathize with my plot.   A child came quietly after a rain this autumn, as if the same feeling as last year, when the seasons change, his mood will gradually change into sadness similar to autumn, but all this, I like it very much, but I am at a loss because I can’t find the most original meaning, life and who will tell me the true meaning of it in this land where the land is in turmoil..   If there is regret in what has been done, can the ignorance at the beginning offset some mistakes. It should be that I can’t tell what is worth cherishing and what should be given up, so I always worry about the past and the future. Some pictures are even more difficult to remember. I will choose to control my window and door into the memory with my busy pastime. I deeply understand what kind of confusion I felt at that time..   Mid-autumn festival.   This year’s Mid – Autumn Festival doesn’t seem to be as warm as expected. The moon hung on the sky was so bright and perfect, and there was a small star next to it. I don’t know what kind of envy and loneliness I felt when I saw such a picture.. No one kept the reunion around me and asked me how to calm down and enjoy the moonlight in the distance. The longer I stay, the more sad I will be..   Maybe there will be more days of wandering in the future. For the sake of my short dreams, I will continue to contact strangers in strange environments. How long will it take before my heart can feel warm and happy on the Mid – Autumn Festival of a certain year.   Is it possible to say so, but if you get used to it, you will become willing. In fact, there are many times when some language can be said without saying it. Those who have been dizzy don’t need to be saved by force anyway. I don’t know how the night is dark and the day can understand the loneliness of the stars..   I can only say that I am using all my compassion to hide my deep hatred, not that some positions do not show ignorance without words, not that all thoughts and feelings have to be written on my face.  Their haughtiness is something I can’t learn all my life. Will modesty die? Why should I stand so high and despise looking down. I once said that maybe it was because I didn’t have it that I was jealous, and even then I wouldn’t belittle my power..   My dream, other people’s reality, perhaps the saddest emotion is like this. I know that reluctance is not the way to get happiness after all, but how can I be willing to shed tears if I distort my heart?.   I think one day my inner uneasiness will be released to my heart’s content. A child, you haven’t seen how complicated my mood was when I was nervous. I will try to create an external calm in order not to show my uneasiness, but even if I try again, I will show my true feelings, because I gradually feel the shortness of breath that makes me afraid to move easily.. Even if I come over again and again seemingly calmly, there will always be a day of collapse. I just hope that I can come back later because I haven’t enough courage to receive the eternal sleep..   Before, I wrote many and many words to record every day’s life. I left that feeling clearly whether I was happy or sad, but now I don’t want to look at those yellow words because they can’t reflect the warmth or sadness given by reality.. Who can tell me exactly how to keep that heart at the same frequency forever to avoid waves, and I don’t know how to hold my pulse to be cool.   I can’t blame fate for letting me endure such suffering at this age. How can I enrich my simple emotions without the chance to come to the world.   The city lights, can not so shiny.   Memories of the past will remain in the past and will always be treasured.   The dance at night was wonderful in the warm square, but where did my company fly. Looking at their happy and sweet embrace, uneasiness poured into the mind from the bottom of my heart, and sadness that I could never erase began to fill the air.. And who can read the picture behind my mood, perhaps my disguise deceived many feelings that were not understood, so what, even if I tried to express my inner feelings without hurting, I could not avoid being conquered by habit..   How long can you hold on to that heart, and will you stop moving before I am happy and in the future?. It’s always easy and easy to get nervous. I’m worried about how much you can’t bear the pain, but I can’t protect you..   The streets in autumn are so sad that a person will unconsciously think a lot of things when walking quietly, and the memories together seem to be covered with sadness with fallen leaves.. There are some things I chose to let go but never cut off. There should be no way to completely lose memory, so I will not forget the past for a moment..   I have never felt the warmth of my home well because of my flesh and blood.. To my elders, I didn’t resist and didn’t answer back, but I was wronged and even smiled with tears in my eyes, just to show my strength and equanimity. I chose not to cry, but they wouldn’t see how sad I was..   Sometimes I also want to head down in search of eternal relief, but how can I end up like this before I win back my self – esteem, so I will still be responsible for my own life.   No matter how sad things happen, I will bury the blame in my heart, because I don’t want them to know how fragile I am and how strong my self-esteem is..   Some things will not be diluted by time, and some memories can still clearly reproduce the previous mood even if they are covered with more dust.. I knocked gently on the window of the dream, but it was pushed back by the dream. The happiness walking in the dreamland will not melt the cold reality after all, I understand.   There are a few things I have done that can smile when I recall them, but it seems that I will never find the warmth that belongs to me..   Autumn, looking forward to such a season, but afraid to face such an unpleasant situation, because the paintings of withered and cold sketches are not properly appreciated.   Late autumn.   It’s so cold that I didn’t notice that the grass trees on the campus have lost their original smiles. Is this season bound to embrace so many inexplicable and wonderful sorrows?.   In the past few years, I have never returned to the happiness of a long, long time ago. What is hateful is that my memory is like a knife that has plunged into a corner of my heart. I have not tried to forget anything and it is impossible to forget anything. What happened in the past will not be wiped out by cruel time, and some things will not be killed like life..   I can’t say for sure whether it is distance or growth or some feelings have alienated a lot. Opening the phone book seems to have a lot of names that have not been touched by fingers, but I don’t know if there is any possibility of dialing those numbers.. Maybe time has let me lose a lot of things and I don’t like to confide my thoughts to anyone any more. Some relationships are also falling apart unconsciously.. Should think like this, there won’t be anyone who will accompany him forever, only a shadow can accompany his life alone, but this season can’t see the faithful friend on the ground without the warmth of sunshine..   I never dared to think about what kind of sorrow it would be if I lived in fear and fear all my life.. I don’t know what kind of reality has given me to calm that panic heart. She is more and more rampant, but I am more and more afraid to act easily.. I just hope to give me more time to fulfill my little dream while I try my best to protect it..   I’ve done too many stupid things that can’t be redeemed, but if time doesn’t go back, it can’t be remedied.. I’ll regret it. I always regret it. I don’t have a firm grasp to do one thing at a time..   I’ve been in this city for three years, but I don’t feel familiar with it. I feel new every time I walk in the street at night..   Lonely road, lonely month, suddenly remind of who is happy. Miss is, the original steps, some memories are still very clear. I don’t know how to be exiled and how to return to the original country.   Time just taught me how to understand the true meaning of life, but I couldn’t enjoy these years of existence. I think no matter how much things turn, they will return to the origin again at the end. It is the beginning and the end there.. There is a kind of depression that I don’t know whether it is the pain given by the reality or the torture imposed by the dream. No one who can speak can only bear it by himself, but the pain is very painful. Does my indifference cover my inner weakness permanently on my face? Who will tell me what kind of feeling warmth is?.   I’m sorry, but I refused. I just don’t want to owe too much, so I will decline their help to balance my psychological uneasiness.. A child, do you understand my idea, do you want to take me away. For nearly a year, even the flowers have gone through the whole process of blooming and withering, but I still stay in waiting time for you to come and take me away.   Let me simply remember a love I gave up.  It has been a long time since I wrote some words that have nothing to do with life in such a quiet night with the mood of seasonal interpretation. I no longer rely on my memory to carve the warm days of tomorrow, nor will the clothes on the surface of life be so gorgeous that I can’t see the delicate appearance..   Pain is how much pain, hold the pulse can not stop tangled in the heart of the ups and downs of contradictions do not fall. It turns out that remembering and forgetting can both deplete the nerve involved in memory.   I admit that I gave up the happiness I should have embraced, came to the world once and chose to refuse to be loved for me. Some pictures of those tracks recorded by time were also fixed there.   Without the comfort of sunshine, even migratory birds are not willing to miss the scenery destroyed by the season.. Perhaps, after leaving and becoming familiar with the sad feelings of the world, I no longer miss the initial meeting..   If you are the whole of my life, I will fly to your side one second in advance to protect you when the wind blows.   But life seems to have no beauty of fairy tale weaving, and some plots are not tears that intention can replace.. Quietly, want to have no margin.   With life as the business, happiness and sadness as the divisor, how can such a formula be calculated to clear away the haze on the top of the head from yesterday’s hesitation.   It’s getting cold. It’s time to add clothes. You can’t let the cold seep into your heart to cool your dreams all the way. Some pictures that have been seen with their eyes closed in the middle of the night may also be visited after dawn.   As I grew up, I also gradually became unfamiliar with those vague or clear feelings.   Thank you, you gave me the love I couldn’t let go, just like the maple leaf’s feeling of relying on autumn, without the fated vows of eternal love, but holding on to the past as if it were not willing to let go after the separation..  .   Melting autumn.   This is our anniversary.   For a year, also in this chilly October, also in this sad season, every footprint was so frivolous that it could not find a circuit to map the year’s journey..   Also lying on this bed, I don’t know how much emotion I’ve hollowed out with expectation and depression behind my back..   You’ve never seen how sad my face is. Perhaps the smile has humbled this hard-won desolation.. Sometimes there is no way to let go of the severe heartache. In this small corner, I won’t welcome anyone easily and let indifference continue to be indifferent to the existing feeling..   The happiness that has been shelved is not the tragedy of fate’s forced arrangement, but the fact that I am too stubborn and too hesitant to turn around halfway.. However, the stars in the night sky will also care about the sunshine during the day when they choose the moon. However, many regrets can be decided again without changing hands..   No longer use habit as an excuse, because nothing new has been discovered again. No matter how to repeat the repetition, the door in my heart is more and more tightly closed, so let’s just say no to it all.   Only you know, if one day I laugh wildly, it will not be me.   There are many things that will become greasy after a long time, and time has given me a greedy thought.   Their haughtiness and elegance are noble that I have never learned in my life. I only listened to them perfunctorily for the sake of calm, but I never thought of getting rid of the so-called dross.. Is mine, I will take good care, not mine, nor envy.   I’m commemorating the time that belongs to us.   Some moods are always depicted repeatedly, some words can even see its position without luster, and there is a kind of ruin that is a gift from time to time to my baby..   The memory that opens, the past that does not open. I don’t know how long I’ll have to stay in this world for rambling gossip.   A child, how long is a year, how do you let me continue to wander in the disappointment of waiting.   Years begin.   There are always places on the earth’s surface where the sun can’t shine, and even the beautiful scenery can’t be seen by the naked eye..   Life is impermanent, and no one knows when he will leave the world. Time gives me the insight that he will strive to realize his dream in his lucky existence. There is no absolute limit between right and wrong. Living well is the greatest kindness and reward to life..   At the beginning of November, the weather was much cooler, and the sub-zero cold spread over all parts of the body..   Lying in bed quietly remembering the happiness or sadness that those efforts could not recall.   Some of them have been wound round and round with regret in the past, but what is hateful is that they can never hope for the next tomorrow with both sides.. No matter whether the process is sad or happy, it can’t deceive the end. I can’t feel a little warm on such a cold night. Is the air there also frightening to breathe?.   I know some words can’t explain anything. I don’t want to be sweet, so I plundered injustice that doesn’t belong to me. Every flash of these memories will touch my nerves and can’t be redeemed..   Occasionally, I also want to cry and indulge my feelings, but I can’t let the weakness hiding in my heart flock to my face and keep going strong..   It is because I am used to attachment that I can’t bear to give up. All the past about me seem to be smeared with traces of time in my life, and I can’t define whether I want to stay subjectively or passively. Anyway, all the memories are the same and I won’t let go..   There are some things that I am not willing to snub, but forced by life. I was wondering if I missed all the time when I was going to make a good recovery, but even if I had to face such sorrow, I couldn’t let it go. Although I couldn’t measure the relative importance, I knew what I wanted most wasn’t the happiness I abandoned now.. So it’s my fault. Please forgive me.   Suddenly felt that the future road seemed more confused, and some uneasiness began to revolve around expectation..   One, will the bright light you gave me in your dream shine on reality? Tomorrow I can’t see is also a bright spring that I can’t control..  No matter how big the world is, one will finally go alone, but the guild without direction will not go to the end of the earth. No company, no loneliness.   beginning of winter, the weather is cold again how much, leaves piled up several layers.   If one day it is found that life recorded in such words has no memorable value, will it continue to flood with such handwriting. I’m still using some innocuous words to describe my mood of not living.   I will never ask others what they will do to me, but I will never mistreat others. When I am quiet, I think about who has thought for me, and I have always choked up and swallowed the injustice I was thrown into. How great is this greatness.   I think, one day, familiarity will become distant and strangeness will gradually disappear.. I don’t know in which city I will meet a group of people in the future, and then gradually become familiar with them and continue to enjoy the unhappiness similar to that of today..   Just want to say, not that I won’t refute, just to preserve the warmth that can be narrowly defined, that’s all.   Perhaps, sometimes it is my selfishness that has cooled the situation that could have been warm, and I also admit that it is my selfishness that has spawned many dispensable misunderstandings..  .   Reed’s cold in the middle of the night can penetrate into every part of the body. Even memories seem to hibernate and remind me of the unhappy past.   One, I don’t know how happy they think I am to show little sadness. Those wounds accumulated in my heart are the pain I never wanted to express, but I just didn’t want them to see my weak side so I didn’t tell them, but that’s the way it is, it is always vilified as indifference..   My world did not dare to look up at the clouds because it could not appreciate the charming romance. It was the joke of life that gave me only loss forever..   I don’t like being alone. I’m lonely.   All the happy or unhappy pickets have no rest in the gap of time. I won’t go away from the world I love, and those memories of Reed Road are full of unhappiness..   There was also the warmth they gave me, but it was covered by Reed’s sadness in my sky, so I couldn’t taste the warmth..   Sometimes, listening to a song, unlimited single cycle, hearing to vomit all don’t want to stop the beat of the rhythm until the end of the earth.   It is often said that the beginning and end of another tragedy should not blame fate but complain about the desolation given by heaven all the time.. At last, I am a loner who likes to wander alone. Some happiness is a feeling I can’t experience in this life.. However, I still want to thank God for his kindness to me, always giving me a little hope close to despair in my saddest moment, and I will be satisfied for the time being..   I have written so many words about my mood, even some of them describe the pain caused by needle pricking, and some of them are still difficult to describe after settling down..   I can’t say for sure what kind of gray life is embedded in the long river of fate. Some feelings can’t always be replaced by words. I’m sorry to walk in the vicissitudes of life and every memory hides scars..   Why is the ear still so noisy after such a quiet night? What voice makes my pulse unable to find coordinates to rely on in the chaos? There is a panic that is not a surge that I can clearly describe.   When the cold spreads a layer of frost on the surface of this season, desolation will begin to rage endlessly, and the mood will drive into more difficult desolation with the pace of winter..   Or happy or sad, or strange or familiar, always leave alone.   I can’t predict what kind of life I will experience in the future, but no one will always be around me like a shadow, and there is a small self in the big world..   This year’s snow seems to come later, so their romance will not affect my loneliness for the time being. Like this moment in the middle of the night, holding a mobile phone to quietly remember the idea at this time is very comfortable but difficult to cover up the pain in my heart, because some wounds will always come uninvited in the dead of night and I can’t stop it..   Fortunately, I can still feel a little warmth in this winter night. I don’t know whether gratitude is greater than resentment or hate is greater than grace. Sometimes the feeling from family ties always touches the softest part of my heart, even tears are defeated.. But how those feelings that I have been away from approach in a flash is torture and confusion.   I was used to the suffering of injuries and injuries and no longer yearned for affectionate tenderness. I was very free.   Tomorrow is vague. I don’t know which city will stop for which love and hate one day. Perhaps the young life can only feel the deepest warmth and loneliness with the wandering youth, but how to comfort the restless soul by wandering alone will also lead to loneliness and disorientation..   This period of time began to suffer from insomnia again, and I couldn’t feel what kind of boiling in my mind seemed to spread like a drained memory..   I didn’t treat life with sincerity, but sometimes I was defeated by desire..   Full of dust, the way back is dirtier. Even walking is afraid of not seeing the direction ahead. It is only sadness that has flowed from 20 years of experience, without an end..   There are some things on the edge of doing and not doing that have already given up the object of choice. You are not the flower of my dream and I will no longer follow you..   Most of the time, I make arrangements first for the sake of peace, but I can’t be content with heartache after all for playing with heaven. I’d rather be misunderstood between hate and being hated..   The winter wind is like the pain of memory cone, never seeing the feeling of warmth and happiness like sunshine, perhaps this season is not as comfortable as I expected.   This is a cold and snowy season, not romantic, only lonely.   I can’t explain that I have been lonely for several years in this age but still have no habit of being young. I will continue to suffer unbearable loss after countless sleepless nights, but such suffering is like the pain of the wind blowing the fallen leaves, but I just didn’t talk to you..   Perhaps it is true to grow up a little and begin to no longer believe in the leap from strangeness to familiarity and then to confidant. The world never snuggles up to each other forever. The cherishing and warmth once sung in those songs are the envy and sadness that reality cannot give..   Reserved, after I was tired of watching the true and false deception, I let that heart lock down calmly, and feelings without language and time will not appreciate the intoxicating flowers everywhere. There are many people, just passers – by, who do not stay forever. We are all alone.   No matter how beautiful the scenery is, there is no sign of me there. I believe that after many years, when the memory is edited many times, I will never forget about it again, but some pain will be remembered in some corner of my heart for a lifetime..   Depressed and helpless as companions, commemorating this period of decadence in the youth Reid’s chaotic time.   It was a lot of night, but the deep sleep could not soothe the restless heart, and I was finally unable to completely fall into a coma.Even sometimes I feel that even sleeping becomes a burden.   Tired, sleepy and painful.   I also want to seize the last remaining barren period and write down some words closely related to my mood every night, but I finally find that the chaos I can’t write is also a long sad road I don’t want to hollow out..   Cold winter. Review.   It still looks good on the pillow, but their happiness will not enter my world.   I know how much I yearn for love and how much I reject it, so I want to control the burning of that flame, and I think I won’t indulge my feelings easily after I feel sad and happy..   I like the feeling of being surrounded by darkness. I lie in bed tightly huddled together and let my thoughts drift to my heart’s content..   Always face the world with a grateful heart. Thank you for entering or once entering the world that is no longer there.. Please forgive my thoughtlessness for not treating everyone with sincerity, even if I have been hurt, this day will also be cleared temporarily.   Thanks to my parents for their greatness and selflessness, I felt all the world’s home and no reason not to love..   Thanks to those who will treat me as a friend and think of them when I am most lonely and helpless..   Only occasionally do I feel that few people can empty my heart. Somehow, I opened my heart to you without covering up. Maybe there is no excuse to communicate, so my silence will block all, but there are also times when I feel deeply transparent..   If possible, I would like to exchange my departure for your happiness. I don’t know if heaven is laughing at my self – righteousness, but I didn’t use my pretence to deceive the embarrassment the world gave me..   Maybe we all hope for someone to accompany us. It should be the greatest loneliness to wander around the world.. It’s a pity that life is the fate of reality. The stubbornness embedded in life will not be melted. At most, it is still a person walking..   At the beginning of December, the fog – filled sky did not see the shadow of the sunset but entered the darkness. Even the afternoon days seemed to feel like two o’clock in the morning, while some pictures flashed in my mind..   I am afraid of being alone, and I miss the warmth of being held in my arms.   On this night in the deep winter, I curled up in a small bed and let my thoughts fly around, but some of the past will fly around endlessly. I can’t use happiness to end the love-hate struggle and never leave my memory. How to seize the beauty of life is a dream I will never learn in my life..   A feeling, a memory, a lifetime of beauty.   The dim lights outside the window fell on the night sky, as if the unseen memories were dancing in my heart. The past that is worth remembering is still reluctant to let go. I think the sad smell will only be stronger in the cold winter night..   Do I close my eyes and see you as the person I need to take care of all my life.   The city didn’t leave much memory about us, so I also chose to leave after this winter. The road we walked several times was covered with our footprints by passers – by, and finally some things disappeared after the passage of time..   Some happiness and pain are how deep they must be buried before they can touch the mood hidden in the shallowest layer, while some love can barely come.   One, I’m telling a true love that I abandoned.   May leave, but leaving does not mean that everything has been cut, and something engraved in our hearts will not be eroded or replaced by time..   I know that no matter how to fix it, it won’t be the same again. The buttons are missing and the sleeves are broken, as if all of them disappeared in a flash..   I remember the nights, the warmth.   I can’t say for sure what kind of mood I am remembering the love I crushed at this moment. Perhaps I should thank the time for these changes so that I can begin to savor the taste of this journey after passing by..   When expectations and fears strike at the heart at the same time, the future will panic and lose its desire. Always spend a lot of days surrounded by wounds in the struggle. How can this road go to an end without a chance to choose?.   Happy birthday.   Time has passed through my life again.   There is a feeling that when it happened, I didn’t feel it with my heart but stayed on the road in the future. I don’t know what kind of gap the mistake grew up in. After it happened, I realized that it was not as easy to leave the original as I thought..   No matter what I do not want to lose as long as I have been with me for a long time, even the mobile phone I have followed for three years will always be kept, not to mention those who have had so many memories with me.   I am not sure whether such a choice is right or wrong, but the relief I thought I could get soon after my separation is even more tangled with that heart. I miss the time we spent together.   How to say, on my birthday, I didn’t receive her blessing. I still have some loss. If I hadn’t remembered last year, I wouldn’t have felt sad now. I didn’t complain. I only blame myself for not having a good fortune..   Happy birthday, I said to myself.   I grew up another year. I was wondering if I could make up for my mistakes when I went through with my heart. Unfortunately, some opportunities were not reserved for me..   This year’s winter snow is really going to be late. The cold weather never showed signs of snow falling, and the simple and pure romance I expected was just a worry hanging in my heart before the snowflakes came into the future..   Some, it’s been more than a year, will I wait for you at the end of this winter…   Most of the time, when the coldness of the fingertip seeps into the whole body, how much I miss those old days in the past, the warmth I left in my youth will no longer warm my world. I think there are some things that I miss and have no chance to do again, just like feelings, I can’t do anything about it..   Who believes that I left because of helplessness, not without a trace of true love.   There is no logical explanation and no credible language. I know that injuries will accumulate more injuries after injuries, but the release I chose is still not completely released, but I can’t go back to the warmth I left behind..