And right ankle injury!The fourth season, Curry Warriors defending the biggest variable

  Beijing time on March 9, Warriors vs. Spurs。 Section I played not long after, the Warriors headed star – Stephen Curry will accidentally sprained right ankle again, and return to the locker room for treatment in advance。   9 minute left in first quarter, Curry fast-break layup, when he was in the air with two Spurs defenders have physical contact。
After landing, Curry suddenly ran inside the tunnel, and hunched over, apparently injured。
  After a period of time, Curry slowly walked to the court, but his right leg obviously limping。
Prudent to call a pause Warriors。 Pause, Curry kept his head down, it is extremely frustrating。
  From the slow motion replay of view, nothing in the library the first lower leg after landing, but the second step, his right ankle twisted a bit obvious。   It is worth mentioning that this is the right ankle since December Curry fourth injured。
  After the pause, Curry returned to the court fined two goals, followed by his immediate return to the locker room for treatment。
  As we all know, Curry's ankle is flawed, since right ankle injury this season, has missed more games。
Seeing the month before the playoffs begin, Curry's health must draw the Warriors wary。   (Rosen)。