How to combination skin care products to do these things

How to combination skin care products for combination skin is relatively difficult to care of a skin type, then mix in the end how to use skin care products do the following Xiaobian to tell us something about how the combination skin care products, these things do Ay!Mixed skin how to use skin care products 1, cleaning must be done。 MM who clean the skin of the face based on personal preferences, choose to use face cream or cleanser, pay attention to texture and mild stimulation, using up rich foam is the most important thing。 2, regular exfoliation。
Exfoliate to remove dead skin is produced, to do this work up to twice a week, the effect is a good choice point of exfoliating product, may also run out before putting fresh replenishment of the mask, the skin can be more supple oh。
3, with good Toner。 Toner is mixed skin care products must carry MM Oh, it shrink pores, moist and maintain the effect is very good too, usually graze again dipped into the toner with a cotton pad on the entire face, gently pat, you can keep the face not greasy, not dry。 How to combination skin suitable for all skin care products with skin care tips 1, Chacha will drink a day for all of us that are familiar to, and in addition to taste mellow, soothing and tea as well as good detoxification function, and consumption of a variety of benefits if the skin is very large, so more tea, not only add moisture, but also detoxifies, why not do it。 Where white tea, oolong tea and green tea skin care is very good tea, they can release the physical stress and prevent some skin problems, but also to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body。