Father love is an iron

He is a poor boy: eager to go to school with his schoolbag on his back, just like his peers; However, he was afraid to stay at home and not go out easily – this was only due to the unspeakable pain in his heart and his back was deformed to a certain extent..     On that day, the loving and resolute father gently put the newly bought schoolbag on his back. Then, with his broad, solid and powerful arms, his father took him half – pushed and half – hugged outside the house.. The sun was shining outside, and birds sang happy songs in the trees. The father pointed at the grass that emerged from the crevice of the stone by the dam, and gently enlightened and encouraged him with a gentle breeze and drizzle: ” Son, you see, although it looks a little askew, is it not bathed in the sun as well as in full spirit?”? He nodded understandably.     Father took him to school. Into the campus, lang lang’s reading voice, is so real to his ears! He suddenly had an irresistible impulse, surging from the bottom of his heart. Father led him and knocked at the door of the first grade teacher’s office. They were received by a moderate-looking middle-aged female teacher, his new head teacher. Father told him to wait at the door and walked in first. Father said something softly to the teacher. Although he didn’t hear what they were talking about, he could guess at least two points from his father’s eyes: First, father must have explained why he was late in reporting. Also, he was solemnly entrusted to the teacher in charge in front of him. Therefore, in the next six years of primary school life, he has been cared for and cared for by the teacher in charge of the class. And father, also in these six years, always came to school to see him – he studied happily, played happily and enjoyed the warmth and happiness of the collective.. Behind his happy and happy back, stood his mountain-like father” having a healthy heart is far better than having a healthy body. ‘ father often taught him this way. Father bought him many inspirational books. From those books, he gradually learned some shining stars’ names: Beethoven, Helen, and Zhang Haidi … Ah, he knew his father’s good intentions – his body was crippled and his ambition was growing stronger.! So, he worked hard to learn and made positive progress.     Spring and autumn alternation. Little saplings slowly grow into big trees. When the Adam’s apple became prominent day by day and the beard appeared day by day, he transformed himself from an ignorant boy of the past into a young boy! He began to re-understand the world around him and to re-examine himself. Looking at their peers one by one, they are tall and straight or handsome, or well proportioned or graceful, ” the love of beauty is shared by everyone.”; His peers are like a mirror that clearly and mercilessly illuminates the weakest and most sensitive part of his soul … Ah, father always appears in front of him when he needs it most, like a savior.! Since he was studying high school in the city dozens of miles away from home, he spent most of his time in a formal way with his father.. The father’s heart, which spans time and space, is always close to him and has been in telephone contact with his head teacher to follow his study and life.. When the father learned from the teacher in charge that he was in a low mood, he made a special trip to the bus and arrived at his side with travel-stained clothes.. In front of the flower bed on campus, my father sat on a porch swing with him. The flower beds are full of colors and fragrant scents. The father said to him earnestly, ” Son, look at this flower, it seems perfect. If you look at it carefully, you will find that there are also defects. A person, for their own defects, although also cool, why should it be deliberately’ magnified’?! ‘ father’s words, let him such as sobering, heart knot big open. He devotes his energy and effort to what he should do, no longer resents his ” flaw” but continues to study and live like a normal person..     On his 18th birthday, his father smiled and presented a special gift to him: a statue of Venus with broken arms! Looking at the charming and impressive work of art, then at the kind father and the white hair on his father’s head, he suddenly understood the beauty of Venus and his father’s ingenuity … Ah, this boy was me in those days.. Father love is an iron. It warms and patiently irons the folds of my heart and warms my young life again and again.. It inspires and leads me step by step to transcend the imperfections and darkness in life and strive to create a perfect and bright life of my own!     Creation resume – formerly known as Xiang shuping. Member of Chongqing Wanzhou Writers Association. Member of Chinese essayist association. To participate in the family encyclopedia regulations fixed writers all the year round. Writers who signed up for the regulations of the monthly literature magazine. The article is scattered in dozens of publications nationwide. A number of works have been reproduced in newspapers such as the Chinese and foreign abstracts of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Shanxi Farmers’ Newspaper, the National Excellent Composition Selection of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Legal System Exhibition of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Middle School Students’ Stories and Reading of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the Community, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Jinling Evening News, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Qaidam Daily, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Peony Evening News Regulations, as well as some blogs, forums and websites such as the People’s Network of the Xinhua Supplement Network, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the China Youth Network Regulations.