Calm down, read, write and understand life

[ Guide ]: Life should abandon all sadness and irritability and seek for peace. A good mood will be reflected in the aura of life, like a stream of spring water trickling down, moistening a riverbed, forming a clear green lake and making the spring of life last. We don’t pursue how great we are, we just have a clear conscience.. You see the lingering and warm blue-and-white is still quietly engraved on the ceramic and has been beautiful up to now? Looking at the joys and sorrows broadcast on that TV is not entirely a song of everlasting regret, with tears, warmth and laughter..   Zhou Guoping said: ” The best state of life is abundance and quietness.”. Quiet, because get rid of the temptation of outside fame and fortune. Richness is due to having the treasure of the inner spiritual world. I like to walk quietly every day, work quietly, work quietly, do what I want to do quietly, and look back quietly on the road I have travelled. So: Light peace is always self – contained, and the mood is calm as water. The heart has no distractions, and the heart is calm in a noisy environment. nice. Because, peace of mind everything is clear, meditation see sex ket. In the quiet heart, open the memory gate, follow the shallow past, play back the deep or shallow images, and see how many slips, how many misses, how many smooth sailing and how many laughs last. Look at the time when the body is covered with secular breath, when the beautiful spiritual home is desolate and overgrown with weeds, when the hand holding the pen is submerged in the roaring mahjong sound, when the eyes of reading are lost in the lottery chart, when the hypocritical professional smiling face replaces the sincere smile, and when the quiet self is lost.. After all, did the world change me or did I change myself? Recalling sorrow and happiness, thinking about success and thinking about failure. How many fragments should be preserved, diluted, forgotten and discarded? Forgotten are memories that should have been discarded. What remains is the calm of those who laugh and watch the events of the year, and the indifferent attitude of those who watch the world change.. In this way, his soul is in metamorphosis and sublimation.     Quietness is a way of life, a kind of enjoyment, and also a state where life experience reaches a certain height.. The Confucian idea of’ being alone’ is a kind of peace, the Taoist idea of’ resolving disputes and light’ is also a kind of peace, and the Zen idea of’ seeing sex without feeling’ is not a kind of peace.? quiet inside is a kind of attitude towards life after the soul has experienced reincarnation and re-recognized itself and life.. In the face of the hustle and bustle, cruel and helpless real life, it is a wise choice to keep calm and treat the rolling world of mortals with a light attitude..     Tao Yuanming once wrote a poem saying, ” build house is in human condition, and there are no horses and chariots to shout about.”. How can it leave on me no trace?? Secluded heart makes secluded place. The poet painted a picture of a paradise in the heart for us, living in peace with the heart. One story tells us this: A man was sitting by the sea fishing, and a young man came up and asked him, ” Why don’t you fish with a net?”? The man also asked, ” What are you doing fishing for?”? You can sell too many fish? What did you do when you sold the fish? If you have money, you can buy a boat, beat more fish, and then change to a big boat and go fishing in the deep sea.. And then what? Then, you can command your fleet to fish further afield.? Then, you can quietly fish by the sea. The man smiled and said, ” I have already done this.”! It can be seen that after all kinds of hard work, we still have to return to the plain and enjoy the flowers blooming and the clouds rolling in silence before we can compose a movement of graceful and restrained birth..     The flowers are quiet, opening silently, falling silently, laughing at the world’s various appearances. The disturbance and complexity in the world just spice up life. What has passed, what has happened, everything is in the memory of light taste.     Cloud is quiet, silent volume, silent sigh, laughing at the ups and downs of the earth’s dust.. Prosperity and decay are only natural phenomena. The past, the remaining, everything is the mood at that time.     People are more so, calm and clear, like a cloudless sky with everything in a glance, calm water reflecting things, and high-quality and light-looking things.. Calm reached a state of detachment, a state of rejection of all temptations; Can not admire the name, not money, calm face success or failure gain or loss; It can be clean, honest, impartial, self – disciplined, lenient, do not harm oneself for the gain and loss of fame and wealth, and do not harm others for the temptation of material desires..     Every quiet night, wash out the lead, unload the busy day, sit in the study, close the door and open the window, a person quietly watching his favorite literary works, books and online. Stars and moons accompany, the wind blows, and the ancient times look at the present. Experience the passage between the lines, love and hate, love and hatred, and experience’ not to be happy for things, not to be sad for yourself’; My thoughts flow in my mind, and the light of wisdom occasionally flashes. This state of mind and this kind of mind advocated by the ancients was particularly valuable in the era when material desires and financial status were the only ones to follow.. Reading makes me have a deeper understanding and understanding of life, and also makes my mood relaxed and pleasant.. Take a book with you, invite you to be your partner, choose land of silence, bathe in the sunshine, and stand quietly reading books, which is meaningful and meaningful..From time to time, I looked up at the sky and looked at the twinkling stars. The moon with bright faces recalled the legendary story of thousands of li chan juan and Wu Gang logging. If there is another meteor flash across, this kind of scenery in Jing Ya will be in harmony with the plot in the book. Reading gives me more confidence in front of people and an open heart among people.. Whether it’s yesterday’s youth or today’s coolness, it’s a coffee-like enjoyment that can be expressed as well..     Occasionally, I also read some easy-to-understand Zen books. I don’t want to believe in anything, nor do I want to realize any great wisdom, nor do I want to go into bliss. Zen books can be well informed about the nature of the mind, clear the root, but be annoyed and carry out the thought..     My eyes are tired, I close my books and close my eyes. I smell the fragrance of ink, such as green tea placed on a plain desk, with a delicate fragrance, pure feelings and a mild state of mind permeating my body and mind.. Happiness in it, happiness in care, such feeling, not to drink also drunk.     Alone in the faint light, I feel the quiet feeling brought by the night and feel a feeling. Write whatever you want, no one will interfere or talk, only your heart and soul will face each other, tapping the keyboard bit by bit with your fingers or forming squares on the paper to flow out.. These words may not have any poetry, more no earth-shattering light; But it flows out of his heart, is the outpouring of true feelings, is the crystallization after thinking. These words may not be beautiful, without the charm and charm of a writer or the brilliant wit of a brilliant person. But it is the trace of thinking and mind wandering freely in a quiet moment. Let go of the mood, let go of the artistic conception, save your mind, eliminate false thoughts, express yourself freely in the text, and show your true self. Music also, interest also.     This keystroke or handwriting is just a random record. This keystroke or handwriting is just a kind of catharsis and adjustment of self – emotion. This keystroke or handwriting may be a purely emotional enjoyment for the individual. Let the spirit relax in the form of words and calm yourself down in the form of words, so that you can hear your inner voice, inner thoughts, inner entanglements, inner pains and distractions.. Such a moment can be said not to be a kind of enjoyment of beauty, a kind of ease after the release of complex? At this moment, you will find that the true meaning of life realized in meditation not only perceives the true self and eliminates the false thoughts, but also gives a proper evaluation of your own actions to see what kind of person you are.. ‘ One flower, one heaven, one grass, one world. One tree, one bodhi, one soil, one Buddha. One party, one pure land, one smile and one fate. A quiet mind is like a lotus flower. Nanwu Amitabha . ” Sanskrit singing sound, leisurely mood, involuntarily open their hearts, heart like a lotus, happily relaxing the stem and displaying the core, quietly blossoming in the realm of empty spirit. The lotus fragrance coming from the moon is spotless and washes away the heart and bowels.. Buddhism’s fear of language, let the impetuous heart wandering in the flashy world, was gently appeased.     At work, I have to spare time occasionally. I also open books in the office and walk into the spiritual world made up of words in the faint fragrance of ink.. Warm feeling will spread from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes in quiet time, the computer will be typed at will. As the fingertip dances rhythmically on the keyboard, the originally empty document is filled up bit by bit with beautiful square characters, neat and beautiful, and endowed with emotion. While bringing eye care, it will also bring joy to talk and joy to the heart.. Quiet, the chirping sound in the office is also mixed up, sitting in one room in the bright sunshine without distractions in one’s own space, opening the book and reading word for word.. Reading, reading, there is no noise in the ear, the world of words is colorful in the eyes and permeates in the heart.     Life itself is a collection of ordinary and trivial things. If you ask too much, you will get very little instead and bring about loss.. You ask a little, but you don’t get very little, which brings a kind of comfort.. Waiting for the indifferent years, living a normal and unremarkable life. During the hustle and bustle, looking for a quiet forest, surrounded by thick layers, can rest quietly. Night, or day, when one is alone, it is also a pleasure to close one’s eyes and empty one’s soul of distractions. Sitting at leisure by the window quietly looking at the clouds, watching the birds in the sky fly happily, or sticking their heads out of the window to let the wind blow their hair. This is no more than a day-to-day mix of days, with many thoughts on complex interpersonal relationships, pondering some sensitive words and guessing some possible motives. Stronger?     In today’s life where everything is like rock rhythm, if we can devote ourselves to the study of words, words and sentences with ease; In the words such as plaque, advertisement, signboard and introduction that can be seen everywhere in life, we should use the rigorous eye of scholars to find out the mistakes or mistakes in them. Use your spare time to search and verify the documents, and then write one or two essays. This kind of person has good moral and cultural cultivation, and only then has the calm determination to make a noise, and has to be admired and looked up to.. Sometimes when I talk to my friends, I share the same feeling: yes, some people have devoted their whole lives to a certain area of research.. In the eyes of ordinary people, they can’t understand or even think that they are too paranoid and persistent, because their monographs can’t bring huge wealth, and most of them can only keep enough food and clothing.. However, almost all the world-famous inventions and creations came from them. All things, is afraid of serious!     Life should abandon all sadness and irritability and seek for peace and tranquility. A good mood will be reflected in the aura of life, like a stream of spring water trickling down, moistening a riverbed, forming a clear green lake and making the spring of life last. We don’t pursue how great we are, we just have a clear conscience.. You see the lingering and warm blue-and-white is still quietly engraved on the ceramic and has been beautiful up to now? Looking at the joys and sorrows broadcast on that TV is not entirely a song of everlasting regret, with tears, warmth and laughter..     After a long time, I realized that quietness is a kind of happiness, a shallow attitude towards life and a silent expectation for the future..     Calm down, need to have a kind of open-minded self-confident quality, need a serene and rare understanding. Calm is not an unattainable desire. As long as you keep a common heart, don’t expect to care about it, don’t dream about it, promise not to be swayed by gain or loss, you can get calm and detachment..    Out of the downtown, aloof from the profit-making business, not deliberately seeking those useless virtual China, not pandering to ” power” and ” nobility” against one’s will, not seeking short-term satisfaction that passes away in an instant, one will get a comfortable life.. When you practice your heart into a natural disposition, you will be above everything else and will find that those impetuous and painful people who ask for help do not sleep at night and do not feel at ease every day because they have not obtained the happiness and happiness they seek by any means.. Standing above them, the soul is like fresh air, free if the wind, infinite.     When we calm down, we will hear the’ squeak’ sound of grass drilling out of the soil, the’ spluttered’ sound of willow buds, and the’ giggle’ sound of peach blossoms in the spring breeze.. When we calm down, we will see how happy the swallows are in the drizzle, the raindrops on the lotus leaves are glittering and translucent like jade beads, and the cherries on the branches are moist and delicate like baby’s lips.. When we calm down, we will be amazed to find that there is still a sacred place in our hearts that has been closed for a long time. This place is as pure as autumn moon and as clear as a spring in the mountains..     Everyone has experienced this experience. When you feel happy and relaxed, you often feel that your memory is improved, your thoughts are clear, and your walking seems to be lighter than usual.. And when anxious, they often lose everything and think vaguely, even without consistency in speaking. In a noisy life, when you feel tired, annoyed or puzzled by a certain problem, you might as well be alone for a while and let your body and mind relax and think nothing about it.. It will be found that this is a very beneficial way to cultivate one’s morality and raise one’s health, and also an effective way to open up wisdom and inspiration.. The best doctor to soothe your heart is yourself.     Feeling in peace and seeking in careful thinking will make your heart calm. The ice will melt in the sun, turn into glittering and translucent water drops, and irrigate the most gorgeous flower of life..     Heart no dust to tide, high quality can resist temptation. Let’s calm down, with ice inside and jade outside. Open – minded and open – minded. Don’t change honor or disgrace to honor or disgrace, and don’t make gains or losses easy.. Let’s calm down, get rid of the daily trivial busyness, maintain our hearts, treat others well with kindness and tolerance, treat nature well, and treat ourselves well.. Let’s calm down, transform ourselves, mop up fame and wealth, abandon material fatigue, consciously strengthen ideological and moral cultivation, and firmly establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. Cultivate your sentiment, clear your heart, enrich your spiritual life, sublimate your thoughts and make your heart quiet. With the peace of mind refined noble character, our body and mind are healthy and harmonious, and at the same time, society will be more harmonious and peaceful..