Love is a gentle soul in every storm left a hickey

Fei flipping through old book pages, fingertip touch letterhead, an atrium desolate Qinru. Former love, like a rainbow hanging hearts.That was my first sun dipped glory depicted colorful picture with the desire to pen. It was a spring morning, under a drizzling rain, I was somewhat impatiently waiting at the bus stop.Suddenly, the distance a plaid umbrella leapt out at me, it is getting closer, when the umbrella away, I saw you the first time.A look of tenderness, a gentle, so that moment, I felt as if that is indeed the wind carries the warmth that has become so thin rain lingering and gentle, that Yiyi willow also Fluttering He was as passionate.I am a little confused, I do not know the plastic spring such as spring-like you, or like a spring-like you brought the spring. Silence the night, I reclined on the bed and read books, you’re sitting next to the computer program, the light is so soft, flowing harem sultry fragrance.I really want time to freeze at this time. Suddenly, near the Mid-Autumn Festival.Company holiday, we meet Window of the World.We tired, lying on the marsh.The air was filled with the scent of flowers unknown, light, it seems to be absent.You hold my quivering body, tenderness whispered Nan language, my heart is full of tenderness, to see everything bright flower.With our love, I feel so beautiful and pure. Baiyun mountain, you tall shadow hanging over me delicate to the body.Their eyes shining stars, is close to the two warm lips, but love, not for anything else.That year, we have full eighteen years old. Chinese New Year, the company extended holiday.You are at home, I was in the company.I was going to you, the phone rang, I was on the phone this side, you on the phone that end, more than two hours of long-distance calls had stopped. The next day, I flew over to see you.You drive, I follow the cross in his hands after the body Longzhe your waist, head lovingly volts in your body heat back, no matter how you ride outside the Chi effect.The wind blowing through my hair, face hot folder as your body, the wind suddenly stopped.I quietly tick Nan, you handed to me that half the world pour into the bosom tight.Listening to the wind intoxicated, listening to understand cloud, grass listening to hang shy eyelashes, also deliberately small hand pendulum swing so ,,,,, At that time, we immersed instead of tears, of happiness instead of the successful, long like a century waiting. Sentimental those stories, library, dining room quietly peeping time to meet with you, are filled up spring tenderness happiness is a warm sun overflowing abundance of fragrant, filled with a few words in that there is you and me for some hard fate solution, in phase, as the moment you my eyes, already filled with the message of hope in this life and the afterlife dedication. I also met this fall, Buddha’s past lives of 500 times Looking back only in exchange for life pass by.Meet with your friend, who remain deep in my memory a little bit, my life sleepless mind, but it will be painful, painful! Fluttering in the autumn memories is often fragmented, but that these large and small debris is exceptionally clear depths of branded engraved in memory of.Whether it is better or pain, it is sincere or hypocritical, those brief glimpse into eternity of custodial hope.Thanks where life, I have to love, thank you for bringing me so much love, so much interest and so much warmth. Once upon a time, I often ask myself, perhaps, that figure hurry, just a sentimental pain.To you, I’m just a character in your story only, and you have a new story next story, different characters.I can only sing in the premiere you heard of the “red rain” to himself Ah Q. You already know far far away from me, they can share thoughts as rooted in general, so I can not explain.Elegant season is lopsided, that the sky floating romance, that young lunacy, and make the vision away from the dust, so distant thoughts in my heart that barren sea ripples, but I think you flying in the sky. Hand and stroked bookmark, gently breaking into pieces.I quietly close your eyes, let the good Acacia tears shed, wet with this beautiful silence, thinking about you only so far, still filled with a care and an eternal blessing for you.