Grandma is eighty-five years old, and her body is not very strong. Her thin body is less than seventy catties.. It is not too much to describe her with the idiom ” the year of the candle and the wind”. Grandma has never been out of the countryside in her life. She doesn’t know the outside world, let alone the hearts of modern people.. Granny doesn’t know a word and won’t use many modern appliances. Now she seems to have been far behind in this era of rapid development … Ah, every day she falters like the grandmother of a young child, the most thing she does is to move a chair to sit at the door and look at the passers-by on the path that stretches to the distance in front of her house.. Thinking” Big grandson should be here today and Xiao Pang will be back tomorrow. This is my grandmother, now she only knows to talk about our children and grandchildren who are away from home early and late.. Who’s birthday is coming, who’s suffering from joint pain when it rains on a cloudy day, who doesn’t like rice the most . ah, year after year, grandma’s mouth is getting more and more full of these words. There are many old sayings, many old branches of trees. Grandma now prefers to repeat a sentence over and over again. Sometimes we young people will secretly laugh at her. My nose will get sour after every laugh. Grandma is old and really old … Ah, grandma is afraid of loneliness and likes the days when her children and grandchildren are all around us. But too many times we are all busy and busy with our own affairs, leaving Grandma sitting there alone, staring blankly at the end of the road, waiting for one of us to suddenly carry his wife’s tape and her husband and wife to appear in her sight … Ah, grandma is the happiest in holidays and the house is full of people outside.. The wrinkles on our faces when we look at them are as dense as the waves of the wind.     Today, I seldom have time to go back to my hometown to see my grandma, and every time I go back, parting is like that, which makes me heartache.. Looking at grandma’s unwilling eyes behind her, she seems to feel that the human where will you go is just around the corner.. Today, grandma’s health is very bad, giving people the feeling as Zhu Ziqing’s prose said in the regulations of ” Going Back” is not far from the date of the big trip.! Looking at grandma sleeping quietly, I don’t know if she will wake up safely tomorrow morning. this mood is torturing us all the time.. It is now a season of lush vegetation and blooming flowers, but I don’t know if my grandmother will see the next four seasons of reincarnation again.. Grandma is like an old wall clock, unable to shake her pendulum, saying that one day she will quietly stop swinging, alas! Looking at the old man who walks every day trembling, lying on the bed as thin as paper and unable to lift the cudgel, she is the one who coaxes our grandchildren.! I can’t forget the potatoes stripped out of the kitchen and smelling like incense. I can’t forget grandma’s embarrassed expression when an egg is exchanged for two popsicles because several of our children are clamoring for it.. At that time, grandma always allowed us to be naughty and never quarreled with us, so we all knew there was nothing that could not be done in grandma’s home.. Now that I think about it, the in the mind is still sweet.     The pace of time has changed everything in a hurry. Today’s grandma has already lost the brisk pace of those days, and even has no power to lift it.. She sat there every day, suffering from severe asthma and getting better. When she could speak easily, she still said the most about us.. How many years of vicissitudes of life have been left behind by grandma, and she has not paid attention to them, but her children and grandchildren are always imprinted on her heart.. Sometimes when I talk about it, grandma will say,’ I am old and everyone younger than me has gone. grandma is not afraid of death, but loathe to give up you! Every time I hear this, I will turn my back on my grandma. I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen, and I dare not listen … Ah, leaves fall in autumn, rivers fall into the sea, force of nature is irresistible, life, death and illness are also human nature, but the dull pain in my heart is still there, and it is the kind of lingering pain.!