A heavy note

The night before yesterday, I dreamed that my parents had come to Xi ‘an, and the bus route they took was at the gate of the village where I lived.. They didn’t get off the bus, just looked at me blankly and said nothing. I only handed them a bottle of green tea and quietly watched them gallop away with the car.. They were wearing the clothes they had been working in Xi ‘an for more than a decade, especially Dad’s gray jacket, which made me feel like he was right in front of my eyes. Every time Mom washed the clothes clean and fresh.. Whenever Dad wears it, I always feel that Dad is so young and handsome, as tall and straight as he was when he was a soldier.. In fact, dad has been away from us for a whole year and a half, thinking about him from time to time every day, thinking that if he is still in this world, even if he is sick and alive, at least I call him dad, and he can respond to me with’ ah”,’ zha’. Dad came to my dream again. I wondered if he was worried that I was too old to get married. I think he must be worried and worried because he is my father and loves his children like all dads..     On the National Day, our brother and sister came home very rarely. They all wanted to help mom grow the nine acres of wheat when they came home. As a result, we all came home late because of the rain problem, sister-in-law had helped mom grow the land well.. Since my father suddenly left us, my mother has been left alone in the empty house, and most of the time there is not even a speaker.. Our brother and sister, like when dad was there, called mom once a week to report peace and talk about family matters. Now the elder brother’s children are still young, he and his sister-in-law are busy working, the children need to be cared for, and the mother occasionally goes to the elder brother’s city by train to help bring her grandchildren. Because they are not used to eating and have a little understanding of what they are talking about, and the children are playful and disobedient, there will also be disputes between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law over trivial matters.. Mom, who loves her grandson very much, also wants to work for her while her body is still capable at home.. I always said it would be better to take it in that strange city than to have the dog kennel.. My classmate, his father, has opened a plastic factory in our village, where my mother has been working hard from dawn to dusk. She is the oldest person in the factory. She said that both the boss and the wife of shop-owner are quite good and do not embarrass anyone. She is considerate and considerate of workers as old as him.. Every time I think of my mother’s age and go to work, my daughter’s heart is full of mixed feelings. Every time I go home to give her money, though not much, it is enough for her to spend alone. She always loathes to give up, saying that she will keep the dowry for me, and every time I wet my eyes behind her back..     When the weather was hot this summer, she called her mother and said she had been ill for several days and could not even cook rice. She went to a small clinic and prescribed some medicine to get better.. At that time, we were very worried. Now that we have time to finish planting the land in our home, we will take our mother to the county hospital to do a comprehensive check-up for her.. When I went, I had my ID card, account book, new rural medical cooperation card and other documents put out by my mother in my bag.. After waiting in the hospital for a day of queuing, registration, medical treatment, examination, payment and taking medicine, it was finally over. The doctor looked at the examination report and only told mom to pay attention to her eating habits. She prescribed some medicine to regulate her diet without any serious problems.. Our brother and sister were relieved. Although they spent a little money, their mother’s health was fine. This is the real happy thing.. Finally, we came to the payment window and asked the staff when they could reimburse the expenses, but the answer was that they could not underwrite the expenses without hospitalization.. In fact, it’s nothing. If you don’t submit an expense account, you don’t submit an expense account. We should spend the money and honor your parents, you won’t haggle over every ounce for the small amount of money. You love half a day. Nothing is more important than your parents’ health.. We are still young, money is gone, we can still earn, parents are gone, the home is empty, desolate and cold without vigor, warmth and warmth, and the festival is also a light taste. What if we work hard while our parents are still alive??     When I got home, I took out all the papers that belonged to my mother in my bag, and asked my mother to take them back and put them where she had left them. I took out the account book and felt something was wrong. I looked at it carefully and found that the account book was brand – new. The time to open the first page was January 2013.. How did our family’s account book change? My memory records the situation of the family’s seven people, but now only my mother is left alone. The head of the household is my mother, and the family members are also my mother, so desolate, so lonely and so lonely.. In the previous account book there were grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, sister – in – law, brother and me. later, sister-in-law got married and grandparents died one after another. brother and I went to college tandem and then suddenly died last year, the account book also became thin.. It’s time like an arrow, time is wasted, so much has happened before we can recall those beautiful things..     All of a sudden, the white transparent plastic shell on the first page of the hukou book caught my curiosity with a small piece of paper folded in half and the size of a slap. taking it out without extra trouble, it seemed rigid in an instant. this is dad’s death certificate for cancellation of hukou. is this the proof that dad has left us?? I really don’t know how to control my emotions and hypocritically admit the fact that I don’t want to admit it. Dad, he has always been in our hearts for ever and ever, and his voice is always there.!     This heavy piece of paper is countless times heavier than any other object in the world, but dad’s everything is not worth this slap-sized piece of paper..     Dad, come back to my dream, my daughter misses you!