Good Life – A World Without Complaining

When you express what you don’t like – whether you are yourself, your work, family, income, health or anything, you will find more dissatisfied objects and things. There are always so many unpleasant things around us that you will hear many complaints frequently. People’s desires are endless. When you complain about things around you, you will not only fail to fulfill your wishes, but also make yourself unhappy and more tired..     In fact, there are many things around us that are worth learning. Don’t put complaints in your heart and learn to forget your frustrations..     A donkey fell into a deep and abandoned trap. The host weighed it up and thought it was not cost-effective to save it, and went away. Leave it alone. Every day, there are people dumping garbage into the trap. The donkey is very angry: he is really unlucky and fell into the trap. The owner does not want him, even death does not let him die comfortably. There are so many garbage left beside him every day.. But one day, its thinking changed and it decided to change its attitude towards life. It stepped on its own feet every day instead of being submerged by garbage and found some scraps from the garbage to maintain its physical fitness.. Finally, one day, garbage became its stepping stone and brought it back to the ground.     Don’t complain about your unhappiness, don’t complain about your poor men and ugly women, don’t complain about your lack of a warm home, don’t complain about your poor job, low salary and tired work, don’t complain about your ill health, don’t complain about your empty skills and no one appreciates you.. There are too many disappointments in reality. When you can’t change your unpleasant things, you will learn to try to change yourself, change your thoughts, change your attitude, leave the unpleasant things behind and let happiness follow closely.. In fact, each and every one of us has no right to blame any one person, and the unpleasant things, and there is more tolerance and encouragement in the world that does not complain, so as to make the world more beautiful..     Life is just like this, and what is worth your sorrow? You should regard it as the garbage standing under your feet and make it a stepping stone to your success in life.. Let’s work together to change our attitudes and ideas, be a non-complainer and weave our life better..