Flowers of cloves – thoughts sent to mother

Just arrived in Lanzhou from his hometown, he saw at first sight the blooming lilacs in the college, and the fragrant aroma made people suck for a long time..     In particular, this fragrance has surrounded you for a long time, like a pair of warm arms sending me all the way to the dormitory, but greedy I just don’t want to lose the warm fragrance and just put down the things and ran out greedily sucking the loathsome clove breath..     I remember when I was just in junior high school, I was passing through a park from home to school. Purple and white lilacs were planted on both sides of the park road and clusters of small purple or white flowers were clustered together to form lovely lilacs.. And as long as by this time, the road with clove blossoms was the one that I loved most at that time, and both my classmates and I felt different tastes.. Because I’ve never been alone with lilacs.     When I grew up, I became acquainted with many flowers such as mandala, tulips, lavender and so on, which are both expensive and fragrant.. But I tell the truth, for the first time I remember only cloves. Because they are so ordinary that they have seed everywhere, whether in the north or in the south, as long as the spring breeze can blow to the place where they are in full bloom. But no matter where they are in full bloom, I can’t help but come forward to smell them, and I can’t bear to leave when I smell them, just like it’s hard for a child to put down like a mother forever..     My mother came home on May 1 this year and asked me, ” Why don’t you call me on my birthday?”? ‘ At that time, I came here red. You said I was mistaken and immediately put down my things and went out. Afraid to let mother see she is a little unfilial. After going out, I saw a couple of parents flying kites with their children on the main road in their hometown.. Then I remembered a spring outing prepared by my teacher when I was in primary school.     The teacher asked us to take our favorite kite to see who put the highest kite, and then write another composition. At that time, I only remember that I spent all the lucky money to buy my favorite purple butterfly kite. I was extra happy. However, when I put it on, others’ big planes and goldfish flew higher than me, and they also laughed at what kites I bought and what it looked like when I put it upside down. That’s what kites I scold myself for not being able to pick.? Also scold kite why are you so unwillingly? But who can scold? Kites are their favorite appearance. If they are not good, they always feel better than others? So I packed up my mood and carefully released it again. A gust of east wind blew over it, and it flew higher and higher, just like other people showing off. But he rose with the wind, higher and higher, to the sky, and other kites were blown off the line or torn apart by the wind on high, so my heart was scared and I was afraid that it would break like other people’s, and I would never come again.. So he went back to take up the line immediately, but he was no longer under your control. He only wanted you to take it back when the wind stopped in the evening..     Mother forgives your son for not remembering your birthday. Although I am a little unfilial, who can cut off the affection between mother and child? Mother love even if the clove I deeply attached to is the only thing I really love, and you are like a string with my kite..     Mom, my favorite mother, your son, who is a bit unfilial, presented what he thought was the most gorgeous and affectionate gift on Mother’s Day..     Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. You’ll always be happy.