A distant smile

Sometimes, I look at some yellow photos, read some moldy words, and try to remember who’s old in whose story. The person who was once familiar with can’t remember the name, and the photo shows her or him smiling at you and showing a mouthful of white teeth.. Thinking carefully about the story hidden in the smile, some people never say goodbye had already left. Because I have understood without opening my mouth, saying goodbye is tantamount to missing. Once the beautiful years were washed away by the torrent of life. Sometimes I think of it, it can only be a faint smile, but the distance is far and far away..     Some people, clearly falling in love with each other, are separated by a lifetime’s distance. Bound, bound, pestered, and surrounded by reality. The day is fixed on the track of life, facing each other two by two and forgetting two by two. This kind of love can’t be disturbed. People around you will not be at peace when it is disturbed. They can only hide in the bottom of their hearts for a lifetime.. Maybe one day when you pass each other in a noisy city, you will point to her or the back of him who has gone away and disappeared and say, that’s the person I once loved.. And you just stood there and sighed deeply. Perhaps when I close my eyes and walk through my life, the most brilliant and beautiful one is the smile with a faint sadness hanging on the corners of my mouth.. Painful life but brilliant life.     Sometimes, before we can enjoy complete love, those who love us suddenly leave, walk so firmly and thoroughly.. The only thing left for us is endless sorrow, pain and long-term hard memories. This kind of love cannot be touched, and it hurts when touched.. But the distance is so close that I can touch it all my life, but my thoughts are far away and yin and yang are separated.     Sometimes, some roads already feel long and long without walking.     Sometimes, some people will think for a long time in the former space.     When life comes in different ways and different rhythms in different directions, you, like me, want to stand still. But neither you nor I have enough strength and courage to be disturbed. We only have to go deep into it, accept the test, accept the baptism, accept the spur, and then learn to adapt.. Although life weakens some emotional factors, sometimes helpless, sometimes dull pain, sometimes forced posture, we all have the responsibility to make our lives better and others happier. Although sometimes they are helpless or even exhausted, they should also learn to put a smile on their lips, face life with a smile and face the distant youth..     Youth will not stay for whom, and time will not rest for whom. If you can’t stay, you must learn to let go and smile after letting go, rather than a series of sentimentality after letting go. You’re not sure how far you can go in your life? I can’t tell how wonderful the future will be. Life is full of variables. The most important thing is today.. The summary of yesterday with a smile is an attitude of responsibility to oneself.     A person’s life is only a short distance in the long river of history, leaving footprints of life on the beach with one foot deep and one foot shallow.. No matter how thick these footprints are, they are chapters that record the color of life, whether they are wonderful or ordinary, they are calendars that constitute life, and will inevitably be turned over, forgotten and never repeated.. As if a small boat was covered by the waves of history and slowly sank to the bottom of the sea. The only thing that can’t sink down is the soul, only the smile, still hanging on the other side of the sea, which is a long distance relative to the whole process of life..     Perhaps, before we were ready, we all hurried through this life without reaching the ideal height, without drawing the final blueprint of life, without enjoying the taste of life well, without saying the words’ I’ll wait for you in the next life’, we closed our eyes.. Please leave your smile behind and not go so regretfully and awkwardly..     A long-distance smile is the supreme state of enjoying life, is to guard against the cold reception of life, and is to shorten the distance between heart and heart.. Far away waved goodbye to the past.     The long-distance smile is learn to be lonely in life, learning to be rich in solitude.