One night, friends have a drink. Never put off till tomorrow what you can, abandon your car and walk around in front of the office building.   Lights on the square. The figure is ample. Football is playing on the big screen.   Stop and see, it’s the Asian Cup qualifying match, China’s away game, against Singapore. Look at the score, 0 – 0. Listen to the explanation, not old Huang, because the tone is smooth. Listen again, like Dong Lu. Listen carefully and complain: ” This is the true level of the Chinese team, although everyone does not think so.”. However, in the face of the level of competition, you have to admit that this is indeed the competition between the 103rd and 10 international rankings.. Dong Lu is still talking about: ” This Chinese team has no meaning at all, has serious mental problems and has no sense of responsibility, just like a’ mental derangement patient’. ‘ such explanation, attracted my attention, this just take a closer look at the broadcast.   Because such a game is not necessary to watch, there is no suspense at all. Unexpectedly, China’s team is trying to make a dangerous match that should not have suspense..   I remember when I was at home, I knew I was playing at night. I thought that with a small place like Singapore, the Chinese team won’t get it 5 – 0 or 3 – 0, so I don’t need to watch the game. I’ll wait until I get up in the morning to see the result..   The next day, the national team really gave the Chinese a surprise: the Chinese team was sent off one person, only by the last minute of extra time, with the help of the referee, won the Singapore team 1 – 0 with a controversial penalty..   Unexpectedly, in this away game, the national team still has such a general demeanor. It is a gentleman’s demeanor to see this performance..   Hearing the explanation, I also recognized his sentence that ” the Chinese team has no sense of responsibility.”. ‘ I can’ t see my heart out of sight. I don’ t want to watch the game anymore. I’ ll go to the office and sit down.   Just sat down and the door opened.   A woman put her head in, ” Don’t forget to close the door.”! Oh, I nodded. The woman took the door and left.   incoming? A little doubt flitted through my mind.   Regardless of her, drink some water, take a rest and get up and go home.   Outside, the long corridor was brightly lit. At the end, the woman was looking through the door and twisting the handle with her hand..   A strong sense of responsibility! I looked at the distant woman with short hair and a briefcase under my arm..   Walk to the door of the building, two security guards are on duty. I asked, she is new here?   ‘ alas! Where is the new arrival? ” The security guard approached me with a sincere attitude and said with a sigh,” She has a mental derangement and comes to visit her every day for half a month, but she doesn’t listen to me at all. ”. ‘ I was surprised, look at the woman again, dressed simply and clean, how also don’t like suffering from mental derangement!? The security guard’s words cannot be denied. I know that there are no women in the security guard here..   The woman has come to us and said it again. Don’t forget to close the door. Then he left the gate.   Seeing women’s actions, I have to say, narrator, you are wrong, this Chinese team is not a’ mental derangement patient at all! ‘ Because” mental derangement” absolutely not” no sense of responsibility.”!   In 2006. 9.6