The mood of staying by the river

The heat wave is like an invisible wind. The feeling of the whole body is like a heat wave when the steamed bun cage is opened, and the waves rush toward the body.. Not for a long time, the irritation in my heart forced people to be anxious. If it weren’t for some human cover, I really wanted to talk to the tree sparrow, why can it wander freely in the shade and enjoy the coolness of the branches and leaves? Can’t, it’s really hard to bear this kind of treatment from God. He found the tree sparrow’s cry and stepped on the growing green and came to the side of the running water..     A hug of thick poplars with thick leaves covered half of the courtyard ( the homestead granted by the government in the 1970s was four points large ), half covered the slope and half covered the running water, and came to the ground where the canopy was shadowed and saw few vegetation..     This is common sense. I can cook people under people, not trees under trees. When I went to primary school, I worked in the production team to see this kind of situation. The adults said that the teaching under that kind of situation at that time was definitely not just that kind of meaning. It is likely that people can adapt to a variety of environments..     Looking closely at the ground, it is moist and moist. It is also understandable that the sun is not shining, the wind is gentle under the tree, and the natural moisture will be preserved for a longer time.. However, this kind of environment has made me feel much better. It really didn’t take long for the sweaty back to have cool wind wafted across, the heart beat slowly down, and the quality of human nature also increased. The mood of return mended the culture and consciousness that I lost in my heart just now..     I feel that my satisfaction with my mood and consciousness is like the feeling of having attended a class and reaping a good harvest.. This kind of free training class makes me feel deeply. In such weather and under such circumstances, only this kind of environment can soothe me and elevate my mind and personality at a time.. Cool, at this time can let all life needs take a back seat. At this time, this wind tree, this stream of water, is the paradise of life I am chasing.     The wind is very quiet and the green space by the river is full of greenery. At this time, it highlights Nai’s thought-provoking self – restraint. The water reads a summer poem and sings happily with the participating birds and insects. Flowers and fragrance linger in the place of my thoughts.. I don’t know how I should be grateful to God. I just want to ask what God is.? How many kinds of beliefs we have set up with imagination, I feel that this grass, this flower, this tree and this brook are true. They give me a deep experience at this time. Who uses love to let my body, mind and spirit get the most beautiful share..     Water always produces so many continuous ripples that waves flock to my feet. Like flowing into my heart, washing the accumulated filth in my unconscious, my heart is not so heavy, and I feel relaxed and comfortable more and more..     A clump of Li gu shook her graceful body and quietly sent a bunch of white su Juan to me. a light fragrance began to spread around me, like drizzle and mist, making me forget the heat on the other side of the building..     A piece of withered and yellow leaves, floating, floating, from the high branches, from the banks of the river, falling toward the water in the distance, there is no sound, only shadow, nor does it make the floating ripples more and longer. Although the scene looks sad, but I can’t hear sorrows, maybe, I’m not qualified to understand it. The yellow dead leaves are in sharp contrast to the green water. Looking at the dead leaves, my heart is very unhappy. The fallen flowers and flowing water in early summer always bear fruit. The falling leaves in late autumn are the bitter music of heaven. Only in this situation do I think I should sing a song of everlasting regret.. Why is the wind and rain always close to the situation, and how rough it is to have a green leaf??     I don’t want to go. I just want to stand or sit like this and watch for a lifetime, for what I have gone, for what I will be.