Autumn little sense

It is a contained “Near sky autumn, earth shadow clear” the clear autumn season.I remember the morning had seen “Castle night into late autumn,” the sentence on the roadside shops put on newspapers, it seems that this year’s autumn seems to come more suddenly, and more violent.Out the window, the sky is gradually dim down, KTV next door from time to time heard muffled, loud music.At this time, although the whole body is wrapped in a few large coat, but still can not resist this alien suddenly falling temperatures.    Year 2011 seems destined to become his life has an unusual period of time.Experienced a “graduation equal to unemployment,” the cruel reality, the vast experienced job seekers in various embarrassing situation, also tasted as finding a career and established posts removed Ben migration bitterness, anguish.Ruthless social life like a sharp-edged knife, again and again to his plan that nascent “backbone”.At this time, as if it were their own calm lake midstream used to fish, after suddenly falling that deep bottomless waterfall Fei Liu Ji Tuan, in addition to panic just undecided, but how many actually become numb, dull lot.How many times have again and again lamented “the cruel reality, I first have to carry the dream shattered, crushed.”; Geometric had silently over and over again,” a fairy tale life is not idyllic, I have deeply felt social life ‘difficult life, the existence of the storm’.”; Trance was a back and forth laments” Now I like duckweed that water-like, despite the tide of life will be helpless to push themselves to swing.”By the Ge You, Shu Qi starred in” If You Are the One 2 “in saying lines intriguing – ‘To live is kind of practice’.I have read that famous saying “Life is not a pleasure, but a very heavy work.”.Recently are reading “Ordinary World”, the protagonist Shaoping that dare to break the spirit of self-limitations again and again shocked and inspired a “dilemma” in their own.    I still firmly believe that “On the Golden Age cut off is not the moment, but should go through the long history of years of testing.Assess the value of life can never be the youth Or in middle age, but should go through hundreds of years of test.”I remember in the defense of moral thesis University, one of the judges teacher once asked me,” four years of college life you left the deepest impression or what is your greatest achievement?”At that time his own without hesitation replied,” She is my life the most beautiful period of recall.”Now, after a simple baptism of social life, I deeply understand that fact, apart from good memories, the University gives me more of a look at the issue, I want to question the depth and breadth, perhaps it would be in their own long career studying it to find the greatest wealth.    Finally, with the recent early morning hours when the bus accidentally realized the sentence to the end of this post the small text it.”At this point of his own just as it travels in the car, even in front of the sky is still overcast, even if the road ahead is still hovering twists and turns, but the end of the car has always been unequivocal, no matter how many detours to go the meantime, the number of calendar rapids, she it will certainly reach the other side of hope.”