Can’t we keep up with the rhythm?

Can’t we keep up with the rhythm? Time: July 13, 2017 Source: First author of Lingnan Normal University: Second author of Chen Wanjun: Huang Lizhu No. 13 – ” Tongxin”’ The next day of social practice, a group of primary school students formally accepted the ” Tongxin” class today. The first section morning reading classes actively cooperate with loud voices. It is worth mentioning that when it comes to everyone cleaning the classroom, the whole class cheered and cheered. When it comes to who cleaned the window, they immediately took a cloth and went out to wash it. It almost couldn’t stop me. It really made me laugh and cry. What’s so happy about cleaning? Times have changed even this one.. A group of energetic children took part in the full school tug-of-war contest and played another lesson and another game. However, none of them wanted to sleep during the lunch break, and each new teacher in charge active in the classroom could not make it completely quiet by all means.. My classmates are feeling that they are all going to be trapped, but their duties are still going on. It’s really’ epigenetic awesome’. The afternoon course also gave a high degree of enthusiasm. After the first class, many teachers responded that today’s pupils are too smart. There are all kinds of situations. For example, after finishing two classes at a time, they secretly asked about the contents of the preparation for the next class. They all understood some of the stories they wanted to tell and could tell allusions in a word. They played the song ” Little Donkey” in the first grade. They said it was childish and we were not three-year-old children anymore.. Why did I learn this song when I clearly remembered the third grade!! Indeed as expected the development of the times and children’s intellectual development. Although there are many emergencies, as contemporary college students, we firmly believe that everything is not a problem with our efforts.