Beijing Center for Disease Control Reminder: Fano such as anti-virus acute gastroenteritis

  Beijing Morning News (Reporter Xu Jingjing) recently, with the arrival of the new semester, the city's nurseries and schools has been a spate of norovirus outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis。 To this end, yesterday, the CDC released the prevention and control of norovirus acute gastroenteritis Health Tips。   For school epidemic, schools should develop contingency plans for disease prevention and control programs and, on a regular basis in public places such as classrooms, dormitories, dining room, bathroom, key parts such as door handles, stair handrails, sink, toilet, elevator buttons and so on within the school and cleaning disinfection。
At the same time, it should be equipped with adequate disinfection supplies and personal protective supplies spare toilet to be equipped with adequate hand washing facilities and soap, and targeted in their daily learning activities to carry out education and training handwashing knowledge of infectious diseases。 DOCTOR should be routine for the instructor or disinfectant cleaning staff do a good job configuration, training vomit and disinfection methods and other contaminated areas, and daily disinfection work-related personnel, quality control and disinfection work after the outbreak etc.。
School doctor should promptly report outbreaks to the location of the phone and health care and primary and secondary care。
During the epidemic, schools should stop organize student activities, to avoid the spread of the epidemic。
As the epidemic further expand the scope, on the basis of epidemiological assessment, nurseries classes can be stopped or parked park three days according to the health sector deal with the epidemic suggested that schools can take classes at home on the basis of the Board of Education approved measures。   Furthermore, disease control experts remind children when vomiting, if the students within the class, be sure to leave the scene under the guidance of teachers, to reduce the possibility of infection Norovirus。
Parents need to pay attention, if the child is infected, be sure to children's stool samples were sent to the designated locations pathogen detection, while allowing the child to rest at home 72 hours after the symptoms disappeared completely and then resume classes。 If the stool or rectal swabs found to have been infected with norovirus, even if did not show symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, also need to rest at home for 72 hours after the reopening of the pathogen detection。
At the same time, CDC recommends that parents take the initiative to learn and master the disinfection method norovirus contaminants, preventing other family members have been infected。

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