Doing what you do is thinking what you do is destroying what you follow.

A brief review of Zhang jiachun’s participation and reflection on the regulations took several nights to finish reading the book written by the headmaster. The content of the book is the result of the author’s’ thinking and acting’, writing his thoughts and practices, without beautiful sentences, the content is practical, and the style is natural and simple. Lu Xun put forward the writing essentials of ” having the true meaning, whitewashing, showing off less and not affectation”, which this book did. After reading the book, I evaluated it as ” essential, easy to understand and useful.”.     Thinking is the guide to doing, doing and the destination of thinking. This participating and thoughtful bill seems to explain this truth. After close reading, one can realize the wonderful use of the two’ and’ characters. That is, thinking and acting, thinking and acting constantly, thinking and acting at the same time, cycling, deepening and advancing continuously.. ‘ It’s a long way to go. I’ll go up and down in search of Xiu Yuan.. ‘ To do a good job, it is necessary to have such a’ search’ process..     As an in-service high school principal, he wrote down his own independent thinking and original opinions after his busy work. Write down the mental journey of running the school, as well as its practices and results. Its dedication to work is commendable, and its open-minded mind is praised for it. Some of the insights put forward in the book are striking and impressive. His idea of running the school has already been demonstrated in his work performance and has made the campus look brand-new and colourful.. Therefore, the practical significance of this book is self – evident.     Confucius said, ” Learning without thinking is useless.” Saying is saying, ” Talking with your mouth and chanting with your heart and thinking with your mind” means emphasizing thinking while thinking with the principal, that is, ” Doing and thinking with your actions.”. Only in this way can we keep our heads calm and sober. Only in this way can we have a unique idea of running a school and a complete and clear system flow. Think, is quiet; Line, is moving, static and dynamic combination, is the way to success. The headmaster’s good thinking can only” show people what they see, and make people see what they see”. On the contrary, it can only be” show people what they see with their faintness.”.     The author’s ideas are clear and his writing is smooth and concise.. No empty rhetoric, no drag and drop. Focus on the overall situation of education and set out to work in specific areas. Pay attention to reality, not empty talk, its style, simple reality; Its content is practically available. What is dedicated to readers is all real’ dry goods’. After reading the book, people shine at the moment, as if they have found a key to the development and innovation of the school..     The content of the book is comprehensive and extensive, with nine chapters and a line running through it. That is how to create a new educational concept. I was most impressed by two things: one is people-oriented and the other is running a school with its own characteristics. People – oriented is to emphasize the harmony of education. ” Everything is for the development of students”. We should not only consider the needs of today’s society for talents, but also the needs of students’ future development. We should not only focus on students’ academic achievements at present, but also focus on whether students can become innovative talents with entrepreneurial ability..     With regard to running schools with special features, the book has both careful arrangements and long-term planning. In fact, it is a systematic project, involving all aspects inside and outside the campus, for the school to set up its own characteristics.. The book is full of space and details specific measures and measures. Make this work rule – based. There are standards, there are norms. All the measures mentioned in the book, without precedent, are entirely the author’s idea. For example, the establishment of elective courses and credit system, the compilation and curriculum of the Grand Canal Culture Reader and the Chinese Traditional Virtue Education Reader, the implementation of students’ practical activities and community service, and so on. All these curriculum reforms have set a precedent in history. ‘ Thinking” Deepening,’ Line” Boldness implies” Dare to Be the First in the World.”.     ‘ industry is more diligent than leisure. Doing what you do is thinking what you do is destroying what you follow.. ‘ An old saying summarizes the author’s heart and call, China’s rise, education first, and today’s education attracts everyone’s attention. The principal’s ” diligence” means ” work” in his eyes; he is good at finding problems; he is good at finding solutions to problems; and he is hard at doing things by himself.. And there are specific programs. ‘ Doing well in thinking is ruined by following” As long as we think deeply, there will be much to be done. This book by President Zhang Jiachun can serve as an example..     This book has theory but not emptiness, and there is evidence to learn from.All this is by no means’ water without source, wood without foundation’, it is the result of years of hard work by the author. It is also the result of the author’s constant exploration and seeking truth from facts. ‘ The story of the past is known to all for its gains and losses.”. I believe that the principals will benefit from reading this book. I also believe that all those who are engaged in education and teaching, as well as those who care about education, will also benefit greatly from reading this book..